Blow Dried Hair, Hair Tutorial


 Whilst the sleek and straight look is super popular at the moment you can’t beat a good Blow Dried Hair Style. The blow dry is the basis to all of the best hairstyles as this gives the roots of your hair the bounciness and volume that so many styles need whilst making the lengths of your hair shapely with loads of movement. The girls from Made In Chelsea have revived this style but you can see this creeping back onto the red carpet too, with the likes of Nicola Roberts and Zooey Deschanel choosing a blow dry over a more overly styled do.


Technique and your styling method are the key to this look!

Step One

Apply a lightweight volumising mousse, serum or balm to your can choose which type of product you prefer using on your hair just be sure to choose the volumising variety! Once applied rough dry your hair until damp.

Step Two

Now you need to section your hair so that you can blow dry correctly! Try to not add too much hair to these as it can make a bit of a mess when drying!

Step Three

Taking a very large round brush you want to dry your hair using the blow drying motion. The trick is to positions the brush under the hair and right in at the roots. You need to hold your hair dryer above the brush to keep your hair smooth and tangle free! The trick to the blow dry technique is to keep turning your need to twist the brush down but keep pulling it up! Keep doing this all around your head until all sections of hair are all dry!

Step Four

Now all your hair has been blown dried you should have loads of lift at the roots and the lengths of your hair should be smooth. You can now add more shape to the ends of your hair if you want to. To do this step you will need a large barrel tongs. Use this on the ends of your hair to add flicks and sure to brush these out so they don’t become too defined. Smooth over your hair with some serum and your done!

What do you think of the blow dried look?

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