How to Get Big, Voluminous Hair

How to get big, voluminous hairEvery girl craves big, voluminous hair but sometimes, some of us need an extra hand in creating big hair than others.

Gorgeous body, bouncy locks and a 24 hour hair stylist doesn't just have to be something that only the celebs have access to. With our Dirty Looks guide, you can achieve salon-finish hair too, just by following our tricks of the trade and using a couple of hair tool, hair care products. So follow our step-by-step guide to big, voluminous hair and watch everyone swoon around you!How to get big, voluminous hair

Step One
To achieve big, voluminous hair, you need to wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Not only will your tresses smell delicious, your hair will also be prepared to explode with volume! A couple of shampoos and conditioners which we like to use are Tigi Bed Head StyleShots Epic Volume Shampoo and Tigi Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner. If these don’t work for you. then you can find more volumizers here.

Step Two
Once you have washed your hair, split your hair into two halves and section with clips ready to inject volume into your freshly, washed locks. (TIP: The more you section your hair, the easier it will be to manage and style). For this step, we love to spray Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost Spray into our roots to lift our hair for epic height and gorgeous body!

Step Three
The next step is to get styling! Our ghd Air is perfect for creating lashes of volume whilst leaving our hair looking super shiny. You’ll also need a thick, round brush for this step too. To create big, voluminous hair that we know you all want, put the brush right under the roots of a small section of hair and then take your hair dryer, and blow the air directly above the brush whilst bringing both of the tools down through the hair. Repeat this movement on the section of hair but from different angles. Use a nozzle on your hair dryer for a sleeker result! Then carry on blow drying the rest of the hair in exactly the same way.

Step Four
Remember, we want to go big! So for us to get mahoosive hair, we need our rollers. We love our TheO Pod Rollers, they’re just what we need for achieving big, bouncy locks! Simply pick up sections of hair and wrap them around each roller. Secure with TheO Pod Roller Clips to help hold the rollers in place.

Step Five
The last step is to remove the rollers and let your gorgeous, bouncy curls fall away. Finish off by spraying hairspray all over your hair hold your enviable volume and to ensure your desirable body will last for hours!

For an even bigger, hair raising hairstyle, why not clip in your Dirty Looks Clip-In Hair Extensions? This way, you can achieve big, voluminous hair with extreme thickness too!

Did it work for you? Dirty Looks would love to see your big hair! Send us a pic and we might feature you on our site ;)




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