• Old Hollywood Glamour Hair Styles

    We've been keeping a keen eye on hair trends in the celeb world and we've noticed that Old Hollywood Glamour hair styles have become increasingly popular on the red carpet with stars like Lana Del Rey, Megan Fox, and Kim Kardashian being huge fans of this trend! We absolutely LOVE this look as it looks incredible worn short or long and it just oozes sophistication, so it’s great to see so many celebs sporting this trend! Old Hollywood Hair Styles Old Hollywood glamour hair styles need lots of volume for the full effect so using your Dirty Looks hair extensions with this classic style is perfect for that extra oomph! Start with a deep side-parting, as this is key for creating an Old Hollywood hair style, then fit your hair extensions and style them in with your natural locks for better blending. You can choose to wear your Old Hollywood glamour hair style as a down ‘do or as an updo: both look equally gorgeous! Whichever you choose, you want to add some sultry waves and movement before you style; we recommend using a large barrelled tong or a conical wand for the waves and curls in this style as you want them to be bold and brave like a true Hollywood star!! Finger waves are perfect for creating this look so pop over to our Great Gatsby Finger Wave hair tutorial to try this yourself. :) Old Hollywood Glamour Hairstyles Updos If you are choosing an updo as your Old Hollywood glamour hair style then pull all your hair back into a bun or chignon and then secure your hair and your hair extensions with a sparkly clip! For a more traditional Old Hollywood look, keep your hair sleek and off your face, but if you want to modernise the style a little then you could leave some sections of hair loose to frame your face. Finish your updo with a little serum for that Hollywood shine! We think Tigi is just perfect!!

    If you are leaving your Old Hollywood hair style loose then pin your curls after styling as this will help them stay in place for longer. Once they have cooled, gently let your hair loose. Try not to brush through the curls too much as you don’t want them to lose their bounce and voluptuous shape! A side fringe looks incredible with this down ‘do, but you have to get the styling right! Style your fringe with your large barrelled tong so that it follows the movement of the rest of your hair. Then you can either opt to wear your fringe loose or slick it back a little so that it stays in place for a true Old Hollywood hair style.


    We think the Old Hollywood look is the perfect hairstyle to complement any evening gown; it's just SO classy! If you need a super glam hairstyle for a special event then this could be just the style for you to stand out from the crowd . Pop over to Dirty Looks to get your full head of hair extensions to ensure this style is super thick and bang-on-trend.

  • Milkmaid Braid Hair Tutorial

    Braids are the most popular trend of the Spring/Summer and with SO many intricate, pretty, and interesting variations of this traditional style, we thought that we’d take a closer look at our favorite braided styles over the coming weeks...starting with the stunning milkmaid braid. :)


    This look has been seen on loads of celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Mary Kate Olsen, and most recently, Scarlett Johansson, who rocked this look at the Avengers Assemble premier. It looks amazing worn as an updo and super cute worn a little smaller, but with a down ‘do... we’re really loving the milkmaid braid and it's versatility! Using your Dirty Looks hair extensions will add volume to the braids as well as the extra length, if needed, to allow these to be pinned into place.


    Step One

    Fit your hair extensions; you will be separating your hair at the centre so it's best to position the wefts on either side of your head, avoiding your quad weft and back wefts as these would be seen when your hair is parted. If you play with the positioning you should be able to incorporate these either side.

    Step Two

    Part your hair into pigtails. Braid these into a simple braid and secure the ends with an elastic or a clear snag if you don’t want these to visible!

    Step Three

    Take one of your braids and pull this over your head so that the braid falls along your hairline. Pin this in place.

    Step Four

    Take the other braid and position this slightly behind the first and pin this in place. If the ends of the braids are visible, you can either tuck these into the loose hair where your braids were started, or if you have super long hair wrap these around a little further and tuck these underneath the braids :)

    And it really is that simple to create a milkmaid braid! To give the look a messed up bed head style that is very popular with it, pull out a few strands and plump up your braids. Adding in a few flowers or pretty pins makes this super girly, summery and perfect for festivals!

    If you wanted to do this with a down 'do then you can fit your hair extensions as normal and then you can take a small section of hair from behind your ear, on each side, to braid. Once these are braided and secured follow steps three and four. Add gorgeous waves to your hair for the perfect boho hairstyle. You can also make this style more creative like Diana Argon and try this style with a fishtail braid!


