The 90's Hair Flip

90's Style Hair Flip OverWho remembers Dream Phone and Saved By the Bell? We do! Along with the 90’s board games and TV shows, we’re feeling nostalgic about the fashion and iconic hairstyles that emerged from the 90’s and one that we’re particularly going crazy for is the 90’s hair flip.

The 90’s hair flip was THE hairstyle of the decade and thanks to the likes of Kristen Stewart and Drew Barrymore, we’ve fallen in love with it once again, only twenty years later.

You might ask why are we kicking up a fuss about the 90’s hair flip when it isn’t the most complicated and innovative of hairstyles we could be obsessing over. OK we get your drift but let us remind you of how sexy the hair flip actually is. Not only did Cindy Crawford and the cast of Baywatch contribute to making it one of the most desirable hairstyles, it’s the easiest and most stylish way of rocking low maintenance hair this season.

All you need for the 90’s hair flip is a good styling spray, like Tigi Bed Head Superstar Queen For A Day Thickening Spray, to add an extra dose of texture, volume and hold to your natural waves and a tote full of attitude to flip your hair from one side to another. Wear with a pair of Mom jeans and flaunt your midriff in a tiny crop top for a full 90’s blast from the past.

So have we convinced you yet? Although we won’t be able to bring back our favourite TV shows and American sitcoms from the decade, we will be able to relive the 90’s hair flip and some of the fashion and still get away with looking cool. However, we think we’ll leave the matching, plaid skirt suits where they belong- in the past with Cher and Dionne!

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