Styling Tools

  • How to Choose the Perfect Curling Tongs

    How to Choose the Perfect Curling TongsCurling tongs. They’re available in such a bewildering range of shapes and sizes that it’s often difficult to know which pair to choose! So, to help you make an informed curling tong decision, today we’re bringing you ‘How to Choose the Perfect Curling Tongs’ - the definitive guide to selecting the correct tongs for your hair length. Simply read on to find out which size curling tong you should be using to create your dream wavy style… Continue reading

  • Best Hair Dryers


    Best Hair DryersBlow drying is one of the most tedious yet critical styling steps in most of our hair care routines and omitting this step can lead to some serious . However, we’ve rounded up the best hair dryers that will literally blow you away (see what we did there?) and make blow drying a lot more exciting! Continue reading

  • What Hair Brush Does What

    What Hair Brush Does What

    Whether you want to achieve a salon blow dry or style your way to silky soft tresses, all could not be possible without a decent hair brush. So, to familiarise yourself with what hair brush does what, here’s a bit about the brushes we stock here at Dirty Looks. Continue reading

  • The O Pod Review

    The O Pod ReviewAre you sick and tired of the arm-ache that comes hand in hand with regular hair-curling activity? Fancy trying out a brand new, hands-free method? Then read on for our O Pod review and find out all about this revolutionary hair-styling super-tool! Continue reading

  • Top 5 Hair Straighteners

    Top 5 Hair Straighteners

    If you’re thinking of getting involved with SS14’s mega-trend for sleek, straight hair, then you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll be needing a decent pair of hair straighteners to help you on your way to fashion forward tresses! Continue reading

  • The ghd Air Dryer Review

    The ghd Air Dryer Review

    Does your regular hair dryer just not cut it anymore? Feel like investing in a dryer that’ll actually do your tresses some good? Then read on for our ghd Air dryer review and discover the hair-loving benefits of this legendary styling tool! Continue reading

  • Session Instant Heat Styling Tools

    Session Instant Heat Styling Tools

    Looking for a new styling tool that will heat up in seconds and serve you with lustrous locks in a matter of minutes? Then feast your hair & beauty self on these stylish, new Session Instant Heat Styling Tools. Continue reading

  • Hair Brushes you Need in your Life

    Hair Brushes you Need in your LifeSo, Christmas is over, the new year is already here and now we’ve got nothing to look forward to...or do we? Continue reading

  • Day 10: Styling Tools for Christmas

    Styling Tools for ChristmasThinking of putting a new set of curling tools on your Christmas list? Then here’s our guide to the best styling tools to ask for this Christmas. Continue reading

  • The Cloud Nine Touch

    The Cloud Nine TouchJoy to the world! As today’s Advent surprise, we can reveal that a brand new, much-coveted, veritable hair saviour of a styler has just come into stocking, we mean stock, at Dirty Looks HQ: the heavenly Cloud Nine Touch. Fancy making its acquaintance? Continue reading

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