• Twisted Rope Hair Tutorial

    We are sharing our twisted rope hair tutorial with you guys as we love twisted hair styles here at Dirty Looks. We loved seeing some twisted hair styles being used on the Gucci 2012 fall runway ... this look is SO on-trend. This twisted rope hair tutorial is SO easy, it will literally take you 5 minutes, if that! So be sure to give it a go my lovelies. Here’s how to re-create the oh-so-simple look...

    Step One:

    Brush through all of your hair to ensure your hair is knot free before we begin. Pop in your hair extensions now if you want to use them for this style. ♥

    Step Two:

    For this particular tutorial, we’re going to create a down ‘do however, this look could also work for an updo too! So as the rest of your hair is going to be left down, we think some subtle waves paired with some twists look lovely. Take your hair straighteners / large barrelled tongs and curl all of your hair. Pin the curls in place after you have curled them for a longer lasting effect.

    Step Three:

    Once all of your hair is curled, and the curls have cooled down, it’s time to take your brush and gently soften your curls. This will separate them and leave you with soft tousled waves. ♥

    Step Four:

    Now you need to take two sections of your hair from either side and twist back to meet at the back of your head. Secure in place with some bobby pins or a chic hair clip for extra sparkle.

    Ta-Daaaah, you’re twisted rope hair tutorial is complete. How easy was that then ladies?! This style is not just a favouite on the catwalk but a celebrity staple...fans of the style include the lovely Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port and Jennifer Garner. Will you be wearing your hair twisted this autumn/winter?

  • Chloe Green’s Hair and CJG Shoe Collection

    WHO has seen Chloe Green’s hair AND her new shoe collection?? We are a little bit in love we must admit...♥

    CJG has just launched her second shoe collection ‘Chloe Winter 12’ juuuust in time for the winter and party season! Yipeeee! The 19 piece collection consists of flats, wedges, stilettos and boots; we’re so spoilt for choice. Chloe’s collection went on sale on Monday and we are pretty much loving all of the shoes she has on offer!

    Not only are her shoe designs amaze but Chloe Green’s hair looks ah-mazing in the promo shots for her shoe collection too! We are LOVING the look!! Chloe Green’s hair is simply styled for the shots: plenty of texture and luscious length. She’s kind of rocking the beachy look in terms of her hair with unkempt waves! ♥

    We love love loveeee the shade of Chloe Green’s hair too, we’re huge fans of the subtle highlight throughout which lighten up her dark locks. So on trend at the moment!

    Now moving on to the shoe CJG shoe collection! One word: wowsa! The 19 piece collection is pretty impressive considering its only her second line. Chloe has set her own trademark with the mint green soles and we have to admit we love the concept. The CJG shoe collection is said to reflective of Chloe’s personal style mixing soft femininity with a rock edge and we can definitely see that through the design of her shoes. From pretty prints to studs and chains, the CJG shoe collection is a mixture of pretty and tough and we LOVE it.

    We’ve got our eyes on a few pairs of shoes from the collection which are our favourites.. These have got to be the Thunder lace wedge, Lily Wing and the Dusk shadow wedges! We want and we want now! ♥ ♥

    Not only has Chloe created a shoe collection but she has also created a capsule collection of jewellery and scarves too!!

    What do you guys think of the CJG shoe collection then?? Any shoes tickling your fancy?? Doesn’t Chloe look fab in the pics too?? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or pop over to facebook and get at us there :) ♥

  • Lana Del Rey's Fringe

    Lana Del Rey’s fringe made headlines the world over as the style icon decided to go from no fringe to heavy 70’s inspired one but within in a day of seeing Lana out and about in Paris with the new cut she was spotted with sleek centre parted hair and no fringe!! We were a little unsure on the new look for Lana so we’re kind of pleased to see her step out with a centre parting again! We love when a celebrity uses hair extensions to fool us all, a clip in fringe is the only explanation for the stars sudden change of heart towards her fringe!

