How to Get 'Undone' Hair

How to Get 'Undone' HairHere at Dirty Looks HQ, we’re lapping up spring’s laid-back vibes and styling our locks into undone, FROW-worthy waves. Fancy making like an Olsen twin and joining us? Then read on to find out how to get ‘undone’ hair in a few easy steps (turns out this look does take some ‘doing’ after all)...

How to get ‘undone’ hair: Step one

The first step in our guide to how to get ‘undone’ hair is to begin with freshly-washed, towel-dried tresses. Comb your hair through with a wide tooth comb to tame any tangles, and then mist with a generous amount of the Tigi Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray. This lightweight texturising spray will add a serious injection of body and volume to even the limpest of locks - and it’ll make those tresses easier to tousle, too.

How to get ‘undone’ hair: Step two

Next up, it’s time to blow dry your hair, so reach for your trusty hair dryer. However, instead of using your usual barrel or paddle brush to smooth out your strands while drying, use your fingers to comb through your tresses as you go. This finger-combing technique will nix any pesky knots and tangles while helping to provide an optimally volumized, texturised base upon which to style your ‘undone’ hair.

How to Get 'Undone' HairHow to get ‘undone’ hair: Step three

When your hair is completely dry, it’s time to get to work on those ‘undone’ waves, so spritz your locks with a heat protectant like the Tigi S Factor Flat Iron Heat Defender before getting started. To get the ‘undone’ look, we recommend using a large barrel curling tong such as the Session Instant Heat Tong to create haphazard waves and curls throughout your mane. The less neat the waves, the better!

How to get ‘undone’ hair: Step four

Finished curling? Then run your fingers through your hair to break up your waves, and give your curls a scrunch to create that tousled, ‘undone’ effect. Complete the look by misting your ‘undone’ hair with a light hold hairspray to hold those gorgeously imperfect waves in place all day long. We suggest using the Tigi Bed Head Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray as it allows for natural-looking movement.

We think ‘undone’ hair is perfect for those bright, breezy spring days! What do you think of this too-cool-to-care look?


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