How to Make a Banana & Almond Oil Face Mask

How to make a banana & almond oil face maskIt’s that time of year again where we unpack our winter knitwear and replace our light summer makeup with winter-proof cosmetics and a much heavier beauty regime.

As we trade our summer wardrobes and makeup for weather-appropriate costumes and cosmetics, we’re going to show you another way you can prepare your skin for winter, with our banana & almond oil face mask.

During the seasonal changes, our skin can end up taking a bit of a beating. What with the cold air brutally drying out our skin and harshly leaving red sores behind, we’re yearning for a face mask that will pour moisture back into our skin and help us fight against the cruelty of winter’s storms. And this banana & almond oil face mask is the perfect winter staple for your dressing table, keeping your skin healthy as it braces the cold climate.

All you need to make a banana & almond oil face mask is:
- One chopped, ripe banana
- Three drops of almond oil
- Fork

How to:

Begin your face mask by mashing your chopped banana in a bowl until it forms a yellow paste. Then add three drops of almond oil and mix together. Once the ingredients have combined, smooth the face mask over your face and leave to set for 10-20 minutes, before rinsing away with cold water.

The banana acts as an all natural moisturizer which improves complexion and softens wrinkles, whilst the almond oil’s natural fatty acids and antioxidants helps to cleanse pores to leave healthy- looking skin. Almond oil can also work as a great makeup remover too, so there’s no excuse for not converting to a naturalist this season!

We love the smooth texture of this banana & almond oil face mask and how it gives us a natural, healthy glow just in time for winter. What changes do you like to make to your beauty regime during fall?


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