Ghd Eclipse Review

ghd Eclipse ReviewThe time has finally come for girls with coarse hair to get what they have always wanted- sleek, straight hair.

If like most of us Dirty Looks babes you aren’t blessed with natural, straight tresses, then the ghd Eclipse will have seen like a long time coming. Although it’s taken three and a half years to get here and 3.5 million pounds to develop the most cutting-edge technology, the ghd Eclipse has finally arrived for our messy manes to embrace, and boy has it been worth the wait ;)

Designed with unruly hair in mind, the ghd Eclipse claim to be incomparable to the classic ghd’s. With patent trizone technology that no other hair straightener has and super powerful plates, these revolutionary hair irons are about to change the way we style our hair forever. Not only are they guaranteed to tackle any hair texture, they also promise to straighten hair with one glide of the iron and are proven to style our hair faster than no other hair tool has done before.

So what else makes our hearts pound to the sound of the ghd Eclipse clapping motion. Here’s just a few other reasons why we have fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with the next generation of ghds.

Just like the rest of the ghd family, the ghd Eclipse maintains heat at a constant 185 degrees, rising up to the maximum temperature in just under a minute! However this generation of hair irons has six-quick thinking sensors to ensure that no heat is lost during styling and although they reach scorching hot temperature, they’re body still remains cool enough to handle. They’re also made with ultra fine, precision plates that leave hair feeling super soft with a glistening, salon-shine finish.

What we’re particularly excited about though is the speed it takes to achieve poker straight hair. With one slide, our curly locks are magically transformed into killer-straight hair. What’s more is that the size and power of the plates allow us to straighten more hair at once, meaning more time to spend on our makeup and deciding want to wear- double bonus!

So if you’ve always dreamed of having straight hair that doesn’t take up most of your morning styling, then we definitely recommend giving the ghd Eclipse a whirl. Although we do warn you, once you try the Eclipse, no other hair straightener will ever compare...

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