Hair Care

  • The Best-Smelling Hair Products

    The Best-Smelling Hair ProductsHere at Dirty Looks HQ, we demand more from our hair care products. As you know, we pride ourselves on stocking only the most effective, gentle and covetable hair potions that money can buy - but there is also another, equally important criterion our products must fulfil to make the Dirty Looks grade. They must smell good enough to eat, too! Continue reading

  • Hair Products for Natural Hair Growth

    Hair Products for Natural Hair

    Wondering why your natural hair isn’t growing? Then take a look at this: The key to growing natural locks is growth retention and the best way to retain length it to give these hair products for natural hair growth a go… Continue reading

  • On-The-Go Hair Fixes

    On-The-Go Hair FixesDon’t you just hate it when your hair decides to spontaneously turn on you, transforming itself from perfectly preened to ingloriously unkempt in a matter of moments? So do we. Continue reading

  • Texturising Products for Spring

    Texturising Products for Spring

    Still searching for the perfect product to rustle up that textured ‘do you’ve had your eye on? Whether it’s beachy waves or bed head hair you wish to create, check out our recommended texturising products for spring- they’re bound to put a spring and a bounce into your strands in no time! Continue reading

  • What Not to Use on Hair Extensions

    What not to use on clip in hair extensions

    Are you wondering why your hair extensions are dry, brittle and damaged? Then perhaps you might want to take a closer look at the products you’re lathering, styling and maintaining your hair extensions with. If you’re not sure which products are safe to use on your extensions, then these tips on what not to use on clip in hair extensions might come in handy. Continue reading

  • How to Care for Coloured Hair

    How to Care for Coloured HairHave you given your locks a spring update with an all-new, 2014-worthy hair colour yet? If you have, then we’re guessing that you’ll want to keep your new season hair hue looking its very best for as long as possible, right? Your wish is our command. Just read on for our top tips on how to care for coloured hair! Continue reading

  • Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatments

    Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatments

    We’ve been taking a look at our hair washing routine lately and see what changes we can make to keep our hair healthy. This week, we’re opening up our hair care routine to pre-shampoo hair treatments. Want to know what we’re talking about? Then read on to find out... Continue reading

  • Spring Hair Care

    Spring Hair CareNow that spring is here, it’s not just our wardrobes that are in need of a revamp. After all those winter months of cold weather, moisture-sapping air conditioning and heated styling tool abuse, our hair care routines could do with a shake-up, too. Feel like upping your hair care game for the season of flowering buds, chocolate and cute baby critters? Then read on for our spring hair care tips… Continue reading

  • What You Need to Know About Co-Washing

    What You Need to Know About Co-Washing

    Ladies, let’s talk about co-washing! Contrary to what you all might believe (yes, it doesn’t mean washing with your pal), co-washing is the latest hair cleansing craze. Originally designed for curly haired girls, co-washing is now being trialled by girls everywhere- why? Find out the benefits and everything you need to know about co-washing below. Continue reading

  • Your Hair Worries Answered

    Your Hair Worries Answered

    Maintaining silky smooth, lustrous locks 24/7 can begin to feel like a chore, especially when our hair is going against all of our wishes for a healthy mane. If oily, frizzy or dry hair sound familiar, then take a look at our top tips for how to solve your hair worries. Continue reading

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