Backstage Styling Tricks

  • Finding Your Face Shape

    Finding Your Face ShapeFinding your face shape is one of those things that, although sometimes confusing, it can be essential for getting the right haircut to suit your face shape perfectly. Do you have a round shaped face or do you fall into the heart shape crowd? We’re here to put an end to your hopeless guessing with our guide on finding your face shape. Continue reading

  • How To Hide Layers Using Layer Blending Weft Hair Extensions

    how to hide layers using blending weftsHowever much we love our hair extensions, there’s just one pesky problem that leaves us in one stressful scenario, our layers. Continue reading

  • How To Make A Rat Hair Piece

    hair styling tricksThat's right, you heard it here first: rats are frequently being stashed in hair stylists' bags and then forced to create bouffant hairdos on models up and down the country! Continue reading

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