• Lana Del Rey's Hair in the Jaguar Campaign

    We're a little bit in love with Lana Del Rey’s hair in the Jaguar campaign; Lana's hair usually looks stunning when worn in vintage inspired styles, but we have to say that we have never seen it as gorgeous as it is in the sneak peek shots of the new Jaguar F Type promotion. Lana has been announced as the new face of the sports car after being seen driving around in a vintage Mercedes and using lots of vintage cars in her own promotions.

    Lana Del Rey's Hair in the Jaguar Campaign

    The scene has been set for these shots next to an idyllic poolside location with glorious sunshine, and perfect 60’s styling. This styling gives the photos such an individual feel and really makes you wish you could be there with the lovely Lana.

    Lana Del Rey's Hair in the Jaguar Campaign 2012

    Lana Del Rey's hair is gorgeously long at the moment and it's a yummy chocolatey brown shade that works perfectly with the white outfits chosen for the shoot. Her hair has been kept the same style throughout the shots; a large, soft waved style has been created in Lana’s hair which looks effortlessly glam. To re-create this style you can use a large barreled tong through the lengths of your hair, you need to curl the hair away from your face to create the gorgeous shape and then use a soft brush to brush out the curls a little. Adding a little backcombing to the roots of your hair will give you the same shape as Lana’s hair.

    We love these shots of Lana and we are eagerly awaiting the finished promotion to be released! What do you think of these images? Are you in love with Lana Del Rey’s hair in the Jaguar campaign, just like us? Pop a comment below or find us on Twitter.

  • Katy Perry's Orange Hair

    Style chameleon Katy Perry has another new look … Katy Perry’s orange hair makes its debut on the September issue of French magazine L’Officiel Paris. The star is almost unrecognisable with her fiery locks and her porcelain make-up on the front cover.


    Katy Perry's hair is worn super long on the cover of L’Officiel Paris and with natural waves. She’s looking very mermaid like, that’s for sure.

    This new look doesn't appear to be permanent for the star as she has been spotted with a simple jet-black bob, but as Katy Perry isn't afraid to play around with her shade, we wouldn’t be surprised if she is sporting a new look soon.


    We’ve seen Katy with auburn locks before, which worked well for her, but we’re not too sure on Katy Perry’s orange hair at the moment … we love her with vibrant locks, but we’re not sure if this shade will grow on us or not.

  • The Saturdays' Hairstyles

    We’re a tad excited to see a group of our fave girls filming their new music vid, and of course The Saturdays' hairstyles were looking amazing for the shoot!

    The girls are in LA filming their new reality TV series and whilst there, they appear to be filming their new music vid too! Wooo! We can’t wait to see the new reality show after falling a little bit in love with them from their previous reality show. Of course, we enjoy spying on The Saturdays’ hairstyles too to keep up-to-date with their latest looks, so the reality TV programme is right up our street.


    The Saturdays’ hairstyles looked gorgeous with the Californian sun shining down on them. Newly-wed Rochelle still has the same hairdo ... which was similar to her wedding hairstyle. Her long flowing hair looked super thick and we are in love with the shade too; it looks a little lighter around the sections framing her face and we adore!

    Vanessa's is another one of The Saturdays’ hairstyles which we’re totally in love with too. Her hair is super duper long, like Rochelle’s, however she styles it with more curls which we’re a big fan of. The curls thicken up her hair and add texture to the hair style which is always a good sign in our eyes. If you’re looking to re-create this look there’s a simple solution; grab a jumbo curling tong and style away, and voila! You’ll have hair to rival The Saturdays!


    Una’s hair looked lovely as usual; her long locks were simply styled for the shoot. Mollie’s shorter hairdo also looked amaze; we’re loving the shade and the soft waves, we think she looks gorgeous! Frankie’s pixie cut was barely visible due to her hat however we did see some blonde highlights peeping through her fringe! We love. <3

    The styling for the new music video was very Daisy Duke! All of the Sats were dressed in denim shorts and cutesy tops which worked perfectly in the streets of LA with the sun beaming down. We can’t wait to see the video already to see the final look!!

    So, what do you guys think of The Saturdays’ hairstyles for their new music video? Loving them like us? Let us know your thoughts on facebook or pop over and give us a tweet, either way we’d love to hear your thoughts.

  • Leona Lewis Inspired Messy Fishtail Braid

    Everyone is loving braids at the moment especially the fishtail braid … so we thought we’d share this Leona Lewis Inspired Messy Fishtail Braid with you guys. :) It looks super intricate but in fact, it’s so easy to create once you get into the swing of things.
    Braids are bang-on-trend, easy to re-create, and they make a real statement. What more could we want, hey lovelies?! Read on to find out how to recreate this Leona Lewis inspired fishtail braid for yourselves. :)


    Step One:

    It’s time to decide which side you would like your Leona Lewis Inspired Messy Fishtail Braid  to sit on, most people opt to create the braid on the same side as their fringe so all of the hair is on the same side. However, if you don’t have a fringe, then it generally doesn’t make a difference. Once you have decided which side your braid is on, swoop all of the hair to the specific side. Be sure to fit your hair extensions in line with the top of your ear before swooping all of your hair to the side and before you begin braiding.

