Celebrities Wearing Hair Extensions

Celebrities Wearing Hair ExtensionsIt’s been a not so well kept secret that Hollywood’s leading ladies have had a long-standing love affair with hair extensions. We’ve taken a look at some of our favourite celebrities wearing hair extensions to give you some lock-loving inspiration.


Although some celebrities might want to hide the fact that they wear hair extensions, there are however a few to name who aren’t ashamed to admit their love for hair extensions, Rihanna being one of them. We love that Rihanna isn’t afraid of changing her look and letting people know that it’s all down to the clever use of hair extensions.

Celebrities Wearing Hair Extensions

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl has some of the best extensions in the business, so much so, that they managed to land her a sponsorship deal! We think Cheryl’s long, tumbling locks are amazing, even if they do turn us into total green-eyed monsters. But luckily for us, Cheryl’s envious locks can easily be replicated with the help of HK Full Head Set Extensions. Not only will the clip in hair extensions give you tumbling length, they will also let you enjoy thick, voluminous hair that’s totally celeb-worthy!

Celebrities Wearing Hair Extensions

Kim Kardashian

When we think of celebrities wearing hair extensions, our minds automatically turn to the Kardashians, and Kim K’s gorgeously, glossy locks are definitely some of the best celebrity hair extensions we’ve ever seen! Kim spends a fortune on her extensions and we have to say, we think it’s money well spent.

Celebrities Wearing Hair Extensions

Lauren Conrad

Say it isn’t so...Our beloved LC’s enviable boho barnet is all down to the magic of extensions? Yes it’s true, Lauren has had us all fooled with her extensions as they look so natural. We thought that LC had finally found the secret to gorgeous healthy long hair but apparently it turns out she sometimes needs a little help too to spruce up her locks, just like the rest of us. That aside, we absolutely adore Lauren Conrad’s hair- hey, we might even go so far as saying that Lauren may have one of the best sets of fake hair in the industry!

It’s a well known fact that hair extensions are one of Hollywood’s greatest hair tricks and these celebrities are rocking some of the best sets around! What do you think of celebrities wearing hair extensions? Were you shocked to learn that Lauren is a hair extension lover?


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