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Snooze Roller Kit

Snooze Roller Kir
Snooze Roller Kit

Regular Price: £12.99

Special Price £9.99

Achieve gorgeous curls overnight and still have a good night's sleep with the Snooze Roller Kit.

- Cling in rollers you can actually sleep in

- Designed with an inner sponge that will flatten when you lay down, which allows you to sleep comfortably

- Comes with 24 sleep-in rollers and three different sizes- 48mm, 40mm and 32mm



- Creates gorgeous curls

- Includes three different roller sizes

- Allows for a comfortable night’s sleep



Sleep in rollers are the new-in thing and the Snooze Roller Kit is our particular favourite when it comes to creating fabulous curls! The Snooze Rollers are designed with a sponge that will flatten when you lay down, so that you can get your beauty sleep and still wake up with gorgeous looking curls. The Snooze Roller Kit includes eight 32mm yellow snooze rollers, eight large 44mm blue snooze rollers and eight large, 48mm green snooze rollers. This allows for big and small curls to be created whilst you sleep comfortably!

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