Tips and Tricks for Managing Curly Hair: Part II

Tips and Tricks for Managing Curly Hair Part II Take a look at part two of our top tips on how to manage curly hair below and be sure to check out the first part here.

Tip Six:

If you are a curly lady who loves to straighten out your locks then be sure you invest in a pair of ceramic straighteners. These will take less time to style your hair and as a result they will be much less damaging. Always remember to use any heated appliance on the lowest heat setting possible to keep your curls in tip-top condition.

Tips and Tricks for Managing Curly Hair

Tip Seven:

Don’t use too much product in your hair as it can make it look flat and weigh it down. Instead, try to limit your products to a frizz fighting product, a leave in conditioner and a curl definer. Your natural hair is jealousy inducing anyway so don’t ruin that by overloading it with product!

Tip Eight:

Treat yourself to hair masks or deep conditioning treatments as often as you want! These needn’t be expensive either, we have tons of DIY options that you could try! If you find yourself waking up with very knotted hair, then why not invest in a silk pillowcase? The fabric will help to soften locks and prevent tangles.

Will you be trying to rocking curls this winter? If you already have curls, share your top tips for making them look as fabulous as possible!

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