How to Go from Dark to Blonde

How to go from dark to blonde

Want to know how the celebrities go from dark to blonde in a flash without damaging their hair? Then read on for our foolproof guide on how to go from dark to blonde and still come out the other end with lighter, healthy, strong locks, too.

While we may be fooled into believing that it takes just one sitting in the hair salon’s chair (or rather the comfort of their own sofa) for celebrities to go lighter, the process of going from brunette to blonde takes hours and hours to perfect.

How to go from dark to blonde

Contrary to popular belief, celebrities aren’t given one coating of bleach and magically they are transformed into blonde goddesses, it actually takes several rounds of highlights and toning until the client is happy with her lighter hair shade. Not only that, the process is extremely expensive, too and fortunate enough for the stars, Blake Lively and fellow colour-switchers have the money to colour correct their hair at any time they please. But if like us, you’re on a tighter budget and want to avoid those home hair dye kits (the shades on the boxes are never as they seem), here are our tips on how to go from dark to blonde without splashing the cash or enduring a bleaching disaster either.

First and foremost, going from chocolate brown locks and even black hair, to blonde bombshell requires a lot of patience. How long the process takes to go from dark to blonde will all depend on how dark your natural hair shade is and how light you wish to go. Other factors that prolong the process of getting lighter locks are if you've previously dyed your hair or if your hair is damaged and brittle because at the end of the day- blonde hair only looks good when it’s healthy!

How to go from dark to blonde

There are three ways to go from dark to blonde without permanently destroying your hair and regretting the thought of ever endeavouring such a dramatic hair change in the first place. The first option is to choose three shades of blonde to highlight your brunette hair with. The balayage technique is a great way of highlighting your hair and creating subtle, blonde highlights which result in a natural, sunkissed glow (you can read more about the effect here). Alternatively you can lighten your overall brunette base by colouring it one or two shades lighter and then highlighting and toning with blonde shades on top. If your locks have never been coloured before, then you can go from dark to blonde by bleaching the hair and then toning it to add warmth to your newly, blonde tresses.

We can’t recommend enough how important it is to consult with your hairstylist first on how you should proceed to go from dark to blonde. After all, they are a fountain of knowledge when it comes to colouring and styling hair, so use their expertise wisely!

With ourt tips on how to go from dark to blonde, we hope you'll achieve the lighter locks you wish for! What do you recommend for going brown to blonde?


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