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  • 2013 Hair Style Predictions

    The new year is here and we have done a quick roundup of our 2013 hair predictions! We can’t wait to see the hairstyles people are rocking in the new year and gather some more hair style and shade ideas!

    So we think 2013 will be full of pretty and eye catching hairstyles as well as bold and bright hair shades. We all know that sometimes there isn’t enough time to spend hours on your hair so simplistic styles are a welcome thought to most girls. Luckily 2013 will be the year of simple low slung ponytails and pretty ballerina buns which take less than 5 minutes to create! Yay! You can easily pull your hair back and leave it a little messy for that bed head look or create a sleeker neate style for the evening, it’s entirely up to you!

    Braids, twists and updos also look set to continue being on trend in 2013. From fishtail braids to french braids to pinned updos. These looks are also super simple to recreate so you can look bang on trend without having to have too much expertise on the hair styling front! Be sure to check out our tutorials which show you simple step by steps on how to recreate fashionable and on trend hairstyles.

    Bright and bold hair shades are also one of our 2013 trend predictions. Whether its bright red or platinum blonde or just lightening your hair up with highlights, brightness is going to be key for this years on trend looks. Pastel hair shades will continue to be popular in 2013 too and we think purple is going pop this year!!

    The last of our 2013 hair prediction is bangs! Yup, bangs are making a comeback! From blunt bangs to layered texture bangs to full bangs to peek a boo bangs we think they’re going to be ruling the fashion front. Bangs are a super way to quickly switch up your look if you fancy a change. If you’re a little unsure about cutting a bang in why not try a side bang first off?! That why it’s still long enough to pull back if you aren’t too sure on it! Best of both worlds we say!

    What do you guys think of the 2013 hair predictions? What hair trends do you think will be super popular? Any favourites just yet? Let us know in the comments below or pop over to Twitter and let us know there :) ♥

  • Halo Braid Hair Tutorial

    I love this braid and I think it looks great roughed up a little too for that ‘not bothered’ or ‘haven’t tried’ look that some people pull off oh-so-well these days. But it looks super cute a little neat too. Perfect for everyone I say!

    Step One:

    Brush all of your hair through to ensure knot free hair before we begin braiding. Create a centre parting and part this all the way to the nape of your neck. So as though you were doing pigtails.

    Step Two:

    Now braiding will begin at the nape of your neck, so it’s best to tip your head upside down and start braiding that way. Start with three strands and then begin to add sections from one half of your head. Once you have reached the top (by your forehead) start intertwining sections of hair into the braid from the other side and carry on doing so until all of your hair is in a braid.

    Step Three:

    Finally, neaten up and secure in place with bobby pins. You can pull a little on the braid too to make it appear thicker, if you are doing this be ever so gentle, using your thumb and forefinger to tease and thicken up.

    Ta- Daaah your halo braid hair tutorial is complete! ♥

    So what do you guys think of this halo braid hair tutorial?? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or pop over to Facebook and let me know your thoughts there. If you try this style, we would love to see your pics.

  • Kim Kardashian’s New Hair

    Wowsa have you all seen Kim Kardashian’s New Hair?? She debuted her new do on Tuesday and we are a little in love!!

    Kim tweeted a collage of herself having her bang styled for all her followers to see and we are big fans of her new look. Bangs appear to be becoming quite the hot trend and we think they’re set to take over in the new year for sure.

    Kim Kardashian’s new hair gives her a much softer look and her cute peek a boo fringe has been cut so she can wear a full bang, side bang or even pin it all back. Genius! Kim’s hair appears to have been layered to help her new bangs blend in with the rest of her hair and we have to admit we adore the look on her.

    We’re hoping Kim Kardashian’s new hair stays the way it is for a little while as we’d love to see how she goes on to style her new hair and bang, and obviously we can pinch some inspiration from the gorgeous lady herself!

