Hair Tips

  • How to Give Long Hair Volume

    How to Give Long Hair VolumeLife can be so cruel. We put all of our energy into growing long, luscious locks only to find that our hard-earned tresses lose any semblance of natural volume once they pass shoulder length. But we’re not giving up on our quest for voluminous hair that easily; instead, we’re standing our ground and fighting gravity blow for blow with the following guide to how to give long hair volume... Continue reading

  • How to Blow Dry Hair Straight

    How to Blow Dry Hair StraightWe all love the look and feel of hair that’s been freshly blow-dried silky smooth at the salon - but did you know that it’s possible to get similarly swish-worthy, polished-looking results in the comfort of your own home? It’s really quite simple; just follow our Dirty Looks guide to how to blow dry hair straight and you’ll be coiffing your hair like a pro in no time! Continue reading

  • How to Go from Dark to Blonde

    How to go from dark to blonde

    Want to know how the celebrities go from dark to blonde in a flash without damaging their hair? Then read on for our foolproof guide on how to go from dark to blonde and still come out the other end with lighter, healthy, strong locks, too. Continue reading

  • 5 Reasons to Go Short for Spring

    5 Reasons to Go Short for SpringDo you dream of lopping off your lengthy locks in favour of a short, fashion-forward ‘do, à la Miley, J-Law and co? Then be sure to check out the following 5 reasons to go short for spring. They may well be just what you need to summon up the courage to brave the scissors and embrace a whole new, shorter-haired you… Continue reading

  • How to Make Your Hair Look Fuller

    How to Make Your Hair Look FullerIf Mother Nature has dealt you fine hair, styling your way to thick-looking tresses can be tricky, frustrating and fruitless - even if your strands are, in actual fact, extremely plentiful. It’s a hair injustice that we Dirty Looks girls know all too well, and that’s why we’ve decided to kick limp hair into touch for good with the following tips on how to make your hair look fuller. Continue reading

  • How to Manage Thick Frizzy Hair

    How to manage thick frizzy hair

    Although it may seem like you’ve drawn the short straw, having naturally voluminous locks to control but believe us, with these tips and tricks for how to manage thick frizzy hair, you’ll once again be thankful for what your mama gave you! Continue reading

  • How to Get Long-Lasting Curls

    How to Get Long-Lasting CurlsDo you have relentlessly straight, downright un-styleable hair that refuses to hold a curl for more than half an hour? Do you dream of bouncy, wavy tresses that stay in place all night long? Then you won’t want to miss the following guide to how to get long-lasting curls - just read on for our top styling tips… Continue reading

  • How to Choose Hair Extensions for Your Hair Type

    How to Choose Hair Extensions for Your Hair type

    If you’re pondering over the idea of longer locks or thicker tresses, then perhaps clip in hair extensions might be an avenue you wish to explore- but how do you know if the extensions will blend with your natural hair texture? Whether you have thick, fine or medium hair, don’t miss our tips for how to choose hair extensions for your hair type. Continue reading

  • How to Make Your Blow Dry Last

    How to Make Your Blow Dry LastWe all love that ‘fresh out of the salon’ feeling (fresh, bouncy, expensive-looking ‘dos are so our style). But what happens when the sun goes down, the moon comes out and it’s time to hit the hay? If you don’t take the proper precautions, your flawless coiff could turn into a flattened, slept-on mess - so, if you want to avoid blow dry blowout, read on for our tips on how to make your blow dry last… Continue reading

  • Your Hair Worries Answered

    Your Hair Worries Answered

    Maintaining silky smooth, lustrous locks 24/7 can begin to feel like a chore, especially when our hair is going against all of our wishes for a healthy mane. If oily, frizzy or dry hair sound familiar, then take a look at our top tips for how to solve your hair worries. Continue reading

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