    Step Two:

    Now, you are going to concentrate on the opposite side to where the fishtail braid will actually sit. This is because we’re going to start braiding from the opposite side and take it round and finish off the braid on the side where your fishtail braid will sit. :) So we’re on the opposite side, you will need to divide the hair into three sections. We’re going to start off with a french braid and finish it with a fishtail braid...It’s easier than it sounds, I promise.

    So, you have your three sections, cross the first section over the middle section and add it to the third section, this should leave you with two sections that should not cross each other again. You then need to take a little section of hair from the outer side of one section and add it to the opposite section. Now you will need to repeat this on the other side, so take a little section of hair from the outer side of the second section and add it to the first section. Continue french braiding round your head until you reach the other side.

    Step Three:

    Once your french braid has reached the other side of your head, it’s time to mix it up a little. French braid around to the the other side and finish it off the around where your ear is. Now we’re going to start styling the hair into a fishtail braid. So instead of three sections, you’re just going to need two. You could always use a small elastic to secure the french braid whilst you create the fishtail braid and then remove the elastic later on for a flawless finish and to make it a little easier.
    Step Four:

    Now you need to section your hair into two equal sections. Take a small section from the back of one section, bring it over the top of the section you have taken it from and put it under the opposite section. Repeat this on the other side; so take a small section from the back, bring it over the section you have just taken it from put it under the opposite section. Repeat this step all the way down to the ends of your hair, alternating between both sections. Secure in place with a hair band and then carefully pull the sides of the fishtail braid to create a messy effect, just like the lovely Leona. Be sure not to pull too hard, just enough to ease the hair out a little.

    P.S. For a softer look, pull pieces of hair down at the side of your face which will look just as pretty. :)

    So what do you guys think of this Leona Lewis Inspired Messy Fishtail Braid? We love the mix of both the french braid and fishtail braid so we hope you do too. :) Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or tweet us, we’d love to see some pics of your hair if you’ve given this style a go!!

  • Lady Gaga's Hair

    She certainly isn’t one that follows trends or blends into the background, but Lady Gaga's hair has just taken a nosedive into the unknown for her.......her locks are now brown!! We have become accustomed to seeing Gaga stepping out with shocking cuts, vibrant shades, and extravagant head pieces but it came as a shock, not just to us, but to many of her ‘little monsters’ when Gaga tweeted images of her with dye on her hair earlier this week!


    Not one to go completely mainstream, Gaga kept a section of her blonde hair from above her ear pinned back so she would still be left with one large blonde streak. After the dying process, she tweeted a pic of her hair tied into a high bun saying "And this is how it looks up!! (I know this is boring) but fun!” Lady Gaga's hair was brunette before she hit the big time so this really does see her returning to her roots.


    The latest snaps of Lady Gaga’s hair were taken in Amsterdam where the singer is currently continuing her world tour... the pics show her hair pulled to the one side showing off her blonde streak! The hairstyle, along with her black, almost normal clothes, shows off the less extrovert and outlandish side to her personality. To her fans, the shade is certainly not the boring shade she has made it out to be.

    We’re not sold on the new demure shade on Gaga, it certainly is a very different look for the star.... but not quite crazy enough for our liking! What do you think of the new shade of Lady Gaga’s hair? Let us know on our Facebook page if you're loving Gaga’s new look. :)

  • Celebrity Hairstyles at V Festival

    Last weekend, we had the perfect opportunity to watch out for celebrity hairstyles at V Festival; there were some AWESOME performances and some awesome hairstyles too … here are our faves. :)


    Tulisa’s hair was styled into a vintage inspired, on-trend ponytail for her V Festival performance; the ends of her hair were styled with large, vintage curls which gave gorgeous body to the ponytail and her fringe was styled into a high quiff. We loved the volume and the overall look of Tulisa’s celebrity hairstyle, but we weren’t so keen on her outfit for her V performance. :( We're kinda getting used to the blonde shade of Tulisa's hair now, but we do wish she would go back to her sultry, brunette locks ... we MISS THEM!


    Next up, we have Rita Ora, who wore her hair in her staple style; her blonde locks were styled into voluminous curls with lots of root lift. We have to say, we LOVE how full of body Rita Ora’s hair always is. :) For her outfit, Rita Ora donned a blue latex Kim West dress with a fringed detail. Again, we weren’t too keen on this look on the star, but it worked for the festival feel.


