Chloe Norgaard's Pink Hair for NYFW

Chloe Norgaard's Pink Hair for NYFWGone are the rainbow coloured locks and in comes the pink/lavender tresses! Read on to find out why Chloe Norgaard’s hair for NYFW has had us blushing yet again.

As it was going to be her ONLY show for New York Fashion Week, obviously the coveted model and her hair stylists would have a few tricks laying amongst their styling tools as to what to do with Chloe Norgaard’s hair. The final decision? Pink hair, of course.

In an exclusive casting for the Rodarte AW’14 show, Chloe and the team decided that pastel pink hair would be the colour of choice to rock the catwalk with. Rodarte’s duo Laura and Kate, along with Chloe and hair stylist Odile Gilbert, chose to create a colour that was special and unique to the show, and we have to say, we’re in awe of the outcome!

Chloe Norgaard's Pink Hair for NYFW

Chloe's soft pink, pastel hair had our hearts melting and wishing for a shade similar to her beautifully toned locks, too. We adore the custom, yet perfect blend of pastel pinks and lavender hues, which reminds us of a bed of flowers and puts a light, summery twist on Rodarte’s AW’14 collection. We also love how the My Little Pony’ colour is daring yet romantic and works well with Rodarte’s designs, too.

Showing off her creativity, Chloe Norgaard’s pink hair for NYFW was created by the colour chameleon herself and took over two days to magic! But, if you want to achieve the look yourselves, we suggest investing in a set of hair extensions in our 90s Blonde Shade and dyeing them yourself using a mix of our Renbow Crazy Colours.

So, what are you waiting for? Revel in pastels for another season!


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