Clip In Hair Extensions

  • Different Types of Hair Extensions

    Different Types of Hair Extensions

    Pre-bonded, micro-loop, what do they all mean? What with so many different types of hair extensions on the market, it’s easy to get confused over what extensions are what. So we thought it was our obligation to share our knowledge on hair extensions with you and to give you hair extension novices, a run down on the types of hair extensions available. Here goes... Continue reading

  • Why Get Hair Extensions?

    Why get hair extensions

    Besides diamonds, hair extensions have long been a girl’s best friend, especially when it comes to creating fuller locks for the weekend. But if you aren’t acquainted with extensions yet and are still asking why get hair extensions? Perhaps you’d like to see some of the reason as to how they can provide you with the hair you’ve always dreamed of! Continue reading

  • What Not to Use on Hair Extensions

    What not to use on clip in hair extensions

    Are you wondering why your hair extensions are dry, brittle and damaged? Then perhaps you might want to take a closer look at the products you’re lathering, styling and maintaining your hair extensions with. If you’re not sure which products are safe to use on your extensions, then these tips on what not to use on clip in hair extensions might come in handy. Continue reading

  • How to Choose Hair Extensions for Your Hair Type

    How to Choose Hair Extensions for Your Hair type

    If you’re pondering over the idea of longer locks or thicker tresses, then perhaps clip in hair extensions might be an avenue you wish to explore- but how do you know if the extensions will blend with your natural hair texture? Whether you have thick, fine or medium hair, don’t miss our tips for how to choose hair extensions for your hair type. Continue reading

  • Zooey Deschanel Hair Extensions

    Zooey Deschanel Hair Extensions

    Zooey Deschanel really is the envy of most girls. What with piercing blue eyes and bangs with a personality of their own, it’s no wonder why us girls are trying to emulate her signature hairstyle with a few Zooey Deschanel hair extensions. Continue reading

  • What are the Best Hair Extensions to get?

    What are the best hair extensions to get?

    Choosing your perfect set of hair extensions can be a tough decision- that’s why we make it our mission to make it that little bit easier for you. So, to guide you on what are the best hair extensions to get, here are our tips on choosing a set of hair extensions that you won’t be able to wait to wear! Continue reading

  • Look Who's Been Wearing Our Hair Extensions...

    The up and coming trio, M.O, have been wearing our hair extensions! Continue reading

  • What Hair Extensions Last the Longest?

    What hair extensions last the longest?

    Once again, we’re here to answer all your queries on hair extensions, including knowing what hair extensions last the longest. So, to put your mind at rest and make your decision a lot easier, here’s another factual post on clip in hair extensions. Continue reading

  • Most Requested Celebrity Hair Shades

    Most Requested Celebrity Hair ShadesWe’re sure you all know that if you send our team a picture they can shade match your shade but did you know that they can also match celebrities’ hair for you, too? We dove right in and asked the customer care team to share their most requested celebrity hair shades. Continue reading

  • Bobby Glam Clip In Bangs

    Bobby Glam Clip In BangsFringe hesitance. Bang-related jitters. Whatever you call it, we’ve all been there! When you’re umming and ahhing over whether or not to have bangs snipped in, it can be difficult to take the plunge and go for the chop. Fortunately, we have a solution to this age-old hair dilemma: Bobby Glam Clip In Bangs! Continue reading

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