    Other celebrity hairstyles at V Festival that we were loving, were worn by Stooshe; these girls do embrace volume for their hairstyles, and we love them for that. :) Alexandra wore her hair with lots of root lift and loose, voluminous waves. This. Looked. Gorgeous! Clip in some 20-22” hair extensions in soho and style with a large barrelled tong to try this look at home. Karis had her hair styled into tighter curls that were full of body and movement. We are loving the shade of her hair too.


    The last of our fave celebrity hairstyles at V Festival was from the lovely Pixie Lott; the star’s shoulder length hair was styled with a deep side parting and lots of bold curls. Pixie Lott’s hair looked full of life and perfect for festival season. Pixie Lott wowed in her gem-covered leotard which she teamed with a patterned mini-skirt and red, glittery brogues. Pixie Lott certainly knows how to rock the festival look. :)

  • Braided Side Bun Hair Tutorial

    We really love the braided side bun; it’s super girly and it’s perfect for summer. :) It also makes a gorgeous wedding style too. So, if you fancy trying this looovely braided bun, then this is what you will need to do, ladies. :)


    Step One:

    Firstly you need to decide what parting you are going to create with this hairstyle. You can go for a middle parting, side parting, deep side parting. The choice is yours. :) Once you have decided which parting suits you better, take the tail end of your styling comb to help you create a straight line for your parting. Take this around 2 inches back.

    Step Two:

    You then need to french braid either side of your parting, making sure the braid stays the same width as your parting, so around 2 inches wide.To begin the braid, section off the hair into 3 equal sections and begin a standard three strand braid. Start adding sections from the right and left side and continue the braid to the back of your ear. Continue braiding with a three strand braid and secure the ends with a hair band. Repeat this step on the opposite side. We will come back to attend to these sections at a later stage. :)

    Step Three:

    Now, we need to concentrate on the rest of your hair to create the braided side bun! We love adding a bit of root lift here at DL so take your hair at the crown and back comb and spritz with hairspray to add some height into this hairstyle. Now is the perfect time to fit your hair extensions too; adding extra hair will improve the overall look of the hairstyle and make styling much easier. Make sure you fit the extensions in the middle of your head; this is the best place to create the hairstyle which we are going for. You then bring all of your hair around to one side of your head (including the braided sections from step one) secure into a low ponytail ensuring the hair band is close to your head so you have a secure base to work with. :)


    Step Four:

    Take off the hair band which is securing the braids in your low ponytail so they fall in place with the rest of your hair; the braid will still stay in place as the hair band securing the pony will hold them in place. :)

    Step Five:

    We like to do the braided side bun a little messy, so we tend to tousle the ponytail a little (not TOO much) to add some more texture and to thicken up the ponytail as much as possible. Now it’s time to pin the hair up into a bun, this is the easy part! This doesn't have to be done really neatly, you can be quite messy with it but you need to ensure that all the bobby pins are hidden. :) Pin all of your hair until you are left with a messy and big braided side bun. :)

    And there you have it: the perfect summer hairstyle! What do you think of the braided side bun? Are you giving it a go this summer? Tell us below or pop a pic of the look on our Facebook page. ♥

  • Celebrity Hairstyles - Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel

    We do enjoy keeping our eyes peeled for celebrity hairstyles, but this month, we've been keeping a keen eye on the celeb hairstyles of two lovely ladies in particular; both Jessica Biel’s hair and Kate Beckinsale’s hair has been styled gorgeously as both ladies have appeared for their ‘Total Recall’ premieres across the world.


    For their Berlin photocall, both ladies looked absolutely stunning; Jessica wore a cute, multi-coloured tiered skirt which she wore with a loose-fitting crop top. Jessica Biel’s celebrity hairstyle was an updo with her fringe styled back across her head. Kate Beckinsale wore a gorgeous purple fitted dress; her hair was looking lovely and voluminous as it was styled with a side parting and loose waves. We approve. ♥


    Both ladies opted for short do’s for their celebrity hairstyles at the irish premiere; Kate Beckinsale’s hair certainly stole the show as it was styled into a voluminous, curled faux bob with a deep side-parting. Just gorgeous! Jessica Biel’s hair was styled similarly, but her faux bob was a little more boho and her fringe was softly swept to the side … we weren’t quite so keen on this look on Jessica, but we did love her dress; Jessica wore a gold embossed frock which we loved the cut of. :) Kate wore a striking, floor length crimson frock with a large bow detail on the back.


