• Tich Wears Dirty Looks Hair Extensions

    Last week it was M.O, now teen Queen Tich has been wearing our hair extensions! Continue reading

  • M.O Wear HK Hair Extensions

    MM.O Wear HK Hair Extensions

    We’ve made another sneaky appearance in the world of fame and this time it’s the upcoming, old school, R&B girl band M.O who are wearing HK Hair extensions! Continue reading

  • Day 4 of Street Style at London Fashion Week

    Street Style at London Fashion Week


    Yesterday we spotted these gorgeous bloggers and a whole host of other lovely fashionistas at London Fashion Week! Continue reading

  • Street Style at London Fashion Week

    Street Style at London Fashion WeekAs promised, here are a few of the most admirable and coveted looks we've seen tip toeing the cobbles at Somerset House, during London Fashion Week. Continue reading

  • Stooshe at London Fashion Week

    stooshe at London Fashion Week Whilst the Dirty Looks girls were enjoying the bustle of first day at London Fashion Week, they also bumped into girl band Stooshe! Continue reading

  • WHAAA!! Beyonce' Gets a Pixie Cut!

    Beyonce's pixie cutThe Dirty Looks office is going CRAZY right now at the images pouring in of Beyonce’s pixie cut! Have you seen it? It’s one hell of a hair transformation! Continue reading

  • Rihanna at Chanel, Paris Fashion Week

    Rihanna at Chanel Paris Fashion WeekRihanna has always been one to break the fashion rules so it’s no wonder that her latest outfit choice has hit the headlines. Continue reading

  • Tich Wears Dirty Looks Hair Extensions

    Tich Wears Dirty Looks Hair ExtensionsHold your horses, we have another celebrity who has been seen wearing Dirty Looks Hair Extensions!
    The upcoming Brit singer, Tich, wears Dirty Looks hair extensions for her new video ‘Obsession’. Continue reading

  • Rita Ora on the Cover of GQ

    Rita Ora on the cover of GQWOW! How hot does Rita Ora look on the cover of GQ magazine? Continue reading

  • Glastonbury 2013 Hair

    Glastonbury 2013 hair
    We anticipated that there was going to be a lot of big hair, fancy headgear and plenty of braids at Glastonbury 2013, so you can imagine our disappointment when all we could see was natural, flowing hair. Continue reading

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