    This style is super perfect to cheat at too...instead of fitting your extensions and braiding your own hair you could just braid a weft or two! Once these are braided simply pin at the nape of the neck so that your own hair hides the clipped section, although this does only work if you are wearing your hair down!

    We love the milkmaid braid and think it’s a great alternative updo for Summer parties, festivals and even weddings!  What do you think of the milkmaid braid and have you tried it yourself? We’d love to see where and how you wear your milkmaid braids so upload some pics on the Dirty Looks Facebook page. :)

  • Kim Kardashian's Hair

    Kim Kardashian's Hair was super voluminous and most definitely bang-on-trend as she appeared in Canada to launch her jewellery line; her hair was styled into a high ponytail with a bouffant at the front … we LOVED it!

    Kim looked stunning as she appeared in a tight-fitting patterned skirt and a white blouse ensemble; the look was completed with a thick black waist belt which really showed off her curvy figure! We’re a little jealous of how incredible she looked … she oozed sophistication!!


    We love the super long length of Kim Kardashian’s hair; it looks great styled up into this high ponytail with super volume at the front. Adding a bouffant to your high ponytail is the perfect way to transform this girly look into a statement style for any occasion! We think this style looks best with oodles of thickness and luxurious length, so fit your hair extensions first and they style away! Remember to add lots of root lift!


    Kim Kardashian’s hair complemented her outfit perfectly for the launch on her new Belle Noel jewellery line. Kudos to Kim for this hot look! The star was full of smiles as she was papped in Toronto … it’s a shame we can’t say the same about her bf Kanye though who didn’t look too thrilled to be attending!!

    If you want to add super length to your own hair to re-create Kim Kardashian’s hairstyle then pop over to Dirty Looks to get your full head of hair extensions!!

  • Red Carpet Hairstyles at the MET Gala

    The MET Gala has just taken place so we thought we’d give you a quick round up of our favorite red carpet hairstyles … oh, and our fave outfits of course! The legendary New York fashion meets art event saw stars pulling out all the stops to see who could outshine who the most and we’re amazed at some of the outfits we have seen! Wowza!


    Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz both opted for metallic dresses, yet dressed them up with different hairstyles. Jessica Alba’s red carpet hairstyle was worn down with some big gatsby waves adding to her overall look to ensure she looked every inch the Hollywood star! We’re loving the shade of her hair at the moment and the lighter tones towards the ends of her hair, very on-trend! Cameron Diaz kept her look effortless, and her hair simple and slicked back with a quiff, yet she still managed to look delightful.


    Lana Del Ray’s red carpet hairstyle was another one we were particularly fond of! Her hair appeared much longer so we can only presume she had a little helping hand from some hair extensions; the thickness of her hair is enviable too!! Lana has also changed the shade of her hair and has gone a little darker; we’re loving this sultry look Lana! Her hair was styled classic Lana Del Ray with vintage girly waves from the middle of her hair to the ends ... just lovely. Lana kept to her individual style and wore a black cape around a warrior inspired dress which only she could pull off! What a beauty! <3


    However the show stopping award of the night MUST go to Beyonce who pulled out all of the stops and wore a sheer, figure-hugging Givenchy dress, with a purple featured ombre train. Beyonce didn't hold back showing off her post baby figure and we have to say she looks amazing considering she’s not long had baby Blue. We are loving Beyonce’s red carpet hairstyle, which she kept super simple (it was needed with the busy dress I think), and wore it in a low ponytail with a side parting, so chic! It appears Beyonce has got rid of her reverse ombre hair and returned to a block shade which is very similar to our own shade of St.Tropez! We very much approve Beyonce and we are loving the on-trend red carpet hairstyle too! <3


    So who was your favorite of the night? Whose red carpet hairstyle and look are you loving and who do you think should have stayed at home? Post a comment below and let us know your thoughts or pop over to the Dirty Looks Facebook page!! :) <3

  • Lauren Conrad's Hair

    You may have noticed that we’re pretty big fans of Lauren Conrad's hair and now we are loving her locks even more as she has changed her dip-dye shade to a super bright pink! Lauren is no stranger to the dip-dye hair trend as she has experimented with a few different shades in the past to keep her hair bang-on-trend, but her new look is perhaps her boldest yet!