    Our fave celebrity hairstyles for both Kate and Jessica were from the Berlin premiere. Jessica Biel’s hair was styled into a bun with a full, blunt fringe. The fringe looked absolutely gorgeous! We are definitely fans of this look on Jessica Biel. :) Kate Beckinsale’s celebrity hairstyle was equally gorgeous as it was styled into a voluminous chignon. She had a section of hair left loose and curled on the opposite side to her chignon which really set the style off well. We’re a little in LOVE with this look.
    We’re also loving the frocks; Kate wore a stunning, floor length oyster and champagne gown with a tail and Jessica was dressed in floor-length, black sequined halter neck dress. Perfect. ♥

    We have loved the celebrity hairstyles as Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale have toured for the Total Recall photocalls and premieres; both ladies have looked stunning. :) What do you guys think of their hairstyles? Which look is your favourite? Tell us in the comments or find us on Facebook.

  • Katy Perry's Hair - GHD Campaign

    We love the interesting and themed promos for GHD and the latest campaign doesn't disappoint with Katy Perry's hair; the styling looks absolutely stunning. The latest campaign has been compiled using black and white images that show Katy much more relaxed than the previous campaigns, and a huge contrast to the bright colours and unusual style choices we have become used to seeing on Katy! The images give the impression of Katy hanging out backstage and as these were shot just after her world tour it has been suggested that this gave some inspiration to these.


    The first image is of Katy Perry's hair gorgeously sleek and shiny and Katy holding on to a chandelier! Her waist-cinching black belt gives a great silhouette against the white dress and really sets the shot. Her hair has had waves added to the front, creating a gorgeous shape around her face. She looks incredible!



    In the other two images, Katy Perry appears to have had a heavy fringe cut into her hair....although we're not sure she would make such a big commitment for an ad campaign so we would guess that a clip on fringe has been used. :) We love these images and how stunning and sleek Katy Perry's hair looks. Her side pony and swept fringe looks divine and gives her such a softer,  feminine, yet grown-up look.

    We are always really excited by the new GHD campaigns as the images are always stunning. Which of Katy Perry’s GHD pics have you liked the best and what do you think of Katy Perry’s hair for this new one? What style do you think they should try next? And which other celeb would you like to see them collaborate with? Let us know on our Facebook page or leave a comment below. :)

  • Blake Lively's Hair - Gossip Girl Series Six

    We seriously cannot wait for the sixth and FINAL (weep) series of Gossip Girl to start and, of course, to see the lovely Blake Lively's hair  in all its glory! :)

    Whether the Gossip Girls are wearing cute headbands, braids, beachy curls, sexy straight hair, messy updos or prim and proper ponytails, their ever changing hairdos make them great sources to get some inspiration from! We LOVED most of the Gossip Girl hairstyles in series five which is why we’re super excited to see what series six brings. :) Wahoooo!

    Blake Lively's Hair

    Blake Lively’s hair is constantly in different styles and we love how she switches her look up and matches her hair to compliment any outfit. We love Blake’s beach hair look as it is so effortless yet still super chic.

    The Gossip Girls tend to mix things up a little and intertwine different styles together to create something completely new. We adore this super cute hairstyle which Blake Lively’s character was sporting on the premiere of series five, we just love the mixture of soft beachy effortless curls and a simple braid in Blake Lively’s hair, we want! This is super easy to re-create too; simply split your hair into two sections and braid the top section whilst bringing it to the side!

    Blake Lively's Hair Gossip Girl

    Another super easy hairstyle to recreate is adding a few random braids throughout the top of your hair leaving the rest of your hair down. We think this looks so boho chic and we just love it! Blake Lively's hair screams boho at us yet she still manages to create ultra sleek and smooth hair when needed, we LOVE Blake Lively’s hair even more with some volume and big bouncy waves. Ooooh-la-la! ♥

    Other than braided styles, Blake’s character’s hair is always super voluminous and full of life with simple waves or curls to add some texture, or even swung up into a messy updo!

    Most of the Gossip Girl’s hair always looks super duper thick so some hair extensions would be the perfect answer if you were looking to thicken up your own hair to give you that extra oomph like the GG’s have themselves! :)

    Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester, is another GG whose hair we love, love, LOVE. Leighton Meester’s character appears to be quite the fan of hair accessories and is always wearing a cute headband; whether it’s a quirky pattern or some pretty flowers, she always manages to jazz up her hairdo and we adore.

    Gossip Girl Hairstyles

    Leighton Meester’s hair always manages to look super sleek and in perfect condition it makes us a little green with envy.

    Gossip Girl is also giving us a new girl we can get some more inspiration from: presenter and model Alexa Chung!!! YAY. :D

    Alexa has been spotted on the set of the final series, being filmed alongside Blake and co, sporting a cute updo. Alexa looks as though she will be fitting in with the GG’s with ease and we can’t wait to see what Gossip Girl hairstyles she wears too. Oh, and, of course, what role she’s playing!! :P

    Are you guys excited for the sixth and final series too?? Any hairstyles which you love but aren’t sure how to re-create? What are your thoughts on Blake Lively’s hair? Let us know in the comments or pop over to Facebook. :)

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