    So what do you think of Kim Kardashian’s new hair then lovelies?? Are you loving it too? Would you have a bang cut in for the New Year? Let us know what you think in the comments below or head over to Facebook and let us know there :) xx

  • Christmas Hairstyles

    So Christmas is fast approaching and what else is on our minds apart from last minute shopping... Christmas Hairstyles!! We’re going to do a quick roundup of our favourite go-to hairstyles for the festive season which are super easy and eye catching!

    When Christmas morning comes around we all generally love to dash downstairs and get our mitts on the presents waiting under the Christmas tree, not giving a thought to the bed hair we are rocking! As the day goes on it’s time to look presentable, so for those who want to spend more time snacking then on their hair, we think the twisted rope hairstyle would be perfect for you! The Twisted Rope hairstyle will literally take no longer than 5 minutes which is perfect for those rushed Christmas morning when you want to spruce up your hairstyle. This is a cutesy style to neaten up your down do, you literally take sections from either side, twist them back and pin at the back of your head! Soooo easy.

    Next, for those who want a hairstyle to keep their hair out the way and something a little fun. Why not quickly create a upside down french braided bun? We think this will look super festive and cute worn with a Christmas jumper and again, it’s a really quick hairstyle so if you don’t have too much time on your hands to create a masterpiece but still want something a little different and eye catching we think this would be a perfect Christmas hairstyle!

    If you want to keep your hair out of your face but still want to look a little glam then be sure to follow our tutorial on how to create a bouffant low ponytail. We love this look, it’s super chic and girly and you can wear it all day through to the night too! So if you’re feeling like you want to party the day and night away without having to worry about your hair then this is the hairdo for you!

    Another Christmas hairstyle we think people should be rocking throughout the festive season is one of our favourite braids; the fishtail braid! This just looks super intricate and we love it a little messy. If you’re a little unsure of how to fishtail braid then be sure to check out our tutorial for a step by step guide!

    So which hairdo is your guys favourite Christmas hairstyle? Which one will you be wearing on Christmas day? Any other ideas? Let us know in the comments below or head over to Facebook and let us know over there :)

  • Soft Tousled Hair Tutorial

    So our last couple of hair tutorials have been updos we thought we’d give you guys a quick Soft tousled waves tutorial. We love this look and this is perfect for summer days to winter nights. From parties you can dress the look up or down and its super easy to re-create too! Read on to find out how to do so....♥

    Step One:

    Brush through all of your hair to ensure there are no tangles/knots before styling begins. This hairstyle tends to work better on second day washed hair, so not fresh fresh hair, but not dirty hair either. This way the waves tend to hold much more.

    Step Two:

    Taking inspiration from Paris Fashion Week and the Lanvin catwalk show, we think soft tousled waves would look gorgeous teamed with a heavy side fringe. To get your perfect deep side fringe it’s simple; use a comb to part the hair in line with the arch of your eyebrow. Take this back an inch or so and then voila!

    Step Three:

    So now we need to curl ALL of your hair. Yup, that’s right! All of it. :). If you're wearing your hair extensions for extra oomph, now is the time to fit them! Begin curling from the bottom of your hair, taking small sections and working your way up until all of your hair is curled. When you have curled a section of hair, pin it up with a bobby pin whilst you are tending to the rest of your hair. This gives the hair time to cool down and helps the curl longevity too! Woo! You can opt to curl with hair straighteners or a large barrelled tong, it is completely up to you which you prefer to style with.

    Step Four:

    Once all of your hair has been curled, leave it set whilst you are applying your makeup / choosing your outfit. Spritz some hairspray over too whilst it is setting! :)

    Step Five:

    When all of your hair has cooled down now its time to unpin and take out the curls. Now here’s where we change the curls to waves. Using a brush/comb carefully brush out the curls from the bottom working your way upwards. Be ever so gentle when doing this bit guys as you don't want to completely take the curls out, you just want to soften them up a little.

