How to Make a Berry Yoghurt Smoothie

How to make a berry yoghurt smoothieKick-start the day with our yummy berry yoghurt smoothie for breakfast!

If you read our post last week on our Super Berry Fruit Salad then you will know just how much of a fan we are of berries. So it wasn't a surprise to find that this berry yoghurt smoothie satisfied our taste buds perfectly.

Not only are berries super juicy, they’re full to the brim with all the goodness we need to stay looking young and energised, making it a great breakfast alternative. Here’s how to make your berry yoghurt smoothie...

All you need is :
- A handful of strawberries
- A handful of blackberries
- A handful of blueberries
- A handful of raspberries (Yes, we’ve used the same berries from our last post!)
- A dollop of greek yoghurt
- A food blender

Step One
Chop your strawberries into halves and empty into a food blender, along with the rest of the tasty berries.

Step Two
Scoop a spoonful of greek yoghurt into the blender and place the lid back on. Give the ingredients a blend until the berries and yoghurt combine into a pale pink mixture.

Step Three
Once the berries and yoghurt have been mixed together, pour yourself a glass of the berry yoghurt smoothie and get ready to enjoy the day :) Trust us, you’ll never skip breakfast again!

How do you like to start your day?Kickstart the day with our berry yoghurt smoothie for breakfast.

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