Chloe Norgaard's Hair

Chloe Norgaard's hair

With pastel and day-glo hair shades set to retain their ‘bang on trend’ status for 2014, this week we couldn’t help ourselves Tress Obsessing over model of the moment and serial colour chameleon Chloe Norgaard’s hair.

Chloe Norgaard's HairThanks to her obsession with all things multicoloured (well, her mother is a toy trend specialist, you know), Chloe Norgaard’s hair experimentations couldn’t be more different from your average model’s natural-looking, never-a-hair-out of place styles of choice - and we have to say, we Dirty Looks girls are smitten with Chloe’s fabulous array of daring ‘dos! Whether she’s chilling out barefoot at festivals or dressed head to toe in designer gear whilst parading the high fashion catwalks, Chloe Norgaard’s hair always steals the limelight - not to mention the orange light, the pink light and the purple light (sorry).

Chloe Norgaard's HairWe simply can’t get enough of Chloe Norgaard’s hair, no matter what crazy colour combo she’s rocking - and we reckon that this feisty lady has been through most of the spectrum already, having sported each and every shade the rainbow has to offer. Whether it’s sleek and straight, tousled and carefree, or bundled into a haphazard, cool-girl updo, Chloe Norgaard’s hair is always the epitome of modern-day hippy chic, reflecting Chloe’s own playful, vibrant personality perfectly. What’s more, teamed with barely-there makeup and a smorgasbord of accessories, Chloe Norgaard’s hair can be transformed from girly to punky in an instant. Bravo!

Chloe Norgaard's HairPerhaps the thing we love most of all about Chloe Norgaard’s hair is that all of Chloe’s eye-catching hair colour choices come from the model herself and not, as you’d expect, a celebrity hair stylist extraordinaire. A girl after our own hearts, Chloe is in fact the artistic genius behind every single one of her psychedelic hair colour masterpieces - and what products does she use to achieve her trademark, out-of-this-world looks? Why, humble home-dyeing kits, of course! And if self-dyeing sessions are good enough for Chloe Norgaard’s hair, they’re good enough for ours. Now, where’s that Renbow Crazy Color?

Bold and beautiful, Chloe Norgaard’s hair is just too attention-grabbing to ignore - and we award her maximum style points for her fearlessness!

So, how about you? Are you a fan of the trend for candy-coloured hair or do you prefer to lavish your locks with natural-looking hair colour?

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