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  • Vanessa Hudgens' Hair

    Vanessa Hudgens' HairAfter seeing a week’s worth of jealousy-inducing snaps of our favourite celebs living it up at Coachella, we Dirty Looks girls were left with one question and one question only: why has it taken us so long to welcome festival-goer Vanessa Hudgens’ hair into our Tress Obsessed hall of fame? Continue reading

  • Lea Michele's Hair

    Lea Michele's HairWe’ve been ‘gleefully’ (sorry) eyeing up Lea Michele’s hair for some time now so it was only a matter of time before we shone the limelight on her rich, dark, chocolate brown locks and indulge in a few of her most sought-after hairstyles, too. Continue reading

  • Lupita Nyong'o's Hair

    Lupita Nyong'o's hair

    We have already mentioned how fascinated we are with Lupita Nyong’o’s hair (you can read all about her and other teeny weeny afros here) but we thought the Oscar-winning actress deserved a whole post of her own- especially as it's been revealed today that Lupita Nyong'o is the new face for Lancombe! So, we’ve compiled some of Lupita’s best hairstyles to show you just how creative and amazing Lupita’s TWA is. Continue reading

  • Ireland Baldwin's Hair

    Ireland Baldwin's Hair

    Ireland Baldwin has become a colour chameleon lately. What with ditching her Nicole Richie-inspired, purple locks for turquoise blue tresses instead, we think that the American model is slowly making her way through the rainbow. Want to see what other looks we’re digging of Ireland’s? Then check out our collection of Ireland Baldwin’s hair below. Continue reading

  • Foxes' Hair

    Foxes' Hair

    Looking for ombre hair inspiration and a chic set of bangs to rock this season? Then perhaps you might want to familiarise yourself with this girl of the moment- Foxes’ hair. Continue reading

  • Cheryl Cole's Hair

    Cheryl Cole's hair

    If you haven’t heard the news that Cheryl Cole is returning to the UK X Factor by now, then seriously, where have you been? Besides being the topic of gossip this week, Cheryl Cole’s hair has also had its fair share of the limelight, too. And, with going blonde recently, we thought we would dig through her hair archive to familiarise ourselves with her most memorable hairstyles and biggest hair flops… Continue reading

  • Nina Nesbitt's Hair Extensions

    Nina Nesbitt's hair extensions

    Listen up girls, there’s a new girl in town that’s serving us with plenty of hair extension envy. With a penchant for messed-up, ice blonde locks and a super cool style to match, is it any wonder why we’re marvelling on Nina Nesbitt’s hair extensions right now? Continue reading

  • Nicole Richie's Hair

    Nicole Richie's HairAnother style icon had us fooled this week, when she debuted violet infused hair on her Instagram profile- which was actually all thanks to the magic of Photoshop! Want to know who we’re talking about? It’s only Nicole Richie’s hair, of course! Continue reading

  • Ella Eyre's Hair

    Ella Eyre's HairAfter attending the Brit Awards on Wednesday night with an amazing afro, we think that Ella Eyre’s hair needed a whole post of its own! Read on to find out why Ella Eyre’s hair has had us lusting after big, natural hairstyles. Continue reading

  • Rose Byrne's Hair

    Rose Byrne's HairHappy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Today love is well and truly in the air, and we’re revelling in the romantic vibes by gorging on luxury chocolates, swapping cards and admiring roses. Actually, we’re admiring one Rose in particular - or, rather, her ever changing mane. So, join us as we pay tribute to Rose Byrne’s hair - we’re sure you’ll soon fall as deeply in love with it as we are! Continue reading

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