Sky Ferreira's Hair

Sky Ferreira's HairIt’s official: we Dirty Looks girls think Sky Ferreira’s hair is totally amazing! We mean, she must be one of the most multi-talented 21 year olds around - not only is she a respected singer-songwriter, but she’s also an actress, as well as being a breathtakingly gorgeous model. Plus, she has hair to die for!

How she manages to fit all this being-awesome-at-everything into just 365 days a year is beyond us. But she does. AND she has an achingly cool indie rocker boyfriend in the form of DIIV frontman Zachary Cole Smith, too. And, although we’re super jealous of her rollercoaster lifestyle, we’re also totally obsessed with Sky Ferreira’s hair!

Sky Ferreira's HairWhether poker straight or nonchalantly curly, Sky Ferreira’s hair is always brimming with attitude, especially when teamed with her failsafe red lipstick/smudgy eyeliner make up combo. An advocate of grungy, dishevelled chic, the model always manages to ensure that her hairstyle ties in perfectly with her outfit choices. We think her natural, voluminous waves look fabulously kick-ass in her signature bottle-blonde hair shade. Whether tousled and mussed up or side-swept and smooth, it’s no wonder she’s our 90s-style peroxide blonde hair inspiration for the week!

Sky Ferreira's HairSky Ferreira’s bleach blonde hair colour always ensures that her overall look is far from boring, even when she’s rocking the simplest of hairstyles. In fact, if these photos are anything to go by, we think that Sky looks like a sultry siren with straight locks! Take her slicked-back ponytail, for example - she looks like she’s channelling Britney Spears’ ‘Oops!...I Did It Again’ video with a modern, feisty twist. Plus, her mermaid-style twists look almost otherworldly when paired with her silvery-blue tinged roots. We have to admit it - Sky Ferreira’s hair is yet another reason we’ll be dusting off our hair straighteners this winter!

If we were wearing hats, it goes without saying that we would take them off to Sky Ferreira’s hair! Do you love her edgy blonde locks as much as we do?

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