How to Paint Daisy Nails

HOW TO: DIY Daisy Nails

There’s nothing like having nails to match our summer tans and our DIY daisy flower nails are perfect for this time of year.

These daisy nails are super pretty and fresh for the summer, plus you wouldn’t believe how easy they are to create!

All you need is:
♥ Green, yellow and white nail polishes
♥ Dresser pin

Step One
The first step of the DIY Daisy Nails is to paint your nails with a coat of green nail polish and wait for it to dry.

Step Two
Take your yellow nail polish and blot a little onto a piece of paper and dab a dresser pin in it. Using the dresser pin, make three small dots in a diagonal shape across your nails.

Step Three
The last step of the DIY Daisy Nails is to create the petals. Once the yellow dots have dried, blot a little of the white paint onto a piece of paper and dab your dresser pin in it. Then outline each yellow dot with a few white dots to create the daisies.

They really are that easy!

Will you be giving these DIY Daisy Nails ago?


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