How To Make A Rat Hair Piece

hair styling tricksThat's right, you heard it here first: rats are frequently being stashed in hair stylists' bags and then forced to create bouffant hairdos on models up and down the country! But relax, you needn't phone the RSPCA, alert the police or inform the world-wide media - no real-life rodents were harmed in the making of these handy hair-boosting pads. The rats we're referring to are, in fact, a rat hair piece and made entirely of hair extensions! Got some old clip-ins lying around? Then you too have the power to make your very own volume-boosting hair rat! Here's how to:

hair styling rat

Step One:

Gather the tools pictured above. Besides your set of old hair extensions to make the rate hair peice, all you'll need to make your hair styling rat is a blast-from-the-past hairnet (ask your grandma) and a backcombing brush (we're using this one).

backcombing the hair extensions

Step Two:

Ready? Begin by splitting your hair extensions into several sections. Then, backcomb each section like crazy until you're left with a puffed-up, voluminous mass of hair.

hair rat with hair net

Step Three:

When your extensions have been suitably teased, bundle them into the hair net.

make your own hair volumiser

Step Four:

There you have it - your very own multitasking hair rat! Simply use a handful of bobby pins to fasten the rat in place wherever your hair requires an added volume boost. You can use it to create a huge repertoire of hairstyles, including voluminous Brigitte Bardot-style beehives, retro Gibson tuck updos and victory rolls to name but a few. With your hair styling rat by your side (or on your head), the world is your hairstyling oyster!

hair booty bobbyglam

Hairstyling tip: to create voluptuous, breathtaking volume, fasten your newly-formed hair styling rat into place underneath a layer of hair on the crown of your head. Then, plump your 'do up to the max by topping it off with the Bobby Glam Bouffant Volumizer Hair Extension. Cheryl who?

patrick cameron crown lift pad

If you have no old hair extensions to hand (or if you're simply not all that keen on handicrafts), never fear - you can still get your hands on a hair styling rat to call your own! The Patrick Cameron Original Crown Lift Pad is a ready-made hair rat that's super-simple to use, plus it comes in both brown and blonde.

These backstage-dwelling rats are hair-raising for all the right reasons! Are you tempted to try your hand at making one?


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