• Destiny's Child Hair at the Superbowl

    Well how gorgeous does Destiny's Child hair look at their reunion performance at the Superbowl?

    We can't stop looking over the gorgeous pictures of their uber long locks. Styled with oodles of volume at the roots and tons of movement through the ends  their hair looked stunning.

  • Soft Roll Hair Tutorial

    This week we have taken inspiration from the 20’s and created a soft roll hair tutorial for you all to give a go. The classic flapper roll hairstyle has been reinvented for this season and is now rolled over instead of under! Paired with a deep side parting this hairstyle is perfect for a day style and can be transformed into a classic night do’!

    Step One:

    Give you hair a brush through and a quick straighten to ensure you hair is sleek before styling to ensure the hairstyle stays as neat as possible.

    Step Two:

    Bring all of your hair to the back as though you were about to keep it into a ponytail. Instead of tying it up using your fingers to roll the ponytail back on itself. Remember you want to roll the hair over not under. Once you have reached your head pin in place with bobby pins.

    This really is a simple style...once you have mastered the roll you really can perfect this look in minutes!

    Cheat; If you’re struggling with rolling the hair with your fingers, use your curling tongs as a guide and once pinned gently remove the tongs and voila!

    And that is pretty much it my lovelies! So simple to re-create be sure to give it a go! We’d love to see your pics and let us know what you think in the comments below or head over to Facebook and let us know there :) xx

  • Red Carpet Hairstyles at the Golden Globes

    So who has seen all of the gorgeous red carpet hairstyles from the Golden Globes on Monday!? We are loving some of the hairstyles we have seen so it’s only right that we do a quick roundup of our favourites!

    Lea Michele looked dazzling in her white sequined gown and we love the contrast with her dark hair. Lea kept her red carpet hairstyle super simple and opted for a subtle down do. Lea’s hair was styled with a slight side fringe and worn out waves. Loving this effortless look for sure!

    Jessica Alba looked ah-mazing in her coral Oscar de le Renta gown and we love, love, LOVE how her hair was styled for the event. Jessica’s red carpet hairstyle had that vintage feel keeping one side of her hair back and with waves throughout the mid lengths of her hair. Perfecto! Oh, another thing, we’re in love with her ombre shade too ♥

    Another celeb who opted to rock the vintage vibe was Rachel Weisz! Rachel’s red carpet hairstyle was super similar to Jessica Alba’s, keeping one side of her hair back and vintage waves throughout the mid lengths and ends of her hair. Rachel’s waves appear to have been brushed out giving them much more volume and texture. We think this is a stunning hairstyle and an all time classic.

    Kate Hudson’s effortless red carpet hairstyle caught our attention for all of the right reasons. Styled sleek and straight with textured ends this is a fail proof red carpet hairstyle in our eyes and we think Kate looked incredible. We love Kate’s off centre parting and cute side bangs too, super chic!

    Another celeb who looked ah-mazing with an ah-mazing red carpet hairstyle was Jennifer Lopez. She opted to slick her hair to one side and style it full of waves. Again touching on the vintage vibe as Jessica Alba and Rachel Weisz did. We think J.Lo looked super smouldering with her red carpet and eye catching gown. Oooh la la!

    So what do you guys think of the red carpet hairstyles from the Golden Globes? Do you have any favourites? Let us know in the comments below or head over to Facebook and let us know there :) xx

  • Twisted Low Side Ponytail Hair Tutorial

    In keeping with our 2013 hairstyle prediction we have a twisted low side ponytail for you all to give a go! We love this look as it’s super cutesy and jazz’s up the standard side ponytail so easily!

    The twisted low side ponytail should take less than 5 minutes (if that) to recreate so it’s perfect if you’re a little strapped for time but still want a pretty hairstyle!

    Step One:

    To begin brush all of your hair through and create your side parting. (If you want this style to be smooth and sleek be sure to straighten your hair beforehand, if you’d like it a little messy add some curls throughout the ends before recreating the twisted low side ponytail.) Use your eyebrow as a guide and begin the parting from just above the arch of your eyebrow. (If you want a deep side parting, have the parting in line with the arch of your eyebrow)

    Step Two:

    Bring all of you hair round to the side (For this tutorial we will bring it round to the side opposite to which your bang is on, that’s if you have one hehe).

    Step Three:

    Now you need to tend to the side which your bang is on. Starting at your earline, begin to twist your hair inwards against your head and pin in place as you’re going. Pin right around to the other side of your neck following your neck line. The twist should be right at the bottom of your head.

