Super Berry Fruit Salad

Super Berry Fruit Salad

Super Berry Fruit SaladWhether it's a healthy snack or a clean breakfast, give yourself a boost with a super berry fruit salad. Not only are berries packed with antioxidants, they’re also perfect for achieving the summer glow that's so on trend for this time of year.

Here are just a couple of reasons why you should stock up on these fruity berries whilst they’re still in season!
Blackberries: These black beauties work wonders for the skin. They’re low in fat and high in dietary fibre which means they’re great for snacking on without having to worry about piling on the pounds!

Blueberries: Who would have thought that these tiny little berries would be so full of goodness and still be so moreish? Not only do they taste surprisingly sweet, they’re packed with antioxidants which are dubbed as the key to helping us stay young. So make sure to include these into your super berry fruit salad, especially if you want tighter, firmer skin that oozes a natural glow!

Strawberries: Add strawberries to your fruit salad when you’re feeling sluggish and in need of a quick pick me up. These juicy, sweet berries are rich in vitamin C and are great for doubling up as an immunity booster and an antioxidant to help prevent bad blemishes.

Raspberries: Finally, treat your fruit salad to a handful of raspberries. They’re bursting with vitamin C and clever antioxidants that can help banish harmful toxins in the body, leaving you to stay youthful and healthier for longer.
What do you like to include in your fruit salad?

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