• Bubble Ponytail Hair Tutorial

    We think this bubble ponytail hair tutorial is perfect if you're running late for school or work, or a date with the girls, or just generally if you don’t have a lot of time to spend doing your hair. It’s super quick and super easy to do, so be sure to give it a go. Olivia Wilde is a fan of the look too! Yay ♥


    Step One:

    Brush all of the hair through to detangle before we create the hairstyle. Then clip in your hair extensions if you need to add extra thickness and length.

    Step Two:

    Pull all of your hair back in to a high ponytail and secure in place with a hair band.

    Step Three:

    For this step you will need hair elastics to create the bubble effect on your ponytail. Start at the top of your ponytail and secure a hair elastic around an inch and a half from the base of the ponytail. Continue this step all of the way down to the end of your ponytail. Tease each bubble, being super gentle, with your thumb and forefinger.

    Step Four:

    Spritz all over with Tigi Masterpiece hairspray, if necessary, to keep down any fly-aways.

    Ta-Daaaah, how EASY was that bubble ponytail hair tutorial?

    What do you guys think of the bubble ponytail then?? Super easy to re-create isn’t it? Let us know what you think and if you re-create the look we’d love to see some pics on Facebook.♥

  • Demi Lovato's Hair

    With the new X Factor USA series reaching the end of the audition stages this week, we thought we would take a look back at our favourite of Demi Lovato’s hair styles so far ...

    Demi has changed her hair quite a lot during the show, in both shade and style. Keeping her long locks, Demi has tried out various bang styles and she’s even tried out the dip-dyed look by adding a candy pink to the tips of her hair. By wearing her hair in a high bun and a super tight high ponytail, she has accentuated the dip dye shade and whilst also kepping her styling bang-on-trend. We love how she wraps her hair around the base of the pony to reveal a little more of the pink!!

    Demi Lovato's Hair

    Demi really is a fan of the high top bun style which is perfect because the hair bun trend is still going strong; she’s chosen to wear this style at a few different audition locations. Demi Lovato’s hair looks amazing pulled away from her face, so this is the perfect style for her. We love how she uses the ends of her long locks to wrap around the bun and give this loads more volume.


    Demi has gorgeously long locks and this looks stunning when worn loose. Demi has chosen to wear more updos over the audition process, but she did wear her hair down for the Kansas auditions. She added lift to her crown and wore loose waves throughout the lengths.

    We have to admit though our favourite style of Demi Lovato’s was her victory roll half updo. To create a victory roll like Demi’s you need to section off the large portion of hair at your parting. After you have finished styling the rest of your hair you can concentrate on your roll! I find a great tip for this is to just curl the ends of the hair in the direction you will be rolling the hair as this just helps them stay tucked in place. You need to pull the hair out to the side and then start rolling this outwards. Once this is in place secure with a few bobby pins. We love the modern twist Demi has added to the victory roll by wearing the lengths of her hair poker straight and tying the top section of hair quite low down in the centre of her head.

    We can’t wait to see what the live shows bring to Demi Lovato’s hair ... we’re sure to see some more interesting and elegant up and down styles. What has been your favourite Demi look so far? Let us know below or on our Twitter page.

  • Celebrity Hairstyles at the Radio 1 Teen Awards

    There were some fab celebrity hairstyles at the Radio 1 Teen Awards, both on the red carpet and for the stage, we’ve had a nosey through all the pics and we’ve compiled our faves for you guys to take a look at.


    Tulisa’s hair was styled into a sleek updo with a vintage style flick to her fringe. This had to be one of our favourite celebrity hairstyles at the Radio 1 Teen Awards as it looked super glam and suited Tulisa’s dress perfectly. We’re SO happy to see that Tulisa's hairis dark again … it really set off her updo well.

    We LOVED the hairstyles that the Little Mix ladies wore for the red carpet; their looks were full of volume and bang-on-trend. Jessie and Leigh-Anne both opted for high ponytails with bouffants at the front of their heads. These styles looked absolutely gorgeous!! We are loving the volume and the thickness for this statement style.


