How to Get Silver Hair

How to Get Silver Hair

In light of the recent frosty weather, today we thought we’d embrace winter in all its glory and bring you a hair how-to that’s got a touch of the Snow Queen about it: how to get silver hair! Read on to find out how to get the look…

How to get silver hair: Step one

The first step in our guide to how to get silver hair is to make sure you begin with a very pale blonde hair colour. If your hair is anything other than platinum blonde, the silver hair colour won’t take to your tresses at all, so make sure your locks are as light as can be before moving on to step two. If you’re going to be bleaching your hair to ensure it’s light enough to dye, we’d recommend paying a visit to your stylist (in our experience, home-bleaching is never a good idea, as it will inevitably cause a ton of damage to your hair) - and remember that you can’t bleach our clip hair extensions, too!

How to get silver hair: Step two

How to Get Silver Hair

Hair looking suitably blonde? Then the next step in our guide to how to get silver hair is to hop in the shower, give your tresses a quick wash, and then dry them gently with a towel. Instead of using a toner on your locks (as you might expect), we recommend using Renbow Crazy Color in ‘Neutral’ to give your hair that ‘blank canvas’ quality. Using rubber gloves, apply the dye directly onto your hair, and spread it evenly throughout the roots, lengths and ends. When you’ve applied an even coating of colour, wrap your locks in clingfilm and leave the dye in place for a good few hours to do its tone-neutralizing thing (for best results, you could even sleep on it).

How to get silver hair: Step three

When the time comes to remove the Renbow Crazy Color from your hair, simply rise your locks thoroughly under the shower until the water runs clear. Now it’s time to get down to business! For the ultimate silver hair colour, we recommend using Renbow Crazy Color once more - this time, in ‘Silver’. Dig out the rubber gloves again, and apply the dye to your hair using the same method as outlined above. Depending on how intense you want your silver hair hue to be, leave the dye to work its magic for thirty minutes to an hour and a half. When you’re ready for the dye to come off, rinse your hair under the shower once more and wait for the water to run clear. When you dry your tresses, they should be rocking a brand-new, head-turning silvery shade!

And that’s how to get silver hair in three simple steps! Will you be embracing your frosty side with a silvery hair hue this winter?


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