5 Hair & Beauty Apps to Download

5 Hair & Beauty Apps to DownloadHave your phones at the ready as we have scoured the internet to bring you our top 5 hair & beauty apps to download. Whether you want hairstyle inspiration or quick tips on how to fix up your lipstick or bad hair day, these are the must-have apps you need on your devices!

The Hair & Beauty Finder

Our first of the 5 hair & beauty apps is ‘The Hair & Beauty Finder’- whoever came up with this app is a genius! It puts you in touch with the best hair & beauty professionals and salons in your area. How? By keying in your postcode or town, the Finder will bring up relevant matches, wherever you may be!


The Beautylish app is perfect for girls who are beauty-obsessed. Also a website, the hair & beauty app is full to the brim with beauty reviews, tips, hair trends and step by step tutorials on how to get the latest hair and makeup looks to follow (don’t forget to bookmark the Dirty Looks blog for hair tutorials, hairstyles and trend updates, too).

5 Hair & Beauty Apps to Download


Wouldn’t it be great if we could try out a hairstyle before we take the plunge? Well now you can with hair & beauty app ModiFace. This app acts a virtual makeover, giving you the opportunity to try different hairstyles on for size before you head to the hair salon. All you need to do is upload a picture of yourself and dress yourself up with different beauty products and hairstyles. Not only does ModiFace save us from regretting a haircut that doesn’t suit us, it’s also mega fun to use, too!

Hair Wizard

Another hair & beauty app we recommend downloading is Hair Wizard. This app is great for when we’re stuck in a rut over how to style our hair for the biggest event in our diaries. Just tap on the choices of hairstyles that best describe what you’re looking for, and the Hair Wizard will act as your personal hair stylist by returning suggestions for your hair type to suit your occasion- clever ey?


Pinterest has to be our favourite hair & beauty app out of them all. OK, so it might not have been designed specifically for us hair & beauty enthusiasts, but its hair & beauty category offers bottomless hairstyles and beauty tips to pin and take inspiration from. Seriously, us Dirty Looks girls could spend hours on end just scrolling through the archives- it’s completely addictive!

Of course, there are plenty of other hair & beauty apps to download, but these are just a few of the Dirty Looks girls’ favourites! What apps do you think we should download?

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