    Do you prefer Lana Del Rey with or without a fringe? Let us know what you think below or on our facebook page :)

  • Red Carpet Hairstyles at AMA’S

    Sooo we were loving some of the red carpet hairstyles at the AMA’S... Who’s caught all of the action from event the other day?? Don’t worry if you haven't caught up just yet, we’re doing a quick little roundup of our favourite hairdos so you all can have a peek!

    Kesha was looking a little dazzling at the event wearing a sparkly pale pink cut out mini dress, and gold stars all the way up her ear too! Kesha rocked a standard red carpet hairstyle at the AMA’s: lots of volume, vintage inspired waves and thick luxurious hair. Love that!

    Kelly Rowland’s was another celeb who caught our eye with her red carpet hairstyle! Kelly’s hair was styled with lots of waves which added texture and thickness which we of course adore. Another thing we are loving is the glossiness of Kelly’s hair, it looks super healthy and we’re super jealous! Her dark hair contrasted perfectly against her neutral dress and we love how it made her look pop! ♥

    Nicki Minaj caught everyone’s attention with her luminous green/yellow fitted gown and her hair bigger than ever with lots and lots of curls!! Nicki is currently rocking platinum blonde hair which is relatively normal for the daring celeb. Later on in the evening she was rocking candy pink hair and we have to say we loved her look for her performance, she never fails to amaze us!

    Gwen Stefani was looking on form (as usual) and so so chic! We’re loving her longer hair that she’s been rocking at the moment and obvs we’re enjoying the soft wave throughout the ends of her hair. Gwen was rather dressed down compared to other celebrities at the event rocking leather trousers and an over-sized embellished suit jacket. She still looked ever much the star though! ♥

    So which was your favourite red carpet hairstyle?? Any that you would choose yourself?? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or head over to Facebook and get at us there :)

  • Top Knot Hair Tutorial

    Top Knots have been a super hot trend recently so we just HAD to do a quick tutorial on how to create a chic bun! The good thing about the top knot hair trend is that they don't have to be super perfect or neat, they of course look lovely that way. But they also look just as lovely when they are a little messy and unkept, perfect for those with little time on their hands or just don’t fancy themselves as much of a hair stylist!

    So here’s how...

    Step One:

    Brush all of the hair through before we start styling!

    Step Two:

    Tip your head upside down and gather all of your hair together as though you would if you were putting your hair into a ponytail. Once all of your hair is gathered together twist and create a circular shape around the base of where you have gathered all of your hair until you are left with a bun!

    Step Three:

    Secure in place with a hair band or bobbypins or both for maximum hold. If you are finding it difficult to gather all of your hair and twist in to a bun be sure to create a high ponytail and secure in place with a band, carrying on the twisting process so you are left with a lovely top knot!

    Step Four:

    If you want to soften up the look pull some pieces of hair down around your face or if you want a neater look spritz over with hairspray to flatten any fly aways!

    And that, my lovelies, is how you create a top knot! Super simple isn't it!?

    What do you guys think of the top knot then? Loving or loathing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or pop over to Facebook and Twitter and give us a shout! ♥

  • Celebrity Hairstyles at the MTV EMA's

    It’s time for that question again - who stalked the celebrity hairstyles at the MTV EMAs on Sunday?? We of course did and boyyy were we impressed by some of the hairstyles and outfits we saw!!

    The night kicked off on the red carpet where everyone showed off their outfits and hairstyles to the crowds outside. Rita Ora looked absolutely AMAZE in her show stopping red Marchesa gown. The lace top in to the block colour skirt attracted attention for all the right reasons and our eyes were definitely on Rita! Her blonde hair contrasted perfectly with the red shade of dress and of course she was rocking her favourite red lippy too! Rita always rocks one of our favourite celebrity hairstyles too, bouncy curls with plenty of volume! It looks as though she was rocking a faux bob for the awards too; to help show of THAT dress of course. Once inside the event Rita let her hair down and changed in to a sleek laced suit... SO chic ♥

