Hair Extension Inspiration

hair extension inspiration

Thought hair extensions were to be worn only for length-inducing hair? Then think again. With plenty of hair extension inspiration to take from our favourite celebrities and Pinterest boards, we’re confident you will be fitting and clipping in your hair extensions faster than we can say ‘go’!

Don't be fooled into believing that our trusty clip in hair extensions are only designed to add length to hair that refuses to grow. Hair extensions are so much more than just giving your own hair a couple extra inches; they are the easiest way to snazz up a bob or to add gorgeous thickness to limp locks. They can even give your hair a colour makeover and add gorgeous volume to your flat updo, too. So with more than enough hair extension inspiration to take in, we suggest screenshotting some of these lust-worthy hairstyles our most loved celebs are challenging through wearing hair extensions.

Bobs to Long Locks

hair extension inspiration

hair extension inspiration

One girl who would be lost without a set of hair extensions is Rihanna. The singer is constantly flitting between pixie crops and undercuts, and one way she can return to her long lustrous locks is by clipping or glueing in her hair extensions. Other short haired celebs we’re taking hair extensions inspiration from who  are Rita Ora and Victoria extension inspiration Not only are the pair’s tresses transformed from on-trend bobs to exceedingly long locks in a blink of an eye, they’re new lengthy-hair looks undeniably glossy and natural, too.

Spruce up your Pony

hair extension inspiration

Ponytails are one of the most coveted hair trends for this year but to achieve the natural, healthy pony isn’t all that easy, especially if we haven’t got the natural thickness to uphold such a bulky, lengthy updo. That’s why we love to use our hair extensions to create a fuller, lustrous long ponytail, just like our style icon Queen Bey. Or better yet, why not add instant volume and thickness with a Bobby Glam Wrap Around Ponytail? You’ll sure be able to mimic these celeb-inspired ponies in no time!

Ombre Hair Extensions

Hair extension inspiration

So we’ve covered length and thickness, now that’s left to do is to give you coloured hair extension inspiration. If you’re looking for a colour change this season or fancy dipping your foot in the ombre trend, then dip-dyeing your hair extensions is a great alternative for getting the ombre look without having to dye your own growing hair. What’s more, ombre hair extensions are so easy to achieve! Thanks to our innovative, Dirty Looks Ombre Kit, we all can flirt with ombre hair extensions, without having to be permanently bound to the hair shade for an entire season. Result! Just take hair extension inspiration from Kate Beckinsale and Lily Aldridge (and most of the Victoria’s Secret girls for that matter) on how to get the ombre look with your extensions this season.

So there you have it- a collection of hair extension inspiration to aspire on, not to mention a multitude of celebrity looks to gorge on, too. What other hairstyles do you like to create with your hair extensions?


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