    Jade’s luscious red locks were styled big and bold. OMG, this look was amazing! Jade’s hair was styled with a side parting and voluminous curls. We just adore how thick her hair looked.
    Perry’s hair was styled into a bouffant updo with a side parting. We are loving this look on Perry. If you want to create your own Perry hairstyle, follow our Bouffant Updo hair tutorial. ♥


    And last, but by no means least, Taylor Swift was sporting another of our fave celebrity hairstyles at the Radio 1 Teen Awards. Taylor Swift had two looks for the awards; for her red carpet appearance, her hair was styled into a glamorous, twisted updo. We adored this look on the singer. For her performance, Taylor Swift’s hair was styled into curls that were thick and full of movement. This is a staple style for Taylor so it was a good choice for the stage.

    So guys, those were our favourite celebrity hairstyles at the Radio 1 Teen Awards, but which looks were you loving? Which was your favourite performance? Tell us below or tweet us with your choices.

  • Bouffant Updo Hair Tutorial

    We’ve taken a little inspiration from Moschino at Milan Fashion Week and decided to give you guys another bouffant tutorial however this time it’s a bouffant updo hair tutorial! This look is bang-on-trend and super easy to re-create. So if you’re in a rush in the morning or just simply want an on-trend hairdo for the day/evening then this should be just what you’re looking for.


    Step One:

    Firstly you need to decide which parting you’d like with this hairstyle. Centre partings are a hot trend at the moment, but side partings also jazz up the look too so the decision is yours!
    If you have a fringe, or would like any pieces of hair to drop down around your face to soften up the look, be sure to leave these out before you start completing the style.

    Step Two:

    Once you have decided on your parting, it’s time to start back combing for extra oomph and to get that big bouffant! Start at the crown of your head, using a comb/backcombing brush, and then move on to the sides of your hair. Once back combed, spritz with hairspray and leave to dry without touching the hair. This will help the bouffant stay in place much longer.

    Step Three:

    Now for the bouffant updo hair tutorial, you need to section your hair as though you would if you were wearing your hair ‘half -up half-down’, starting from the top of your ears, pull the hair back and secure in place with some bobby pins. When securing in place, twist the hair rather than just pinning loose hair.


    Step Four:

    So now we need to concentrate on the bottom of your hair. Now is the perfect time to fit your hair extensions to add some volume into the bouffant updo. Be sure to fit your extensions vertically so you are able to complete the styling.

    Step Five:

    Once your extensions are fitted, you then need to gather all of the hair together as though you were putting it into a low ponytail, however this is going to be taken and secured up and against your head with some bobby pins. This needs to be twisted upwards just like you did in step three!

    Step Six:

    Spritz over with some hairspray and finish off by styling your fringe/pieces of hair around your face with some straighteners or curlers depending on the look you want.

    And there you have it, your very own bouffant updo inspired by Milan Fashion Week!

    What do you guy thinks of this hairstyle then? Will you be trying out the bouffant updo hair tutorial? Let us know what you think and if you re-create the look we’d love to see some pics … pop them on our Facebook page.

  • Autumn Hairstyle Trends

    The change of a season brings with it a whole new wave of autumn hairstyle trends that we just have to try out! With the weather inevitably taking a turn for the worst, it’s time to start planning the best ways for you to wear your hair to eliminate damage. There have been many statement styles coming from the catwalks so we thought we’d take a look at our favourites as inspiration for our fall hair trends.

    Autumn Hairstyle Trends Fringe

    The blunt cut, heavy fringe/bang has been a huge trend and after a brief break over the summer this is set to return as a huge autumn hairstyle trend. This season’s trend can be any length but all those seen on the catwalks have been poker straight. At the Marni show, these were eye-skimming length but Versace chose much shorter styles.

    Autumn Hairstyle Trends Ponytail


    The ponytail is always a staple hairstyle for every season … though the autumn trend for the ponytail is low slung and simple rather than the scraped up high ponies of the summer; these are much more relaxed and comfortable! Be sure to add a deep side parting to your pony for a bang-on-trend look … these were all over the Marc by Marc Jacobs and Jill Sander catwalks.

    Autumn Hairstyle Trends Twisted Hairstyles

    The biggest of the autumn hairstyle trends emerging from the shows though has to be the twist! There was an array of twisted styles, which is a refreshing change to the braided styles we have become used to seeing over the summer months.
    By choosing the unicorn twist, twisted buns or a simple vintage inspired twisted half updo, you are on to a winner for the next couple of months! Gucci and Fendi have had many twisted styles at their shows; we love how simple these twisted styles are to re-create, and making these super slick can make the perfect evening styles!