    For the final part of her book signing, Lauren appeared with her hair in a super cute curly high ponytail with the ends dip-dyed a bright pink. We loved the high ponytail, which is also a huge hair trend for 2012, but we loved the bubblegum pink locks even more! The shade worked really well with the girly hairstyle and just looked awesome on Lauren Conrad’s hair!


    Lauren always seems to get it just right with hair trends, the ombre hair trend always looked incredible on her and Lauren's dip-dye attempts have always worked so well too; her blue dip-dye and her multi-coloured style were awesome and then she showcased peach tips, which were simply gorgeous, and now she’s experimented with bright pink … which also looks incredible. We’re very jealous Lauren!!
    If you fancy introducing a touch of bright pink into your own life and if your hair is a similar base shade to Lauren Conrad’s hair then you can dip-dye your hair extensions to re-create Lauren’s fab new look!


    Sadly, the pink dip-dye isn't permanent, but it’s psyched us up for what Lauren will do with her hair next. We’re super excited to see more dip-dye looks on Lauren Conrad’s hair and we’re sure she won’t disappoint!

    What do you think of Lauren Conrad’s pink hair? We kinda wish it was here to stay, but we can’t wait to see what she has lined up next!! What shade do you think Lauren should go? Tell us in the comment box below or post a comment on the Dirty Looks Facebook page. :)

  • Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

    Not all of us are lucky enough to be blessed with a full head of healthy thick hair, so this next blog post goes out to those less fortunate and brings to life hair extensions for thin hair. It’s still super easy to wear hair extensions to add sumptuous thickness for hair that’s a little on the thin side.


    Most people are put off or fearful of wearing hair extensions if their hair is thinning or they have very fine hair in fear that the little hair they have will disappear. Well ladies, you can rest assured as clip in hair extensions are, by far, your best option. No more damaging than tying your hair back into a tight ponytail (which I’m sure we all do whilst cleaning/ getting fit/ those days when you can’t be bothered doing anything with you hair etc etc), clip in hair extensions allow you to dramatically change your look within seconds. By clipping in some hair extensions you can take your hair from frail to fab in a matter of minutes, without harming a hair on your head! Whoop!

    A few little tips for hair extensions for thin hair, my fine-haired troops, would be to firstly use a good quality conditioning treatment on your own hair to build up its strength and try and restore some healthiness back into your hair.
    Secondly, it’s all about the fit! How you fit hair extensions for thin hair will ultimately decipher the end look of your hair, so it’s important to fit them correctly from the off. If you have had Dirty Looks hair extensions before you will have seen the hair care guide fitting instructions, for those of you who haven’t, hit the fitting illustration tab on the left side and you can see it there. Following our fitting guide will make it even easier to fit your hair extensions to transform your locks.


    Start by sectioning your hair at the bottom of your head, so just above the nape of your neck. Backcomb all of the hair left down, as this is what you will be clipping the extensions onto. Once backcombed, lace with some hairspray, leave to dry for 5 seconds or so, then clip away. :) Continue this method to fit all of your hair extensions and your thin hair will be transformed into thick mermaid-like locks.

    Once all of the extensions are in place,  it’s time to style the top of your hair to ensure it covers the clips of the extensions. This is simple, all you have to do is simply backcomb this section too!! Start from the back, backcomb, hairspray, leave hairspray to dry, then put the hair where you want it (I always flick my backcombed hair forward or the opposite way its meant to go so its upright and drys quicker!). Once the back is done, move on to front and sides and voila! Your thin hair becomes thicker covering the clips of your extensions so all together it just looks like you have an A List hairdo....What MORE could a girl want?! :)

    Do you have problems fitting your hair extensions? Or do you find it difficult to wear hair extensions for thin hair? Let us know in the comment box below or head over to our Dirty Looks Facebook page and we’ll be happy to offer some advice :) <3

  • Tulisa's Hair - GAY Performance

    Tulisa has been making the headlines this week as speculation builds about just who is returning for this year's X Factor panel, but overshadowing this speculation was Tulisa's hair and outfit choice for her first solo performance at GAY club over the weekend.


