How to Prevent Your Hair Colour From Fading

How to Prevent Your Hair From FadingWomen spend so much money on colouring their hair to find the perfect shade for them and then have the agony of seeing their dream shade and hard earned cash washing down the drain. So to stop this from happening, here are our easy tips to prevent your hair colour from fading.

Tip One:

To prevent hair colour from fading, we recommend not washing your hair as often. Washing your hair frequently can be the biggest culprit for fading locks, as shampooing causes your hair strands to swell, resulting in colour fading, which is definitely not what you want!
When you do wash your hair, make sure you use a mild sulfate-free shampoo on your locks. It’s also beneficial to use a shampoo and conditioner combo that’s specifically designed for coloured hair, such as the Tigi Colour Goddess line and use a deep conditioning treatments such as Tigi Wonderful Tonight Overnight Treatment often, as these will seal your hair cuticles and prevent your hair colour from fading as well as giving it a much needed moisture boost.

Tip Two:

Our next tip on how to prevent hair colour from fading, is to try to use cooler water when washing. When hair is wet it stretches, and the hotter the water, the more your hair strands will stretch, causing your colour pigment to escape and fade. Instead, try to wash your hair in lukewarm water, or if you can handle it, cold water.

Tip Three

Too much heat exposure can cause your hair shafts to open, which can lead to colour fading. To avoid this, give your hair a break by limiting the amount of heat tools you use on your hair everyday.

Tip Four

Try not to use too many products containing alcohol as they can speed up the colour fading process. But don't’ panic as this doesn’t mean you have to give up your beloved styling products, just be sure to check the ingredients label to make sure that they don’t include alcohol.

Tip Five

Our last tip for how to prevent hair colour from fading is to give your hair colour a boost with a DIY home treatment. Here are three of our faves:

For Glossy Brunettes:
Whip one cup of cocoa powder, half a cup of plain yogurt, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into a paste. Shampoo your hair as normal, then squeeze out the water and apply your paste mask. Leave for two-three minutes and then rinse. You may want to drape a towel around your neck for this rinse as it can sometimes stain.

For Beach Blondes:
Squeeze the juice from a lemon and blend with some grated raw potato to form a paste. Add half a cup of room temperature chamomile tea and stir. Shampoo your hair as you norma, before applying the paste and lightly massaging it into your hair. Cover your head with a shower cap and then lightly heat with your hairdryer for two-three minutes before rinsing away.

For Ravishing Redheads:
Finely chop three medium sized carrots in a food processor or a blender to create a coarse paste. If you have copper undertones to your hair, add in half a cup of cranberries to this mixture. Add three tablespoons of yogurt and two tablespoons of honey and mix well. Shampoo as normal and apply the paste, massaging into your head. Leave for one-two minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

With these easy tips to prevent hair colour from fading, we’re confident our hair colour will last longer!

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