    Step Four:

    Once pinned to the other side, gather the remaining hair and join it with your hair which you have just been twisting and pinning. Secure into a ponytail using a small hair band. Make sure the twist of your hair is facing inwards when doing this!

    And there you have it, your twisted low side ponytail is complete! It’s super easy and looks super chic! We love.

    What do you think of this hairstyle then guys? Will you be giving it a go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or head over to Facebook and let us know there :) xx

  • Jennifer Lawrence's Hair

    Wowsaaa who has seen Jennifer Lawrence’s hair in her recent Vanity Fair magazine shoot? We think her hair looks incred and it’s a totally different look to that we are are used to! We’re used to seeing Jennifer rocking an updo or a soft simple down do.

    However Jennifer Lawrence’s hair was 50’s style inspired for the shoot and her bouffant certainly proves to rival Bardot's! Her hair is full of volume and texture with curls throughout the ends which add to the movement and body to Jennifer Lawrence’s hair. There are two ways she would have achieved this look; lots of backcombing or the helping hand of some hair extensions. We’re not quite sure which one!? Either way, we love the look. If you’re a fan of the 50’s inspired hairstyle to and want to recreate Jennifer Lawrence’s hair be sure to check out our tutorial which gives you easy step by steps on how to achieve a similar look! Be sure to use large barrelled tongs to help you achieve big bouncy curls like Jennifer too!

    The shoot showed off Jennifers retro feminine side and we LOVE it! The leopard high waisted trousers and cropped cardigan are super retro and we kind of want her outfit?! We can’t take our eyes off the super cute bow headband too, we think its the perfect accessory for this look.

    Check out the pics and let us know what you think in the comments below or head over to Facebook and let us know there :) xx

  • Rihanna's New Hair

    Woah have you all seen Rihanna’s new hair?? The singer debuted her new hair on Sunday and we are loving it! It’s a stark contrast from her super short pixie cut she was rocking previously that’s for sure!

    We think it’s fair to say Rihanna’s new hair is down to the help of some hair extensions which has allowed her to complete her new look.  Rihanna has also plunged into the ombre hair trend with lighter ends and her overall shade appears to be much lighter too! We’re loving this shade on RiRi as it reminds us of when she first stepped on the scene way back in 2005 ♥

    Rihanna has still keep her edginess incorporated with her new ‘do, she has one side shaven which adds an eye catching twist to her hairstyle. From the front, you would never have guessed and we think this hairstyle looks awesome! We can see this hairstyle taking off in 2013 and we cannot wait to see how Rihanna’s new hair is styled for her upcoming events! Wahooo!

    So what do you lovely lot think of Rihanna’s new hair?? Are you loving it like us?? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or head over to Facebook and let us know over there :D xx

  • Ballerina Bun Hair Tutorial

    Following our 2013 hairstyle prediction blog we thought we’d give you a little hand in creating one of our favourite hairstyles from the prediction so we’re introducing the ballerina hair bun hair tutorial to you all!

    This look is really easy to recreate and can be worn a little messy or super sleek. If you have little time on your hands then a messy ballerina bun is perfect, if you’re going out but want to keep you hair out of the way, a super sleek ballerina bun will ooze sophistication. So it all depends on how you feel about how you want to rock you ballerina bun!

    So the difference between a ballerina bun and a top knot kind of bun? The ballerina bun is worn much lower. This can either be at the nape of your neck or the middle of your head or slightly at the top of your head so they are a little high... They are just never directly on TOP of your head. That is basically it my pretties!

    Step One:

    Brush all of your hair through before styling. If you’re wanting to create a sleek bun be sure to straighten your hair beforehand. If you’re going for the messy look it’s generally best to smooth over the top quickly with some straighteners too; this is just to try and keep frizziness at bay!

    Step Two:

    So once your hair is prepped it's time to pull it all back into a ponytail and securing this either at the nape of your neck or in the middle of your head with a hair band. This will be the base of your bun!

    Step Three:

    Depending how you want your bun (messy or sleek) there are different techniques to each style. For the messy style you can simply twist your ponytail and wrap it around your bun. Securing it in place with a hair band and some bobby pins. For the sleeker look you can make use out of a donut and place your ponytail through it, fanning out your hair to cover the donut, securing in place with a hair band and using the remaining hair to cover the hair band by pinning this around the base of the bun.

