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  • Hair Talk with Sarah from 'Temporary Secretary'

    Hair Talk with Sarah from Temporary SecretaryCan you believe that Christmas is only two days away? We’re so excited! So much so, that we’re talking about the ‘C’ word to whoever we cross paths with. This week, we had a quick chat with Sarah, Founder of the beautiful ‘Temporary Secretary’ blog, who told us about her favourite hairstyles for the festive season. Continue Reading

  • Day 23: Bloggers to Inspire your Holiday Hairstyle

    Bloggers to Inspire your Holiday HairstyleDodgy Christmas jumpers aside, the festive season is the time to sparkle with your look and we’re uncovering a much needed dose of Yuletide style inspiration in the form of some of our favourite bloggers. From edgy to beautifully vintage, we think these blogging beauties are totally worthy of inspiring your holiday hairstyle. Continue Reading

  • Day 22: Nourishing Christmas Eve Hair Mask

    Nourishing Christmas Eve Hair MaskChristmas Eve has some serious miracle-working powers. Reindeer suddenly develop aeronautical abilities, a plump, jolly old man somehow becomes capable of visiting every single house in the whole wide world during the night-time hours, and gifts appear as if by magic underneath our Christmas trees. Continue Reading

  • Day 21: Party Season Hair Essentials

    Party Season Hair EssentialsSound the jingle bells, and deck the halls - FPF is fast approaching! Continue Reading

  • Kate Moss' Hair

    Kate Moss' HairAs it’s nearly Christmas, this week we thought we’d indulge ourselves by taking a trip down memory lane to look at the finest moments of a celebrity barnet that’s had more transformations than we’ve had Christmas dinners (probably). The mane in question? Kate Moss’ hair, of course! Merry Kate-Moss, everybody! Continue Reading

  • Day 20: Quick Christmas Party Hairstyles

    Quick Christmas Party HairstylesSo, it’s Friday night, it’s six o’clock, you’ve just finished work/uni/Christmas shopping, and you’ve got to be at the Christmas party of the year in, oh, roughly half an hour. Sound like a familiar predicament? Continue Reading

  • Day 19: Party Hairstyles for Short Hair

    Party Hairstyles for Short HairSo you have your Christmas party dress, found the most adorable accessories to go with it but you still can't find a party hairstyle that will complement your short locks and complete your overall party look. Whether it’s tousled waves or quirky quiff that you're fluttering between, take a look at our pick of the crops of party hairstyles for short hair to inspire you this party season. Continue Reading

  • Day 18: Christmas Hair Buns

    Christmas Hair BunsWhat’s round, shiny, and highly likely to be found in households up and down the country during the festive season? Continue Reading

  • Hair Talk with Natalie from 'YourAlmostAlice'

    Hair talk with Natalie from 'YourAlmostAlice'Struggling to get into the Christmas spirit? Then take a look at what happened when we caught up with Natalia from beauty blog ‘YourAlmostAlice’ to discuss what hair products she hopes to find under the tree on Christmas morning. Continue Reading

  • Day 17: How to Wear your Hair on Christmas Day

    How to wear your hair on Christmas DayAs we open another door on the Dirty Looks advent calendar,we're talking about what hairstyles are going to have the pleasure to don our merry heads on December 25th. If you’re not quite sure what to pair your festive frock with either, then here’s our suggestions on how to wear your hair on Christmas Day. Continue Reading

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