Glastonbury 2013 Hair

Glastonbury 2013 hair
We anticipated that there was going to be a lot of big hair, fancy headgear and plenty of braids at Glastonbury 2013, so you can imagine our disappointment when all we could see was natural, flowing hair.

However, it’s no surprise that hair down was the main festival hair trend to hit Glastonbury as low maintenance hair is everywhere for this summer. Of course there was a hint of floral crowns and the odd fedora, but mostly hair down with natural kinks and waves dominated the grounds.Glastonbury 2013, festival hair, Cressida Bonas

The celebs also decided to revel in the natural, understated look at Glastonbury 2013. As their hair was kept to the minimum, these celebs decided to let their festival outfits stand out of the crowd for themselves

Here’s our favourite looks from the weekend. Glastonbury 2013 hairGlastonbury 2013 hair

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