Cleanism at London Fashion Week

Cleanism at London Fashion WeekAs the J JS Lee collection taught us, there is a new fashion trend known as 'cleanism', sweeping the catwalks at London Fashion Week and are having an influence on the hair industry too.

cleanism at London Fashion WeekCleanism means taking a more simple approach, that's clean, modern, and that's exactly what we have been seeing from the ss14 collections during LFW. Hair has been simplified to give an understated look that lets the clothes speak for themselves.

Cleanism at London Fashion WeekLike the low-slung ponytails seen at J JS Lee, designers over at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, including Anna K, Lia Sin and Lera Leshchova also embraced the cleanism trend with their very plain, effortless sleek hair. The designers showed us that all you need to dramatise a hairdo is a severe middle parting and hair tucked behind the ears.

We couldn't be more pleased to see cleanism and its simple hairstyles calm the mood down at London Fashion Week. What's your opinion on it?

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