How to Make a Strawberry Oat Face Mask

how to make a strawberry oat face mask


With the summer's heat and the amounts of sun cream we paint ourselves with, the sun can end up playing havoc with our skin, so a good face mask is all we need for it to get back to normal again!

Not only does this strawberry oat face mask smell delicious, it will unclog pores and leave skin feeling super smooth for the summer :)

All you need for this ‘How to Make a Strawberry Oat Face Mask’ is:

- A handful of strawberries
- A handful of oats
- A spoonful of honey
- A bowl
- A spoon

Step One
The first step of the ‘How to Make a Strawberry Oat Face Mask’ is to empty your strawberries into a bowl and mash them using the back of your spoon.

Step Two
Once the strawberries have been mashed thoroughly, fold in the oats into the liquid-like texture and then add a spoonful of honey to the mix and combine all ingredients together.

Step Three
The last step of the ‘How to Make a Strawberry Oat Face Mask’ is to lather it onto your face and take in the delicious smell of the strawberries. You can either leave it on for 15 minutes, like a face mask, or use it as a face scrub and wash it off a couple of minutes after.

This strawberry oat face mask is definitely one of our beauty favourites for this summer. What’s yours?


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