Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor's Hair

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor's HairFollowing on from last week’s Tress Obsessed feature on Amber Le Bon’s luscious lengths, this week we thought it would only be good and proper to switch our focus to the ridiculously glossy mane of the progeny of yet another member of Duran Duran: Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor.

Daughter of New Romantic royalty John Taylor and photographer Amanda de Cadenet, 21 year old brunette beauty Atlanta was never going to grow into a shy and retiring wallflower. One of a new generation of incredibly talented, jealousy-inducing It Girls, Atlanta is both a successful model and uber-trendy DJ. She is basically so cool it hurts. Depressing, isn’t it? Oh well. Although we may never achieve ethereal clotheshorse/superstar disc jockey status, at least we can always do our best to imitate Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor’s hair!

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor's HairAtlanta’s wardrobe can only be described as a mish-mash of laid-back, West coast pieces and buttoned-up, high fashion NYC chic. And the same kind of goes for her tresses. Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor’s hair is the perfect blend of super lustrous, expensive-looking lengths and tousled, beachy waves. Whether she’s rocking it in her natural chocolate hue or warmed up with golden, ombre ends, the model’s mane is to die for! We were even close to following her lead when she sported dip-dyed rose and peach streaks (ultimately, we wussed out); that’s how much we love her hair!

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor's HairLike any wildchild model worth her salt, Miss de Cadenet Taylor also knows how to work a good hair accessory. From fairy-girl floral crowns to feathered headdresses via rock-chick stars ‘n’ stripes bandanas, she’s the ultimate in festival fashion inspiration. With her devil-may-care attitude and endless array of hair adornments (plus an obligatory assortment of beer bottles/cigarettes/candyfloss/sparklers - we kid you not), she’s always photographed looking like she’s having the time of her life!

We are so envious of Atlanta de Cadenet’s hair, it’s untrue! How about you?

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