• Lace Bang Braid Hair Tutorial


     Braids are a huge trend for the Summer months so this tutorial is for such a great braid. The Lace Braid is such an easy braid to do and once you have mastered the technique you can create all sorts of designs! This tutorial is just for the simple braided bang or hanging braid look!

     Step One:

    Start by sectioning the hair at the front of your face or your bang if you have one. You can start this braid as far over as you like, but we think it looks best from your parting! Split the front section into 3 small bits ready to start your braid.

    Step Two:

    Now you need to start your braid...start with the section closes to your head. Now you need to add a section into this so section your hair from along your parting and add this to the next section you will be moving. This is where the Lace Braid differs to the normal french braid....you don’t want to pull this tightly as you want the braid to hang!

    Step Three:

    Instead of adding in more hair from the other side just braid the next two sections as normal. Again when you get to the next section of hair moving away from your head...add in another section from the line of your parting. Continue down as much of your hair as you like and secure with an elastic!

    It really is as easy as that! Why not add another braid by the side for a super cute Summer style!?

    What’s really great about the method for this braid is only adding hair from one section allows you to shape the braid! This method is used for completing S Braids, Wrapped Pony Braids and the heart Braid! Learning this easy method does open up loads more styles for you to try!

    Do you think this is a style you will be trying out? Is this already a favourite style of yours? We’d love to see your pics of the style...be sure to tag us on Tumblr so we can take a peek!

  • Jennifer Lawrence's New Hair

    Another actress has decided to go for the chop! Following in the footsteps of Julianne Hough and Sienna Miller, Jennifer Lawrence debuted a long bob, otherwise known as the 'Lob' at the 2013 GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday evening!

    Jennifer Lawrence’s new haircut is just in time for Spring/Summer and the added honey toned highlights to frame the face give the style a sun kissed feel! Jennifer has been known to play around with the shade of her locks but this is the first major length change we have seen from the 22 year old. The new length gives Jennifer a more youthful look with the side swept fringe and loose beach waves keeping the style bang on trend.
    What do you think of Jennifer’s new cut? Do you prefer her with longer locks or are you loving the shorter style?

  • Coachella Hairstyles

    With the festival season kicking off last weekend we thought we’d take a look at the wonderful and wacky Coachella hairstyles on show! This is THE hottest festival to be seen at, with loads of celebs kicking back and enjoying not just the bands but the LA sunshine too!

    Vanessa Hudgens is a Coachella regular and this year her hairstyle choices were bang on trend! Going for really voluminous and defined, bouncy curls she teamed this with a large floral crown. Adding flowers to a hairstyles is a favourite for festival goers but this year it is also a bang on trend style...something we’re expecting to see lots and lots of on the high street!

    Katy Perry is also a fan of a festival and her style this year has changed a lot from the grungy look from last year! Katy Perry’s hair looked so perfectly styled into vintage inspired waves! After seeing her on the red carpet just a few weeks ago with a bob, we’re almost certain that she has had some help from some clip in hair extensions! The style looked sleek an perfectly styled in comparison to many of the other celebrity festival hairstyles! We also love her Dolce & Gabbana skirt and crop top ensemble...so cute!

    We also have to give credit to Whitney Port's Coachella look! Wearing one of her own Spring Summer collection dresses she looked stunning in the mint green shade. Whitney’s long locks were left loose with a centre parting. This was left really natural, with some kinks but the look was really low maintenance...and looked great!

    We can’t wait to see what other trends we spot at this Summer’s festivals! Do you think the hairstyle trends from Coachella will carry through to the rest?

  • Red Carpet Hairstyles at the MTV Movie Awards 2013

    So the MTV Movie Awards was last weekend and there have been more and more pictures from the red carpet, award show performances and after show parties emerging! Looking at these there is a clear red carpet hairstyle trend on show...the updo! The updo’s at this event are different to many others though, with lots of younger and interesting styles on show instead of  the elegant and classy styles you would expect at other award shows!

    Bella Thorne was looking gorgeous on the red carpet. Wearing a cream suit her copper locks were scraped back into a high bubble ponytail! This style was huge on the catwalks last season so it was nice to see a celeb rock this look on the red carpet. Although we are huge fans of the look, we couldn’t help but wish someone had got in there and back combed her hair more...this would have given the bubbles more shape!

     The british flavour of the night came from the gorgeous Emma Watson. Wearing her hair in a simple low down bun, a style that is going to be a huge Spring/Summer trend. This simple hairstyle looked beautiful against her cut out detailed dress. Proving that you don’t have to have long locks to pull off such a beautiful red carpet updo.

