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Hair SPFWhilst we’re relishing in this heat wave, we know that our hair is bound to suffer along the way. Although we are prepared for when it comes to tanning and looking after our skin, do we really know what hair SPF products we should be using to protect our tresses in the sun?

Whether it’s a hair mask, spray or shampoo and conditioner, making sure our hair is UVA/UVB proof should be just as high of a priority as sun-proofing our skin.

We’ve put together a hair SPF guide for you to know exactly what ingredients and nutrients your hair will be needing in this heat.

Shampoos & Conditioners
Ultraviolet A rays are the strongest rays and can cause the most harm to our locks. The rays can weaken hair and damage the hair cortex’s fibre-like cells that gives hair its elasticity. It can also cause damage to your colour pigments and burn the hair cuticles. That’s why we strongly recommend investing in a shampoo and conditioner that strengthens hair to prevent it from breaking in the sun’s rays. If your hair is coloured, then you should definitely be using a shampoo and conditioner that are specifically designed for coloured hair and maintaining colour vibrancy.

We like to use Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess Shampoo and Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess Conditioner. Products that rinse out chlorine thoroughly are also a bonus as they help to stop your newly-dyed locks from turning that dreaded green!

Hair Masks
We all overdo it sometimes and can be having too much fun in the sun to remember to put any hair SPF on our hair- big oops! Instead of beating yourself up about it, apply a hair mask to your hair to help restore and replenish the hair’s natural moisture and stop it from drying out any further. We recommend looking for a hair mask that is rich in Aloe and chamomile as these will heal burnt scalps and will suit sensitive skin types, but this Tigi S Factor Wonderful Tonight Overnight Treatment can be just as good. Remember that a hair mask doesn't protect you from the sun's rays so always use as a treat at night!

Hair Sprays
Although we may have prepped and washed our hair with hair SPF shampoo, our hair is still prone to sun damage. Invisible UVB rays can still penetrate deep into the centre of our hair whilst damaging our tresses and causing chemical coloured hair to fade. By using a SPF hair spray that filters any UV rays, we can be happy knowing that our hair is well protected and continue to concentrate on topping up our tans!
So next time you’re out in the sun, down the beach or spending those long, hot days in the park, remember to stay well protected :)

Which Hair SPF products do you rely upon in the summer?



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