    Cheats: If you don’t have a donut you can use a an old sock! Yup, that’s right! Cut the toes off, roll up and voila! You have a donut for free :)

    To quickly mess up your bun a little, shake your head! Not to vigorously of course, just enough to let hair naturally fall out of place.

    So what do you guys think of the ballerina bun? Do you prefer this style or the top knot? Hmmm. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or head over to Facebook and let us know over there :) xx

  • Caroline Flack’s New Hair

    Sooo we are kind of loving Caroline Flack’s new hair! She is already in line with our 2013 hair predictions having recently had a bang cut in and we think more celebs are going to follow in her footsteps too!

    Caroline got her new bang just in time for the festive season so she’s a little ahead of the 2013 hair trend already! She has opted for a cutesy peek a boo style fringe which sweeps just past her eyes which allows her to push her bang to the side out of her face. We love this style of bang as you can still pull it back and create different styles, you don’t constantly have to have a bang!

    Caroline Flack’s new hair also appears to have had a slight shade change, her famous ombre locks looks much lighter than we have previously seen. She dyed the ends of her hair a much brighter blonde for the X Factor live shows and we’re thinking that the top of her hair has also become a little lighter too?! Hmm... Your thoughts??

    So what do you lovely lot think of Caroline Flack’s new hair?? Do you love her bang?? What do you think of her ombre shade too? Let us know what you think in the comments below or head over to Facebook and let us know there : ) xx

  • 2013 Hair Style Predictions

    The new year is here and we have done a quick roundup of our 2013 hair predictions! We can’t wait to see the hairstyles people are rocking in the new year and gather some more hair style and shade ideas!

    So we think 2013 will be full of pretty and eye catching hairstyles as well as bold and bright hair shades. We all know that sometimes there isn’t enough time to spend hours on your hair so simplistic styles are a welcome thought to most girls. Luckily 2013 will be the year of simple low slung ponytails and pretty ballerina buns which take less than 5 minutes to create! Yay! You can easily pull your hair back and leave it a little messy for that bed head look or create a sleeker neate style for the evening, it’s entirely up to you!

    Braids, twists and updos also look set to continue being on trend in 2013. From fishtail braids to french braids to pinned updos. These looks are also super simple to recreate so you can look bang on trend without having to have too much expertise on the hair styling front! Be sure to check out our tutorials which show you simple step by steps on how to recreate fashionable and on trend hairstyles.

    Bright and bold hair shades are also one of our 2013 trend predictions. Whether its bright red or platinum blonde or just lightening your hair up with highlights, brightness is going to be key for this years on trend looks. Pastel hair shades will continue to be popular in 2013 too and we think purple is going pop this year!!

    The last of our 2013 hair prediction is bangs! Yup, bangs are making a comeback! From blunt bangs to layered texture bangs to full bangs to peek a boo bangs we think they’re going to be ruling the fashion front. Bangs are a super way to quickly switch up your look if you fancy a change. If you’re a little unsure about cutting a bang in why not try a side bang first off?! That why it’s still long enough to pull back if you aren’t too sure on it! Best of both worlds we say!

    What do you guys think of the 2013 hair predictions? What hair trends do you think will be super popular? Any favourites just yet? Let us know in the comments below or pop over to Twitter and let us know there :) ♥

  • Halo Braid Hair Tutorial

    I love this braid and I think it looks great roughed up a little too for that ‘not bothered’ or ‘haven’t tried’ look that some people pull off oh-so-well these days. But it looks super cute a little neat too. Perfect for everyone I say!

    Step One:

    Brush all of your hair through to ensure knot free hair before we begin braiding. Create a centre parting and part this all the way to the nape of your neck. So as though you were doing pigtails.

    Step Two:

    Now braiding will begin at the nape of your neck, so it’s best to tip your head upside down and start braiding that way. Start with three strands and then begin to add sections from one half of your head. Once you have reached the top (by your forehead) start intertwining sections of hair into the braid from the other side and carry on doing so until all of your hair is in a braid.

    Step Three:

    Finally, neaten up and secure in place with bobby pins. You can pull a little on the braid too to make it appear thicker, if you are doing this be ever so gentle, using your thumb and forefinger to tease and thicken up.

    Ta- Daaah your halo braid hair tutorial is complete! ♥

    So what do you guys think of this halo braid hair tutorial?? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or pop over to Facebook and let me know your thoughts there. If you try this style, we would love to see your pics.

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