    Tulisa’s performance at GAY was certainly one that got attention for all the right reasons! Tulisa looked gorgeous in a very fitted, short, black and white playsuit with reflective strip detail; we loved her sensible footwear choice and we think that the pair of Adidas high-tops finished off the look perfectly!

    Tulisa'a hair looked super thick, super glossy and absolutely stunning for her performance. We’re almost positive that she had a little help from some hair extensions to create the uber volume and super bouncy curls. Tulisa’s black hair shade had a few flecks of a lighter brown running throughout that helped Tulisa’s curls look defined.

    To  re-create the super voluminous and super long look of Tulisa’s hair we would recommend using 24-26" hair extensions and if you really wanted to add some ooomph you could add in an extra quad weft! The style is super easy to do using a large barrelled tong; be sure to backcomb your hair at the roots when fitting your extensions to give plenty of root lift!

    Although the full line up hasn't been confirmed for the new series of X Factor, Tulisa has hinted that she will be returning for the show. We’d love Tulisa to return as we loved the intricate updo’s and different styles she tried out during both the audition stages and live shows!

    Are you looking forward to Tulisa’s return to X Factor as much as we are? Who do you think should be on the panel? Leave us a comment below or pop over to theHeadKandy Facebook page to leave your comments there. :)

  • Kate Middleton's Hair

    With it being almost a year since the royal wedding, we thought we would honor the royal anniversary by taking a backwards glance at some of our fave Kate Middleton hairstyles; we’ll also be telling you how to get Kate Middleton’s hairstyle at home.

    Kate Middleton's hair is all about thickness and volume; she may be lucky enough to have been blessed with uber thick hair, but it’s possible to achieve a Kate Middleton hairstyle, even if you have finer hair, by using your Dirty Looks hair extensions.
    Clip in your hair extensions to create a super thick base before you start any styling; we would recommend using the full head set for the Kate Middleton look (even if you generally don’t use the full set), and if you’re feeling adventurous, you could add an additional Quad Weft too!


    We usually see Kate Middleton’s hair worn down with movement and body through the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. The Duchess is renowned for this hairstyle and it’s easy to see why: the style is effortlessly glamorous and works beautifully with fine formal attire and evening gowns.
    We recommend using a large barrelled tong or jumbo rollers to achieve this look; add root lift to the crown of your head, but focus the styling on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair to achieve the fabulous movement that Kate Middleton’s hair always has.
    This HAS to be our fave Kate Middleton hairstyle; it works so well for the Duchess, and we’re so used to seeing her hair styled this way, but we love it when she does something a little different with her hair too!

    Kate Middleton’s hair is sometimes styled half-up and half-down; this was the hairstyle choice for her wedding day too. The body and movement is generally kept to the ends of the hair when styled this way and sections of Kate’s hair are pulled to the back of her head to finish the style.
    Again, you want to use your large barrelled tong to create those voluminous curls; don’t brush them through too much or you’ll lose bounce!
    This Kate Middleton hairstyle looks super glamorous when worn with hats and hair accessories!


    Kate can sometimes be spotted with her hair all up, but this is fairly rare … we don’t quite understand why as an updo looks gorgeous on Kate; it really shows off her features and works well for glamorous appearances.
    We've seen Kate Middleton’s hair styled into a super cute ponytail on occasion too; this style still keeps the natural waves of her hair through the ends of the ponytail and a small section of hair is wrapped around the ponytail to disguise the elastic. A ponytail looks oh-so-girly on Kate … we love!!

    So, Kate, we've adored following you and your glamorous hairstyles over the last year, but we want to see a few more updo’s in the coming months please!
    And ladies, if you want to create your own Kate Middleton hairstyle, don’t forget to stop by Dirty Looks first to pick up a super thick full head set of clip in hair extensions … then get styling!!

  • Red Carpet Hair Styles at the Tribeca Film Festival

    So this week has seen many A-listers donning their best gowns and their best red carpet hairstyles to make it out to New York for the Tribeca Film Festival. The festival, which is debuting lots of next year's top box office hits, has also been exploring the world of social media websites and their involvement in the way cinema is viewed, which has proved to be very popular with the stars themselves, as well as filmmakers and movie goers all over the world. The red carpets at the screenings have been crammed with celebs, and their hairstyle choices have made us eager to see who will be there the following day!


