The Olsen Sisters' Hair

The Olsen Sisters' HairWhen it comes to the Olsen Sister's hair, there are two names that spring to mind; Mary Kate and Ashley. We and everyone else have loved their amazing hair since the 90’s when they were our teen icons.The Olsen Sisters' Hair

However, we’re majorly hair crushing on the lesser known Olsen as well! Elizabeth Olsen has stood in the shadows of her famous sisters for long enough and is now becoming an Indie film darling with the enviable hair to match. Here we take a look at some of the Olsen’s famous hairstyles!

Ashley Olsen's Hair

The Olsen Sisters' Hair

Out of the uber-famous twins, Ashley Olsen has a more polished, elegant style and hair to match. Usually blonde and California cool, Ashley Olsen’s hair is now often pulled off her face or styled into a chic long bob as she gets older. In their younger days, Mary-Kate and Ashley had very similar hairstyles but as the twins have grown up, they have favoured different colours for their locks. Despite a brief affair with dark brown hair, Ashley has mostly remained true to her enviable buttery blonde tresses which is our absolute favourite and definitely a blonde to aim for!

Mary-Kate Olsen's Hair

The Olsen Sisters' Hair

Mary-Kate prefers a less polished style to Ashley, often favouring a grungier look for her hair. Where Ashley’s hair is sleek and neat, Mary-Kate Olsen’s hair has perfected the disheveled, bed hair look. Mary-Kate’s hair is slightly darker than Ashley’s and has been seen with more reddish tones rather than the light blonde of her twin. We personally love Mary-Kate’s hair in this warm reddish hue and extra-long hair extensions, which suit her rock and roll personality.

Elizabeth Olsen's Hair

The Olsen Sisters' Hair

While not as famous as her sisters yet, Elizabeth Olsen is fast becoming one to watch in Hollywood, with her praised roles in several indie films. Elizabeth has mostly stayed true to her natural dark blonde colour which suits her skin tone perfectly. However, we can’t help but crush on Elizabeth Olsen’s dark brown locks that she’s recently been pictured with! The super-rich brunette shade looks so shiny and glossy on Elizabeth and helps her to stand out from Mary-Kate and Ashley. We love the really natural ombre effect to her new ‘do as well, as it really makes her eyes pop!

Mary-Kate and Ashley have proved themselves to be more than cute child stars as they have transformed into critically successful designers, and although we haven’t heard much of Elizabeth yet, there’s no doubt that we will soon! We absolutely love all three Olsen sisters' hair and think that each of them has found their perfect signature look to set themselves apart!

Whose hair do you prefer? Are you crushing on Ashley’s buttery blonde, Mary-Kate’s grungy red hue or Elizabeth’s glossy brunette?

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