    Autumn Hairstyle Trends Twists

    We especially love the twisted updo seen on the catwalks of Valentino! A really simple style created by twisting all the hair backwards on either side of the head. The lengths of the hair are then twisted into a bun and secured with pins at the nape of the neck! This style looks really elegant and is perfect for any special events.

    What is your favourite from our autumn hair trends? How do you take care of your hair in the colder weather? Let us know on our Facebook page.

  • Tulisa's New Hair

    We are so SO glad to see that Tulisa’s new hair is a lovely brown shade. We’re big fans of Tulisa’s brunette locks so we were a little disappointed to see her go blonde! The star still looked stunning, but the blonde look just wasn't working for us.


    Tulisa’s new hair is a sultry Organic shade and it looks absolutely gorgeous on her. We love to see a celeb change up their look, and Tulisa has revealed that she went blonde because she was bored, but we are relieved that she’s doing it for the brunettes once again. We think we’re certainly going to be in for some gorgeous X Factor hairstyles from this lady when the live shows kick start!
    Tulisa looked stunning as she stepped out with her new brown locks styled into waves; she wore a prom-style mini dress, sky-scraper red boots, a leather jacket, and a grey beenie hat … loving this edgy look!!


    Now that Tulisa’s new hair has been revealed, we’re more excited than EVER about watching her on the X Factor live shows and seeing the styling of her hair (as well as the lovely Nicole’s) each week! Eeek! What do you guys think? Do you prefer Tulisa as a blonde or as a brunette? Tell us below or tweet us.

  • X Factor Hairstyles

    So now boot camp is over, and we have our live show performers, we’re getting a bit giddy thinking about all of the X Factor hairstyles we’re going to be able to spy on over the next few weeks! Contestants and judges included! Wahoo!

    We’ve spotted some sneak previews of the looks for Tulisa’s girls as they prepare for the first week of live shows and we love what we have seen so far!


    Who knew Ella Henderson had such long locks? We’re loving seeing this lovely lady's hair down for a change. We were getting quite used to seeing her hair worn up in a vintage style ‘do so it’s nice to see her hair styled a little differently. Ella’s hair has been styled into a 60’s inspired bouffant for their most recent shoot and we love this look, we definitely think Ella should rock this as her X Factor hairstyle for the first live show on Saturday. This hairstyle is really easy to recreate too; simply back comb the top half of your hair and secure in place with some bobby pins, then gently add some soft curls throughout the ends of your hair for added texture. Be sure to fit your Dirty Looks hair extension beforehand for that added lovely length and thickness, then style away for a natural finish!

    Jade is another of the girls who has undergone a little transformation. We last saw her at bootcamp with shorter hair so we were pleased to see she had been given what appears to be a little helping hand from some hair extensions; we think the longer length looks gorgeous on Jade and she looks so fierce with one side of her hair shaved too! Loving this new look.


    For the promotional shoot to be featured in Look Magazine, Jade’s hair appeared to be styled into a twisted updo! We’re loving this edgy look on Jade too and can’t wait to see the X Factor hairstyles which she goes on to rock!

    Lucy’s hair was tidied up a little for the photoshoot and for the live shows however it was near enough left untouched! We’re hoping they will switch up Lucy’s X Factor hairstyles for the live shows, we’d love to see her with a different ‘do!

    So what do you guys think of the girls new X Factor hairstyles? Think they look better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or pop over to Facebook and Twitter.

  • Red Carpet Hairstyles for the Emmy Awards

    There certainly was a dominating look to the red carpet hairstyles for the Emmy Awards this year … the elegant updo is back. We've become accustomed to seeing hair being worn down at red carpet events so it was a pleasant surprise to see so many fabulous updos!


    Girl of the moment, Zoe Deschanel, chose a stunning vintage inspired red carpet hairstyle that worked perfectly with her Reem Acra lilac, floor length gown. Her hair was pulled back and given lots of lift at the root, this was pinned in the centre of the head; the lengths of her hair were then rolled at the nape of the neck and pinned up. Such a cute look that was made famous by the Hollywood greats of the 1950s.


    Mad Men actress, Jessica Pare, also took inspiration from the 1950's; her makeup and red carpet hairstyle looked very Grace Kelly. She wore a stunning retro updo with beautiful dark glossy locks and a beautiful white, Grecian Jason Wu gown … her styling ensured she looked every inch a vinatge vixen. We have to say … we are LOVING these vintage inspired red carpet hairstyles for the Emmy Awards, ladies. Kudos!


