• Halloween Hair Talk Special - Jess From Dirty Looks YouTube!

    Halloween Hair Talk - Jess From Dirty LooksIf you're an avid Dirty Looks fan, you might recognise this lovely lady. We've managed to rope Jess from the Dirty Looks YouTube channel in for an extra special Halloween hair talk today!  Continue reading

  • Hair Talk: Ambi From 'Bombay Rose'

    Hair Talk: Ambi From 'Bombay Rose'This week, we chatted to the absolutely lovely Ambi from 'Bombay Rose' about letting go of long locks and having better hair than Kate Middleton! Continue reading

  • Hair Talk: Charlotte From 'Blonde Canvas'

    Hair Talk: Charlotte From 'Blonde Canvas'

    This week's Hair Talk featured blogger is the ever-so-chic Charlotte from 'Blonde Canvas'. We chatted to her about all things hair including some surprising hair comparisons...Tina Turner anyone? Continue reading

  • Hair Talk: Amy From 'The Girl in the Bowler Hat'

    Hair Talk: Amy From 'The Girl In the Bowler Hat'

    It's time for another Hair Talk instalment and today it's the turn of the ever-so-stylish Amy from 'The Girl in the Bowler Hat'. Continue reading

  • Favourite Bloggers Who Wear Hair Extensions

    Favourite Bloggers with hair extensions

    Oh how we love our bloggers! From beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts, check out our favourite bloggers who wear hair extensions and are giving us hair envy in their blogs.

    Continue reading

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