    Taylor Swift was another lovely lady who dazzled us on the red carpet. Wearing a stunning gown by J.Mendel Fall 2012, Taylor shimmering in the sparkling silvery gown and looked like such a starlet on the evening. Not only was the dress incredible but, Taylors hair was also looking out of this world too! Taylors hair looked lovely and thick for the event with a little root lift and soft curls throughout the mid-lengths and ends of her hair. We’re loving Taylors bang too, the longer length towards the edges help blend in with the rest of her hair! Another thing, the shade! Taylor’s rocking a super soft blonde shade and we’re loving it! It also matched her dress perfectly too. It’s fair to say Taylor Swift has a celebrity hairstyle we’re definitely crushing on.

    Lana Del Rey was another lady of the evening who looked a little demure than others with her navy dark gown wrap around gown. Her hair was styled into a bouffant and flowed effortlessly past her shoulders. Lana opted to keep all of her hair pushed back showing off her beautiful face and giving off that 60’s vibe. We were loving Lana’s effortless celebrity hairstyle for the awards and we’re always waiting to see what she comes up with next!

    In contrast to the usual full and voluminous celebrity hairstyles we’re used to seeing on the red carpet and events alike, Kim Kardashian showed us how its done with a sleek high ponytail. Pulled tightly back her ponytail looked luxuriously thick and proved to work well with her busy dress. We have to see say we’re a little unsure how we feel about her dress... Hmm, your thoughts?

    So what do you guys think of the celebrity hairstyles at the MTV EMA’s then?? Were you impressed with the hairdos like us too?? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or head over to facebook or twitter and get at us there ♥

  • Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson's Clothing Line!

    Well, we were a little surprised to find out today that Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson’s clothing line, or more to the point second clothing line was being released!

    Louise-Thompson-MIC-ClothingThe Louise Thompson Collection, which is available on popular online store Goddiva, sold so well that she has released a second line of party dresses which will be released just in time for all our Christmas parties! Louise Thompson, who is also studying at Edinburgh University, has followed in her co star Caggie Dunlop who released clothing line earlier in the year.

    Louise-Thompson-CollectionWe love that Louise has modelled the collection for the website herself and we have to admit to being quite impressed by some of the pieces. The images are very simple but Louise Thompson’s hair looks beautiful in all of them. Choosing from voluminous updo’s, swept side pony’s and glamourous down styles, she looks stunning in the dresses.


    We really were not expecting to see a clothing line from Louise Thompson but have been pleasantly surprised...have you taken a look at the collection? What do you think of the promo shots? Lets us know on our Tumblr page or below :)

  • Kelly Osbourne’s Hair

    Kelly Osbourne’s hair keeps catching our eye at the moment; with her quirky and ever changing hairstyles we’re always keen to see what Kelly has come up with.


    We’ve been loving Kelly’s purple hair during recent months and we’re loving the pics we’ve seen from last an event she attended in Mexico a couple of weeks ago, where she debuted a luscious flowing ponytail. It seems that Kelly Osbourne’s hair has had a helping hand from some hair extensions to help her achieve her high ponytail with gorgeous added length.

    We think Kelly Osbourne’s hair looks gorgeous with some added length and we’d LOVE to see her hair worn down with all that added length too. ♥


    The super high and long flowing ponytail is becoming quite a hot trend as we’re seeing numerous celebs sporting the look, and we’re becoming quite a fan of the look too! This is a super easy celebrity hairstyle to re-create too, if you need lots of added length to be able to create this look, be sure to make use out of some hair extensions and clip these in beforehand. If you’d like us to do a quick tutorial on how to achieve this hair style be sure to drop us a comment and we can see what we can do for you lovelies.

    Kelly wore a shimmery silver peplum dress with blue heels for the event and added some extra colours to her look by wearing a bright pink lipstick too. We have to admit, we’re loving the array of different colours Kelly always injects colour into her outfits but we just can’t take our eyes of her ah-mazing hairdo!! Loving it.

