The Perfect Ponytail

The Perfect PonytailDirty Looks are on a mission to find the perfect ponytail. Take a look at our top 5 picks of the bunch so far...

The 90’s Ponytails
We all went crazy for the 90’s ponytail this summer. Not only did it remind us of the decade when dungarees and pop were cool, the high-rise ponytail kept hair out of the way and was the perfect ponytail to maintain during the hot months. We added pink and aqua dip-dyed ends to our ponytail for an extra dose of fun!

The Low- Slung PonytailThe Perfect Ponytail
Another favourite ponytail of ours is the low-slung ponytail. Its versatility makes it the perfect ponytail for any occasion and that’s exactly why we love it! Whether it’s a lazy day in the house or a sleek look for the evening, the low-slung ponytail can take you from slumber chic to elegant queen instantly.

The Glamorous PonytailThe Perfect Ponytail
The glamorous ponytail makes the perfect ponytail for a night out. Its soft curls and sleek finish adds an expensive touch to your ponytail that’s great for a glamorous do. Simply tie the hair back into a high ponytail and curl the ends by using the Babyliss Pro Curling Tongs. Finish with a mist of hairspray for a lustrous shine and add an embellished jewel clip for an extra touch of sparkle.

The Bubble PonytailThe Perfect Ponytail
No other ponytail is as fun as the bubble one! It’s the perfect ponytail for adding a bit of quirkiness to your hairstyle without being too wild, plus it’s extremely easy to do. And, If it’s good enough for Olivia Wilde then the bubble ponytail sure works for us too.

The Wrap-Around PonytailThe Perfect Ponytail
Lastly, we’re naming the Bobby Glam wrap-around ponytail as one of our perfect ponytails. It’s the cheaters way to achieving a high profile ponytail without the drama. The wrap around ponytail infuses gorgeous amounts of volume and body to your tresses and hides a multitude of sins and bobby pins. Although it may seem like a lazy girl’s hairstyle, it sure doesn’t look it!

Which ponytail will you be swinging this month?

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