Halloween Hairstyles


With the spooky day on it’s way we’ve got one thing on our mind - Halloween Hairstyles! Your outfit can be scary and gruesome but that doesn’t mean your hair has to be, too. You can add accessories to vamp up your hair without drenching it in fake blood and gunk etc. So, here’s some Halloween hairstyle inspo for you lovely lot...

Fancy throwing in a bit of sass to your Halloween hairstyle? We love these 60’s inspired hairstyles that just scream sexiness and sass. We’re thinking backcombed hair with tight curls ruffled up will add an amazing vibe to any skeleton/doll/bride Halloween outfit. If you want to go more ‘Halloween-ish’ then why not style your hair into a beehive and sweep all of your hair back for a ‘mad professor’ vibe? Using hair paint/coloured hairspray will allow you to keep strands of up on end for a major finish.


If you want to keep things super pretty and cute in the Halloween hairstyle stakes then why not opt for super long, luring waves? Grab our 24-26” clip in hair extensions to give you long, flowing tresses within minutes. To achieve your mermaid waves take a large barreled curling tongand work your way through your locks. Leave hair to cool down before brushing out for ultimate volume. Want to add some different shades to your locks? Why not try out some hair chalk for effortless and easy results.


Last but not least, if you’re in a rush and need a Halloween Hairstyle in quick time these hairstyles are for you. Prep the night beforehand and braid your hair into small three strand braids, take out in the morning and brush through. Be prepared for huge hair thought gals, to add some frizziness brush through and back comb a little for that added effect. If you literally have 10 minutes to do your hair simply add some flicks to the ends of your hair and backcomb for that dragged out of bed look. Jazz up your Halloween hairstyles with some hair chalk/coloured hair spray and get ready to trick or treat!


What is your Halloween hairstyle this year?


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