• ***WIN*** HK Hair Extensions Competition

    ***WIN*** HK Hair Extensions CompetitionWe've got ANOTHER full head set of HK Hair Extensions to give away this week! Find out how to enter our latest HK Hair Extensions competition below.... Continue reading

  • How to Make Your Blow-Dry Last Longer

    How to Make Your Blow Dry Last LongerIs there any feeling quite like stepping out of the salon with a perfect blow-dry? Keep that loving feeling forever with our tips on how to make your blow-dry last longer. Continue reading

  • Frankie Bridge's Hair

    Frankie Bridge's HairStrictly is back and we might be unlucky enough to have two left feet but at least we can still dream of having Frankie Bridge’s hair. Continue reading

  • Our 5 Favourite Hair Tutorial Videos...So Far!

    Our 5 Favourite Hair Tutorial Videos...So FarLooking for a hairstyle to rock this weekend? Then you're in luck, because today we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and look back at 5 of our favourite YouTube hair tutorial videos so far. There's bound to be a style you'll like amongst this lot... Continue reading

  • Hair Talk - Emma From 'Collage Me Pretty'

    Hair Talk - Emma From 'Collage Me Pretty'Next up in our hair talk series, it's Emma from 'Collage Me Pretty' who chatted to us about regretful dip dyes and the merits of ditching your hair comb. Continue reading

  • Edgy Braids

    Edgy BraidsBored of your regular plaits and aching for celebrity inspiration? Try out one of these edgy braids instead. Continue reading

  • How To: Ponytail with Hair Extensions

    How To: Ponytail with Hair ExtensionsThought wrap around ponytails were the only way to give your pony a volume boost? Think again! Just read on to find out how to get a gorgeous, volumized ponytail with hair extensions... Continue reading

  • How to do an Updo With Clip-In Hair Extensions

    How to get an Updo With Clip-In Hair ExtensionsLooking to do something a little different with your hair extensions but don’t know where to start? Today we’re helping you with our guide on how to do an updo with clip-in hair extensions. Continue reading

  • How To: Voluminous Waves with the GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong

    How To: Voluminous Waves with the GHD Soft Curl TongAre you as intrigued by the new GHD Curve range as we are? Yes? Then don't miss today's hair how-to: voluminous waves with the GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong - it's the final installment of our three GHD Curve range reviews! Continue reading

  • Which Hairbrush to Use to Get Volume

    How to Pick the Right Hairbrush to get VolumeYou could spend forever blow-drying your locks to get lift but if you’re using the wrong brush, you won’t get far! Here’s how to pick which hairbrush to use to get volume. Continue reading

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