    So what do you think of Kelly Osbourne's hair?? Are you loving the super high pony too?? Let us know what you think in the comments below or pop over to Facebook and let us know your thoughts there.

  • French Braid and Braids Hair Tutorial

    So today we have a really cool french braid and braids hair tutorial to show you guys! We have taken inspiration from the lovely Kristen Bell as we loooove this look and think it looks really eye-catching and brilliantly boho.


    This look is super easy to do so be sure to give it a go lovely ladies. Read on to find out how to recreate this look....♥

    Step One:

    Let’s begin with brushing all of the hair through to detangle the hair before we begin braiding.

    Step Two:

    Next, you need to section your hair into a side parting. Leaving the sides of your hair untouched, french braid from the top of your hair backwards, only braiding the top section of your head. Finish the braid down to the ends of your hair and secure in place with a hair band.

    Step Three:

    You should be left with half of your hair down at the back, including the sides of your hair. Take the side section and on the left hand side split it into two separate sections. Create a standard three strand braid for both of these sections and secure in place with a small hair band. Then over to the right hand side, where you will only need to take one section and braid it, again secure in place with a small hair band.

    Step Four:

    Bring the side braided sections back and criss cross them over the french braid at the back of your head. Secure these in place with a bobby pin.

    Step Five:

    If you’d like to add to the boho vibe of this french braid in a braid hair tutorial, then why not curl the bottom half of your hair using some large barrelled tongs or some straighteners. Be sure to brush through the curls and ruffle them up for lovely soft waves!

    So, there you have it! A lovely french braid in a braid hair tutorial for you all to give a go. What do you guys think? Going to give it a go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or pop over to Facebook or Twitter and let us know your thoughts.

  • Celebrity Hairstyles - Mobo Awards 2012

    So who else stalked all of the celebrity hairstyles at Mobo Awards 2012 from Saturday night?? We were loving some of the looks from the evening so we just had to do a little blog about the night!


    First up...a lady we couldn’t keep our eyes off... Rita Ora! We think she looked INCRED on the red carpet and being ever much the superstar, she had an outfit change for the ceremony itself too! For the red carpet Rita donned an amazing white fitted dress. With powered shoulders, a nipped in waist and a peplum style skirt we think this dress worked perfectly for Rita. She teamed the demure white dress with dark vampy makeup, rocking that oxblood lipstick which is so on trend at the moment we couldn't of thought of a better shade to compliment her dress. But what topped her look off more so than ever was of course, her hairdo! Rita rocked a celebrity hairstyle which we always love, voluminous hair with bouncy waves! Just. Lovely. ♥


    Rita kept her hairstyle the same throughout the awards however once inside she opted to change into a flamboyant Alexander McQueen design which was full of bright colours and meshed ruffles. Her hair was kept with plenty of volume and appears much thicker than we have previously seen Rita’s hair!


    Another celebrity hairstyle at the awards which we were loving was the fiery Misha B’s!! Her hair was also full with uber volume and lots and lots of curls which we of course, LOVE. We’re also loving the vibrant shade of Misha’s hair, it’s super eye catching and looks so healthy too!! We think Misha totally rocks this look.


    Stooshe were another bunch of ladies who caught our eye with their gorgeous celebrity hairstyles. Their hair was FULL of volume and big bouncy curls, we’re loving the girls hairdo’s for the evening!! Karis’s long luscious locks were curled for ultimate volume and texture, this look is super easy to recreate too: just clip in your hair extensions for added length and thickness, grab a medium sized barrelled tong and curl away! Alex’s hair was styled similair to Karis’s however Alex opted for an on trend middle parting! This is a super quick way to ensure your hair is bang on trend! Courtney’s hair caught our eye the most out of the three girls though, she was rocking a very sea punk inspired look with pastel tones of turquoise and pink throughout the ends of her hair! We think it looks super chic. J’Adore. ♥

    So what do you guys think of the celebrity hairstyles from the Mobos?? Who was your favourite act from the evening?? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below or pop over to Facebook and Twitter and let us know your thoughts there :) ♥

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