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  • Half Braid Hair Tutorial

    Braids are going to continue to be a popular trend in 2013 so we have a super eye catching back braid hair tutorial to show you all! Be sure to give it a go, our inspiration is from the catwalk so you’ll be sure to stand out as a trendsetter!

    Step One:

    Brush all of your hair through and straighten or curl beforehand depending on which look you’d like to achieve.

    Step Two:

    Now you need to create a side parting, use a comb to do this as it’ll make it much more easier! Use your eyebrow as a guide, the parting should be in line with just above the arch of your eyebrow. Not too deep of a parting is needed for this look.

    Step Three:

    Depending on how you have parted you hair one side will be thicker than the other. The fuller side (with you bang on etc) will be left and concentrated on later. For now, we’re going to concentrate on the side with less hair to contend with! This braid will begin on your hairline in line with the bottom of your eyebrow. This will then follow your hairline around to the back of your ear. We’re going to create a lace braid to complete this look which may be a little tricky to begin as the sections will be super small. Be sure to be patient with it though, practise makes perfect and you’ll love the end results.

    Step Four:

    To begin take three small sections and create a normal three strand braid. You then need to start adding hair from only above the hairline into the braid. Ensuring that the braid stays in line with your hairline. Continue adding hair from the top into the braid until you have just passed the back of your ear. Then you can continue with a standard three strand braid all the way down to the ends of your hair. Secure in place with a small hair band.

    Step Five:

    You then need to take the braid over the back section of your hair. The braid then goes under your hair in line with your other ear. Pin in place with some bobby pins!

    Ta-Daaaah your half braid is complete! You may look as though you have just stepped off the runway... We’re just saying! ♥

    What do you guys think of the back braid then?? Liking the look? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or head over to Facebook  and let us know there :) xx

  • Destiny's Child Hair at the Superbowl

    Well how gorgeous does Destiny's Child hair look at their reunion performance at the Superbowl?

    We can't stop looking over the gorgeous pictures of their uber long locks. Styled with oodles of volume at the roots and tons of movement through the ends  their hair looked stunning.

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