How to Make Hair Extensions Soft

how to make hair extensions soft

How to make hair extensions soft is an age old question which we thought we would try our best to answer. Maintaining that first silky smooth feeling of brand new hair extensions is something we all face - it’s an inevitable and unfortunate reality that comes with wearing hair extensions. Read on to find out how to make hair extensions soft and discover some tips which you might find helpful.

Why Our Hair Extensions Need a Little Extra TLC

In a perfect world hair extensions would stay soft forever and ever. Maybe one day we will create a way to keep hair extensions just as soft as the first day you had them but until then, it will be a struggle we all face. No matter which brand or type of hair extensions you use, keeping them perfectly soft forever is unrealistic.

The Secret to Making Hair Extensions Soft & Why Extensions Dry Out

The secret to making hair soft, is down to a natural oil called sebum. Sebum is a semi-fluid secreted by the sebaceous gland and is attached to our individual hair follicles. how to make hair extensions softThe sebum is brought to the skin surface and coats the hair shaft. What’s so great about a coating of sebum is that it keeps your growing locks hydrated and free from tangles. Our natural, growing hair is constantly being coated by this substance, to help give it a soft touch in between washes. This is why some people find their hair very dry if shampooed every day and others find their hair oily if they don’t shampoo as frequently. Unfortunately, hair extensions can’t produce the sebum that our natural tresses can create. With general wearing and washing of the extensions, the coating of sebum that they had when they were originally growing on someone’s head will wear away.

There are amazing ways to recreate this coating with silicone products but keep expectations in check - silicone coatings are definitely effective at prolonging the life of hair extensions but there will of course be limits.

hair extensions silicone coatingHow to Make Hair Extensions Soft with Silicone Coating Products

As many will know, some hair extensions are given a silicone coating during the production process. Besides following our recommendations for keeping extensions in tip top condition, there is another trick to make hair extensions soft, and that’s with the revolutionary new silicone coating for hair extensions. We’ve been waiting and anticipating this product for so long. This silicone coating has been cleverly bottled up to use as a daily maintenance product on your hair extensions. The nifty formulas mimic the natural oils, like sebum (which our growing hair produces), to help maintain the softness of our hair extensions whilst prolonging their life span, too. Not only that, the silicone coating for hair extensions also promises to eliminate tangles, preventing your hair extensions from drying out and matting.

The Dos

- Ideally, you shouldn’t wash your hair extensions or get them wet as this can dry them out
- Do use hair care products which are hair extension friendly and include oils which mimic the natural oils found in your own growing hair (silicone coatings and argan oil is especially good to use on hair extensions)
- Do air dry your hair extensions

How to Make Hair Extensions Soft

The Don’ts

- Don’t wash hair extensions or get them wet
- Don’t expose your hair extensions to chlorine or apply any harsh chemical to them
- Don’t bleach hair extensions
- Don’t blow dry hair extensions

With these helpful tips on how to make hair extensions soft, your hair extensions are sure to stay softer for longer. Overall, the most effective product is the Remy Soft Silicone Spritz as this will increase the lifespan of the extensions from the outset.

Did you know that the hair extensions manufacturers have a special process for detangling hair extensions? For an interesting read visit the post here.

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  • Suzie
    Suzie on July 9, 2014 at 10:34 am said:

    Hey! I have searched the whole internet and can't find an answer!
    I got beaded hair extensions just over a month ago. I have been using the recommended shampoo and conditioner products that my hair dresser has asked me to use, and I have been using hair oils and heat protector spray as well as leave in conditioner but my hair extensions are so dry and frizzy!! the worst part is that my natural hair is super oily, so I have really dry ends and then really oily roots, and when my roots are oily they show the beads and give away my secret :P I have been using dry shampoo however that has been making my hair more oily! :( what do you recommend I do to get my extensions soft again!?


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