The Cloud Nine Touch

The Cloud Nine TouchJoy to the world! As today’s Advent surprise, we can reveal that a brand new, much-coveted, veritable hair saviour of a styler has just come into stocking, we mean stock, at Dirty Looks HQ: the heavenly Cloud Nine Touch. Fancy making its acquaintance?

Boasting a shedload of unique, innovative features, we’ve no doubt that the revolutionary Cloud Nine Touch will transform even the most time-consuming of hair care routines from slow and fiddly to fast and fuss-free! Need proof? Well first of all, this sleek-as-you-like styler doesn’t have an on/off button. It simply doesn’t need one; it just starts working straight away to guarantee speedy, instant styling - just what we need when we want to style our locks in a hurry!

The ridiculously clever Cloud Nine Touch also features technology that allows it to switch itself off after just thirty seconds of inactivity - but, just like magic, it will automatically switch back on again with just one glide through the hair! This means the Cloud Nine Touch only uses a fraction of energy that other styling tools require to style hair. Speedy and eco-friendly? Sounds like our kind of styling tool!

Our favourite Cloud Nine Touch feature has to be its variable heat setting. The hair iron has two different heat settings (one for thick hair, one for fine), and it’s possible to alternate between the two by quickly clicking together its ceramic plates three times. We don’t know about you, but possessing the power to click our way to a different heat setting makes us feel like a super-smug cross between Harry Potter and Dorothy Gale!

But it’s not just its never-seen-before features that have made us fall head over heels for the Cloud Nine Touch - the fact that it also produces amazingly sleek, shiny results means that it just can’t be argued with! And it’s not hard to see why, as the Cloud Nine Touch’s mineral-infused ceramic plates actually work to polish hair while it’s being straightened. Just think of the money we’ll save on shine-boosting products!

We have to admit it - this groundbreaking styler has already made its way onto our Christmas lists, just in time for the big day! Will you be asking Father Christmas for a Cloud Nine Touch this year?

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