    Another updo that had taken inspiration from vintage styles was worn by Julianne Hough. Wearing a stunning sea foam Georges Hobeika Couture gown, Julianne added 1920's finger waves to a faux bob. The style looks simply stunning with her newly blonde shade, especially as we are used to seeing Julianne with dark, long locks left down. The faux bob is a great way of trying out a shorter style without the commitment of having your hair cut off and its so easy to do. Try this look out with our easy faux bob hair tutorial.


    Hayden Panettiere looked lovely in a gold-embroidered Marchesa gown with a blue tulle overlay. With such a detailed dress, Hayden's messy high bun worked perfectly as this drew all the attention to stunning back detail of the dress.

    We are loving the mass return of the updo and with many more red carpet events fast approaching, we can’t wait to see more updos springing up on the celebs. Which of the red carpet hairstyles for the Emmy Awards was your fave? Are you backing the updo too? Who do you think always look perfect with an updo? Let us know below or comment on our Facebook page.

  • Nicki Minaj's Hair

    She is known for being a colour chameleon and having the most outrageous hairstyles so we were a little surprised to see Nicki Minaj's hair looking a little less dramatic at the launch of her new fragrance.


    Last week, Nicki Minaj’s hair was an array of bright neon shades for her first appearance as a judge on American Idol. Kept into a bob filled with bouncy curls, her hair screamed out for attention, and it attracted just that!

    However, for her fragrance launch, she opted for a more demure look. We’re guessing that some hair extensions were added to Nicki Minaj’s hair to give her that added length and give her a completely different look to what she was seen with the previous week. We do much prefer Miss Minaj with her longer locks we must admit!


    Nicki Minaj’s hair was also just ONE shade for a change, a lovely light blonde! We think this is a nice change from her usual show stopping mix of shades, although we do love seeing what she comes up with next, we haven’t seen her hair so ‘normal’ for quite a while. Nicki Minaj kept her hair sleek and straight for her appearance and we love how glossy and healthy her hair looked. ♥

    Although Nicki Minaj’s hair was kept relatively low-key, her outfit was not. Dressed in a multi coloured floral crop top, a bright pink suited jacket, and blue and white leggings, the star didn’t hold back on attracting attention at her fragrance launch.  Blue wedges and a pink police helmet completed her look for the appearance. We’re pretty sure only Nicki Minaj could get away with this look on a daily basis though.

    We’re pretty impressed by her perfume bottle too; it has a pink wig!! Wowsa! Mirrored on Nicki Minaj’s famous pink ‘do, we think it’s one of a kind for sure. Just like her!

    So what do you guys think of Nicki Minaj’s hair for her fragrance launch?? Loving it or hating it? Let us know what you think in the comments below or give us a tweet or even pop over to Facebook.

  • London Fashion Week Hairstyles

    We were loving some of the London Fashion Week hairstyles last week and we’ve picked a few of our faves to share with you.

    First of all, we have to say that we just LOVED Pixie Lott’s hair at LFW. Her shoulder length blonde locks were styled with a deep side-parting and gorgeous waves and flicks. It looked super, SUPER cute. We were also loving her sheer, knitted mini dress and her cats ears.


    Another of the London Fashion Week hairstyles that caught our eye was worn by Nicola Roberts; the Girls Aloud star debuted her new pink dip-dyed look which had replaced her blonde locks seen earlier at LFW. We do love to see a star playing around with the shade of their hair and we’re fans of the dip-dye hair trend, but we’re not sure we like this look on Nicola Roberts … it certainly makes a statement though!


    Moving on to the runway for our London Fashion Week hairstyles, we noticed that Mulberry were favouring a deep side parting and a sweeping fringe for the SS13 show. We love this style, especially when worn with added root lift, as it has a real 60’s vibe. This style worked just perfectly with the runway collection.


    The London Fashion Week hairstyles for Jena.Theo SS13 were dominated by centre partings and poker straight locks. These looks were super sleek and gorgeously glossy which just screams catwalk. Use your straightening irons for the super straight look and finish with Tigi After Party to control any fly-aways.
    Many of the models wore their hair without a fringe, but we were loving the blunt-cut, bold fringe that some of the Jena.Theo models wore for the runway. Just perfect.


    Which of the London Fashion Week hairstyles caught your eye the most? Do you agree with our choices or do you have some suggestions of your own? Tell us below or on Facebook … we’d love to hear from you.

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