    We are also loving Selena Gomez’s dutch braided do too! Her uber long locks were tightly scraped to the centre of her head and tightly braided all the way to the ends. The dutch braid is great as this makes the braid stand out from the head unlike the french braid that flattens the hair...the look was finished off with a quiff! Braids are a huge spring/summer trend so it was fabulous to see such a stand out style on the red carpet.

    There were some very out there styles on the red carpet...but this is something we have come to expect at the MTV Awards. Who thought that a stumped out cigarette would be made into a hat? No we don’t get it either!

    Who do you think  rocked the best red carpet hairstyle?

  • Clip in Hair Extensions

    Now, its a common misconception that clip in hair extensions are only used to add length to your hair...clip in hair extensions are perfect for adding volume to thin/fine hair and being used to bulk up or cheat your way to the perfect updo!

    Here at Dirty Looks we stock a variety of lengths, going from as short as 12-14” clip in hair extensions all the way to 24-26”!! So whatever length your own hair is there will be a similar length of hair extensions, remember you need to measure downwards from the top of your ear to see how long your own hair will be in relation to the clip in hair extensions. Choosing a length very similar to your own hair will add oodles of volume to your locks and no one will even know that you are wearing extensions! Perfect for that just stepped off the red carpet feel. ♥

    The other great thing that clip in hair extensions can be used for is an updo! We all know how fiddly it can be trying to cover, for example, a doughnut bun when you don’t have quite enough length or thickness to your own hair. Instead of choosing a full head of hair extensions opt for a couple of single wefts or a quad weft in the shade closest to your own. Now you want to use this weft to clip onto your doughnut and wrap it around to ensure none of the mesh can be seen! Perfect and this is just one example of how an updo can be enhance with clip in hair extensions. Be sure to check out our hair tutorials for other cheats and tips for using hair extensions with updos!

    What else do you use you clip in hair extensions for besides length? We’d love to know if you have any tricks for updos too :)

  • Spring/Summer Hair Trends

    We are always keen to see what trends will be cropping back up for the Spring and Summer and we have to say we are loving the hottest looks predicted for this year. Spring and Summer is a time where we girls feel the need to change our style and experiment with new and intricate styles that we just don’t during the colder winter months, the sun must bring out the creativeness in us all!

    Braids are always a trend that keeps coming back around every year. Spring and Summer are a time when girls like to look feminine and pretty and braids are such a fun way of adding this touch to any hairstyle. Whether it be adding a french braid to a bun, adding some thin loose braids to your waves or dutch braiding your fringe/bang there are hundreds of styles that incorporate some type of braid. Don’t forget that there are so many different types of braids too; fishtail, dutch, lace and waterfall to name just a few! Once you have mastered the technique there will be no stopping the styles!

    The next big trend this Spring/Summer is a no fuss style...the low slung ponytail! Whether your hair be super sleek and straight, big bouncy curls or yesterdays brushed out waves...it doesn’t matter. The only rule to this style is that your ponytail must be secured at the nape of your neck! Pull this around to the side to spice up the style a little!

    Next on the list of hot trends is accessories! Yep get out your head scarves, ribbons and flowers as you will be needing these for a bang on trend look this Spring/Summer! This is a look that we have become used to seeing at festivals, especially flowers in a hairstyle but this year it’s set to become a far more mainstream look. It’s also a very versatile trend, it allows you to join in even if this is just adding a flower to a ponytail or really going for it with a huge head scarf bow or flower crown headband! It’s a really playful look and if you're creative you can even have a dabble at making your own!

    Last on our list is a huge contrast to the last and is again a very simple and easy to do style.  The Low Bun keeps in line with the low slung ponytail and is super easy to do. The trend is keeping the bun at the nape of the neck and simply twisting the hair around itself, so no doughnut buns here! The buns tend to be smaller and neater because of this.

    So which of these trends do you see yourself rocking this Spring/Summer? We’d love to see your pics of these styles...pop along to our Tumblr page and tag us in your pics so we can take a look!

  • Half Braid Hair Tutorial

    Braids are going to continue to be a popular trend in 2013 so we have a super eye catching back braid hair tutorial to show you all! Be sure to give it a go, our inspiration is from the catwalk so you’ll be sure to stand out as a trendsetter!

    Step One:

    Brush all of your hair through and straighten or curl beforehand depending on which look you’d like to achieve.

    Step Two:

    Now you need to create a side parting, use a comb to do this as it’ll make it much more easier! Use your eyebrow as a guide, the parting should be in line with just above the arch of your eyebrow. Not too deep of a parting is needed for this look.

