How to Make a Coconut & Peach Smoothie

How to make a coconut & peach smoothieNot only does autumn mark the end of summer and the beginning of crisp, cold weather, it also labels the beginning of flu season (or in students' cases, freshers’ flu’). So to make sure that you don’t fall into the bug trap this autumn, we have the best remedy for you in form of our coconut & peach smoothie. Take that winter!

All you need to make your coconut & peach smoothie is:
- One peach diced into 1cm cubes
- One coconut cut into squares
- A handful of baby spinach leaves

How to:

Begin your coconut & peach smoothie by dicing your peach and coconut into a 1cm cubes. Along with your spinach, empty the ingredients into a blender and mix until they have become a smooth, green liquid. Finally, pour the coconut & peach smoothie into a glass and enjoy the goodness!

Not only is spinach a great source of vitamin C, it also helps to strengthen bones and can work as a stress relief too! Who knew that those tiny green leaves could be so beneficial?

Peaches are also full of vitamins A and C which is needed to boost your immune system. On the other hand, the coconut helps to flush out those nasty toxins, proving that this coconut & peach smoothie is bursting with all the right nutrients you need to defeat that cold this fall!

We can see this smoothie becoming a staple in our food diary this month, especially as we battle against the change in weather and protect ourselves against those October germs. What do you do to keep healthy during the autumn season?

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