Wet Weather Hairstyles

wet weather hairstyles

Winter is well and truly upon us and this awful weather is playing havoc with our hair. Fed up of having your hair flying around as you battle the elements? Try our quick and easy wet weather hairstyles and show the rain that you won’t be defeated!

top know for rainy day hairstyles

The Top Knot

The top-knot is one of the quickest hairstyles around which makes it perfect for when there’s a sudden downpour! Simply tie hair into a high ponytail and then twist it around secure with a tie. If you have thicker or longer hair, you might want to use a few bobby pins to make sure your top knot stays locked in place.


umbrella repeller hair styles

The Umbrella Repeller

Embrace a fresh new twist on the top knot and try it out with a braid underneath! This style is great for keeping all of your hair off your neck and free from blowing in the wind and plus, it looks super cool! To get this rain defeating look, tip your head upside down and brush out your hair. Grab a section of hair at the nape of your neck and start French braiding (if you find French braiding tricky or you know you won’t be able to figure out how in the world to do it upside down, you can just do a regular braid instead, but make sure to grab a large section of hair to make it thick and noticeable). Tie this with a thin hair tie or hair elastic. Take the remaining locks and pull them into a high ponytail and then twist around to create a messy bun. Secure with clips all the way around and liberally use hairspray!

classic chignon

‘Reigning’ Cats and Dogs - The Classic Chignon

To ensure your look stays regal even in less than royal weather, try a classic chignon. Part your hair down the middle and decide which side you want your chignon to be on. Pull the hair to that side and then create two ponytails – hold one in each hand. Smooth the hair down and tie into a loose knot, wrap one side around to the right and secure with pins. Repeat on the left and finishing with a king’s ransom of hairspray!


bowler hat hair

The Bowler

A hat is the perfect way to keep your tresses safe from the rain and will also keep your head warm as the weather gets colder. To get a cool, effortless look with your bowler, bring all of your hair around to one side and use a texturizing spray to create some definition. You can add a braid or just use some bobby pins to fix your side sweep into place.

head scarf


Loosely gather your hair into a ponytail and add an eye-catching head scarf to protect your hair from the rain. You can make this look a little more put together and unique by creating some small braids around your head and then gathering them up with the ponytail for a simple yet stylish rainproof look!

snap back girls

The Snap-Back Girl
Snap-backs are a great low-key way of ensuring your hair do doesn't become a hair don't. Don't worry about it not being a cool look, snap-backs are a major trend at the moment. This look is a bonus if you're running late or just wanted an extra dose of shut eye!

beanie babe

The Beanie Babe
For a cosy look when braving the rain, rock a beanie - even better if it has a bobble! This look is great for straight haired ladies whose hair doesn't go crazy at the first drop of rain. You can show off your pin straight locks while everyone desperately tries to stay under shelter!

We love Autumn but it's especially annoying when the weather decides to change its mind when it wants too and we’re left with a ruined hairstyle! Luckily, all of these wet weather hairstyles are easy to create and will leave you looking amazing...even if it's pouring down.

Share your foolproof wet weather hairstyles with us!

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