    Step Three:

    Depending on how you have parted you hair one side will be thicker than the other. The fuller side (with you bang on etc) will be left and concentrated on later. For now, we’re going to concentrate on the side with less hair to contend with! This braid will begin on your hairline in line with the bottom of your eyebrow. This will then follow your hairline around to the back of your ear. We’re going to create a lace braid to complete this look which may be a little tricky to begin as the sections will be super small. Be sure to be patient with it though, practise makes perfect and you’ll love the end results.

    Step Four:

    To begin take three small sections and create a normal three strand braid. You then need to start adding hair from only above the hairline into the braid. Ensuring that the braid stays in line with your hairline. Continue adding hair from the top into the braid until you have just passed the back of your ear. Then you can continue with a standard three strand braid all the way down to the ends of your hair. Secure in place with a small hair band.

    Step Five:

    You then need to take the braid over the back section of your hair. The braid then goes under your hair in line with your other ear. Pin in place with some bobby pins!

    Ta-Daaaah your half braid is complete! You may look as though you have just stepped off the runway... We’re just saying! ♥

    What do you guys think of the back braid then?? Liking the look? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or head over to Facebook  and let us know there :) xx

  • Destiny's Child Hair at the Superbowl

    Well how gorgeous does Destiny's Child hair look at their reunion performance at the Superbowl?

    We can't stop looking over the gorgeous pictures of their uber long locks. Styled with oodles of volume at the roots and tons of movement through the ends  their hair looked stunning.

  • Soft Roll Hair Tutorial

    This week we have taken inspiration from the 20’s and created a soft roll hair tutorial for you all to give a go. The classic flapper roll hairstyle has been reinvented for this season and is now rolled over instead of under! Paired with a deep side parting this hairstyle is perfect for a day style and can be transformed into a classic night do’!

    Step One:

    Give you hair a brush through and a quick straighten to ensure you hair is sleek before styling to ensure the hairstyle stays as neat as possible.

    Step Two:

    Bring all of your hair to the back as though you were about to keep it into a ponytail. Instead of tying it up using your fingers to roll the ponytail back on itself. Remember you want to roll the hair over not under. Once you have reached your head pin in place with bobby pins.

    This really is a simple style...once you have mastered the roll you really can perfect this look in minutes!

    Cheat; If you’re struggling with rolling the hair with your fingers, use your curling tongs as a guide and once pinned gently remove the tongs and voila!

    And that is pretty much it my lovelies! So simple to re-create be sure to give it a go! We’d love to see your pics and let us know what you think in the comments below or head over to Facebook and let us know there :) xx

  • Red Carpet Hairstyles at the Golden Globes

    So who has seen all of the gorgeous red carpet hairstyles from the Golden Globes on Monday!? We are loving some of the hairstyles we have seen so it’s only right that we do a quick roundup of our favourites!

    Lea Michele looked dazzling in her white sequined gown and we love the contrast with her dark hair. Lea kept her red carpet hairstyle super simple and opted for a subtle down do. Lea’s hair was styled with a slight side fringe and worn out waves. Loving this effortless look for sure!

    Jessica Alba looked ah-mazing in her coral Oscar de le Renta gown and we love, love, LOVE how her hair was styled for the event. Jessica’s red carpet hairstyle had that vintage feel keeping one side of her hair back and with waves throughout the mid lengths of her hair. Perfecto! Oh, another thing, we’re in love with her ombre shade too ♥

    Another celeb who opted to rock the vintage vibe was Rachel Weisz! Rachel’s red carpet hairstyle was super similar to Jessica Alba’s, keeping one side of her hair back and vintage waves throughout the mid lengths and ends of her hair. Rachel’s waves appear to have been brushed out giving them much more volume and texture. We think this is a stunning hairstyle and an all time classic.

    Kate Hudson’s effortless red carpet hairstyle caught our attention for all of the right reasons. Styled sleek and straight with textured ends this is a fail proof red carpet hairstyle in our eyes and we think Kate looked incredible. We love Kate’s off centre parting and cute side bangs too, super chic!

    Another celeb who looked ah-mazing with an ah-mazing red carpet hairstyle was Jennifer Lopez. She opted to slick her hair to one side and style it full of waves. Again touching on the vintage vibe as Jessica Alba and Rachel Weisz did. We think J.Lo looked super smouldering with her red carpet and eye catching gown. Oooh la la!

    So what do you guys think of the red carpet hairstyles from the Golden Globes? Do you have any favourites? Let us know in the comments below or head over to Facebook and let us know there :) xx

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