Student Hairstyles

Student HairstylesAs exciting as university is, it can take a while to adjust to the new way of living. The lack of sleep, endless parties and early morning rushes to lectures can begin to take their toll, especially on your hair routine. That’s why we have come up with the easiest and chicest of hairstyles for students who are constantly on the go!

1.) The Top Knot
student hairstylesThe top knot is THE student hairstyle for any girl who has long locks! The quickest hairstyle coupled with being one of the most effortless and carefree looks, the top knot is perfect for when you have just woken up with a hanging hangover and have five minutes to head out the door. To give your top knot a bit of a polish, spray Tigi Catwalk Session Series Dry Shampoo into your hair to absorb any excess oil and to give your roots a boost, before pulling the hair into a high bun and tying into a top knot.

2.) The Heidi Braid
Student hairstylesThe Heidi braid is the ideal student hairstyle. For anyone who has those days where you simply can’t be bothered, then the Heidi braid is a definite hairstyle for you. And although it looks complicated, it’s really easy to do! Start by parting your hair into the middle and plait two three strand braids down the sides of your hair and secure with two hair elastics. Then take your two plaits over your head and tuck the ends underneath one another and pin into place. This style works best on unwashed hair and girls who have medium to long hair. The Heidi braid can work on shoulder length and long locks too, however it does become trickier!

3.) The Bobby Glam Wrap Around Ponytail
Student HairstylesSo it’s mid Freshers Week and your hair has started to give up on being pulled, pinned and styled every night. This is when we like to use the Bobby Glam Wrap Around Ponytail. Not only does the hair extension allow us to give our hair a break for one night, it makes sure that we still have that party-ready hairstyle that will last all night long! Simply tie your hair into a ponytail and clip the extension onto it and wrap around your hair elastic. It’s super easy and effortlessly glam!

One thing we will say is, whichever hairstyle you choose for your student nights out and lectures, make sure you have a decent brush and dry shampoo to get you through it!

If you’re a student, which hairstyles do you rely on to get you through your busy, university schedules?



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