Hair Talk With SJ From 'Cowbiscuits'

Hair Talk with SJ From 'Cowbiscuits'If you’re after plenty of pastel hair inspiration, then this week’s Hair Talk participant is the lady for you. We caught up with SJ from ‘Cowbiscuits’ to chat all about her ‘My Little Pony’ locks.

We know you’re a total colour chameleon but what shade has been your fave?
My ultimate fave is probably a candyfloss pink with a little lilac in the summer - it is so cute and I feel like a unicorn! I also love it when I’m platinum blonde.

Is there any colour you haven’t rocked yet that you’re eager to try?
I’m currently turquoise but I’d loveee to go a darker shade of blue.

How do you pamper your locks?
I mostly use an Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner but once a week, I will use a hair mask on the ends of my hair to keep them soft and healthy. If I can avoid using a hairdryer I will, just to keep off the heat for a little while.

What hair trends do you think have had their day and should move aside?
I don’t like the whole half-shaved, half-long trend.

Tell us about your everyday hair care routine. Be sure to spill the beans on any holy grail products!
I love my Lee Stafford Big Fat Hair Salt Spray to give me a boost and I also adore my Lee Stafford Argan Hairspray - it’s so light but holds really well!

What’s the best compliment you have received about your hair?
When it’s an ‘unusual’ colour, I get soo many compliments so it’s hard to pick just one.

When do you think your hair looks the best? Are you a wash-and-go girl or styled to the nines?
I’m a wash-and-go girl, I just love a volume boost – the bigger the hair, the closer to God (as my favourite Drag Queen would say!).

Have you ever had a total hair disaster?
Once, I let my friend cut me a box-fringe. TERRIBLE IDEA! I ended up running with a hat on to the nearest hairdressers and begging for them to fix it!

Have you ever used any DIY hair treatments?
No, I really want to though!

Who’s your ultimate hair crush and why?
Gwen Stefani has the perfect platinum blonde hair.

Thanks for chatting with us SJ - we can't wait to see what shade you rock next!


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