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  • Best Way to Pastel Hair Extensions

    Best Way to Pastel Hair ExtensionsAfter all these months, My Little Pony pastels are still riding high at the top of our 'most lusted after hair shades' list - so today we thought we'd reveal the best way to pastel hair extensions. It's the perfect way to get the pastel look without actually having to dye your own hair! Continue reading

  • Biggest Hair Trends of the Summer

    Biggest Hair Trends of the SummerThe summer months are coming to an end (don’t hate us, we don’t make the rules!), so now it’s time for us to round up some of the biggest hair trends of the summer. Continue reading

  • Technicolor Highlights

    Technicolour HighlightsBig fan of My Little Pony? Then you’re going to love the latest hair trend that’s doing the celebrity circuit. Inspired by unicorns and all things fairy tale, technicolor highlights is a new way of championing your childhood memories and embracing colourful hair this season. Continue reading

  • Best Way to Ombre Hair Extensions

    Best Way to Ombre Hair Extensions

    Want in on an amazing way to get the dip-dye look without actually having to dye your own hair? Then read on to find out the best way to ombre hair extensions with the Dirty Looks Ombre Kit - trust us, the results are to die for! Continue reading

  • Top 5 Celebrities with Purple Hair

    top 5 celebrities with purple hair

    Thinking of going purple? Then look this way. We’ve rounded up our top 5 celebrities with purple hair to marvel on. If you’re yet to decide whether to take the purple plunge, we’re sure this will persuade you! Continue reading

  • Blonde Hair Extension Shades

    blonde hair extensionsSeeing as last week we let you in on all there is to know about our range of brown hair extensions, this week we thought it would only be fair to follow up with a blog post and video all about our blonde hair extension shades! Fancy getting to know these fair and flirty shades a little better? Then read on... Continue reading

  • Brown Hair Extension Shades

    Brown Hair Extension Shades

    Looking for the perfect hair extension shade to match your luscious brunette locks? Then your luck is in! Today we've dedicated a whole entire blog post AND YouTube video to our seven delectable brown hair extension shades - so read on to find out a little bit more about each and every one... Continue reading

  • How to Get Kristen Stewart's Orange Hair

    How to get Kristen Stewart's orange hair

    For some, orange hair is a no go shade to pull off but not for Kristen Stewart. The young actress recently sported a brighter, more vibrant hair popping hair colour compared to her former, dark, vampy locks and we have to say, we like. Are you loving orange locks as much as we are? Then get your dye at the ready as we show you how to get Kristen Stewart’s orange hair. Continue reading

  • Blonde Hair Shades for Summer

    Blonde hair shades for summer

    Thinking of going blonde this summer? Then you’ve chosen the right time of year to make a colour change! Whether you want to enhance your natural blonde hair shade or add highlights to your brunette locks, here are the epitome of blonde hair shades for summer. Continue reading

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