    Olivia Wilde has been seen at many of the screenings at the festival, choosing very different outfit styles and red carpet hairstyles for each, but looking just as glamorous in all of them! Seen at the opening night of the festival, Olivia Wilde’s newly dyed blonde hair was stunningly pinned back in a simple low bun with sections at the front left loose to frame the face. The style was simple and elegant and worked perfectly with her Yigal Azrouël animal print maxi dress.


    A few days later Olivia Wilde was seen wearing a beautifully detailed lemon and lace Prada dress. Again, her red carpet hairstyle was left simple, pinned back once again, but this time Olivia added root lift to the style. This gives the actress a few extra inches, but this accentuates her delicate features and perfect make-up.


    Emma Watson took a break from shooting her new film, ‘The Bling Ring’, to make an appearance at the festival. Ditching the hair extensions that she wears for her new role, Emma Watson’s growing out hair was simply pulled off her face and twisted into a small bun. This simple style worked perfectly with her head to toe printed Miu-Miu outfit.


    Emily Blunt looked stunning at the screening for ‘The Five Year Engagement’ in which she plays the leading role. Emily Blunt’s red carpet hairstyle, along with her gorgeous black and green prom-style, Jason Wu dress, looked glamorous, but made her appear older than her years. Her naturally glossy, dark locks were pinned back and secured at the nape of the neck. This very simple style looked very pretty and lady-like, but we think that the style made her look a little too old! We think that Emily should have worn her hair down with this style of dress to keep the look youthful. :)

    There appears to be a definite red carpet hairstyle trend at all the events over the course of the Tribeca Film Festival. Simple updo’s certainly seem to be the way all the celebs are going for their red carpet looks.
    Do you think this is a pleasant change to seeing celebs with their hair just left loose? Let us know your thoughts on your favourite red carpet hairstyles here or on our Facebook or Twitter :)

  • Chloe Green's Hair and Her CJG Shoe Collection

    Chloe Green’s hair always looks super shiny and healthy … we’re a little jel! Since seeing her on Made In Chelsea last season we've kind of been stalking her, and since she’s the daughter of Topshop boss Sir Philip Green, we thought she would be one to watch. And what do you know, a couple of months later, she’s about to launch her own shoe collection named after herself; the CJG label is to be sold as a concession in Topshop and also on her very own website!


    Chloe is famed for her rapunzel-like hair, which falls just below the middle of her back, she keeps it in tip-top condition and it always looks so healthy!! We want!
    If you’re looking to re-create Chloe Green’s hair, and your hair is a bit on the short side, then the solution is simple ... add some clip in hair extensions so you can add and take away length whenever you desire! Woo!
    Chloe tends to wear her hair straight most of the time, but does opt to add some curls and texture through her hair from time to time! We LOVE Chloe Green’s hair with some boho waves and curls in it, and with her hair being so long it works to thicken up, and add more texture which complements her overall look.
    Why not try a small barrelled tong  or a conical wand on your own luscious locks to achieve Chloe Green’s hair style? :)

    With that being said, we’re loving Chloes look in her campaign shot for her new shoe launch, which is making its debut on May 17th! Chloe Green’s hair looks lovely, as always, with a few waves throughout the ends which is topped off by her dark and sultry makeup.


    The shoes are also something to have a peek at; with eight designs coming out we’re hoping there is a little something for all.
    We already have our eyes on a few pairs and we’re such a fan of the green sole on every pair ...  inspiration from Christian Louboutin's red soles shoes was obviously taken! However Chloe is keeping the price more high street than designer with the starting price of the shoes at around £80, which isn't so bad!
    The shoes are not for the faint-hearted though, they appear to be extremely high (yay!) so if you’re a little fearful of walking in skyscrapers, maybe a little practice wouldn't go amiss before stepping into these green soles!


    Our favorite shoes from the collection have got to be the Mischa wedge Chloe is sporting in her campaign ad, The Louisa, some sparkly numbers and some white shiny chained shoes! Ooh-la-la!

    We hope you are all just as excited as we are about this fab new shoe collection!! What do you ladies think about Chloe Green’s hair in the promotional shot? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below or head over to Facebook and Twitter to voice your opinions there!! :)

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