    Step Six:

    Once you have brushed all of the curls out you should be left with scrumptious soft tousled waves! Yay! If you want to make the look more day friendly pin on side of your hair back with cute hair accessories for a more playful look.

    Finally, spritz over with hairspray and there you have it, Soft tousled waves inspired by Paris Fashion Week. Darlings, you can thank us later :) ♥
    So what do you guys think of this super easy hair tutorial? Do you like? Did anyone else catch the style at PFW? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or pop us a comment below. :)

  • Cheryl Cole's New Hair

    Cheryl Cole stepped out with fellow bandmate Nicola Roberts this week sporting a stunning new hair style...which we’re sure has had a little help from some new hair extensions.

    We first saw this darker shade on Cheryl for the latest Elnett ads which are all over our screen at the moment. We have to admit that we really love the darker shade on Cheryl, her hair looks super glossy and healthy.

    For her night out Cheryl looked gorgeous in a navy jumpsuit but what seemed to get the most attention was her gorgeously long locks. Whilst rocking her new longer locks, Cheryl didn’t lose her trademark style of uber volume at the roots and loads or large, bouncy curls through the lengths.

    What do you think of the darker shade on Cheryl? Do you love the new length or do you prefer her hair a little shorter? We’d love to know your thoughts on Cheryl’s new hair :)

  • Twisted Hair Bun Tutorial

    We’re bring you the twisted hair bun tutorial this week; this eye-catching hairstyle is perfect for the winter months to keep you hair out of your face whilst keeping it neat and tidy without having to worry about the wind and rain ruining your hairdo for the day.

    Our twisted hair bun tutorial is inspired by Rick Owens as it made an appearance on the catwalk show of his collection; we think it should make an appearance in your everyday lives too! Follow the steps below to re-create your very own....

    Step One:

    Firstly brush all of your hair through to ensure knot free hair before you start styling. If you are adding your hair extensions for extra length and thickness, pop them in now.

    Step Two:

    Next you need to pull of your hair back into a ponytail. This can be a low or high ponytail. depending on which you prefer. Once you have decided, secure in place with a hair band.

    Step Three:

    Once your hair is secured in place, split your ponytail into two equal sections.Take the left hand section and twist in an outwards direction. Repeat the same twisting motion on the right hand section too.

    Step Four:

    Now both sections have been twisted, take the left section over the right section and twist both sections to the end of the ponytail and secure in place with a hair band. The trick is to ensure that when twisting both sections together, they are being twisted in the opposite direction to when they were first twisted in Step Three.

    Step Five:

    When your ponytail has been twisted and is secured in place you can now begin to twist your hair around the base of your ponytail to created your twisted hair bun. Secure in place with some bobby pins and you’re done!

    There you have it! Catwalk ready hair in a matter of minutes. ♥ What do you guys think of the twisted bun hair tutorial? Will you be rocking this look this season?

  • Love Hair Extensions

    We thought we’d give hair extensions a little love and do a quick roundup of why we simply LOVE hair extensions.

    So, why do we love hair extensions I hear you yell … well, read on to find out why, my friends.


    They can change the way you look and feel in an instant! Hair extensions are great for quickly changing your look, you can fit long hair extensions or short hair extensions and instantly have a different ‘do.

    Wearing hair extensions is the same as wearing your hair in a tight ponytail (clip in hair extensions, obvs.) which means they are not brutal and damaging to your own hair. Yay!

    You can add different shades into your hair without having to dye your own hair. You can switch up and change your look so easily without having to keep dying over and over your own hair. Resulting in much healthier natural hair, and lots of lovely coloured hair extensions if you’re an avid colour chameleon like the lovely Katy Perry.

    You can also dye the extensions up to 2 shades darker, which again means less damage to your own hair. Yipee!

    You can create so many different hairstyles with the help of some hair extensions; this is one of the main reason why we love hair extensions! You can add some clip ins for extra thickness, volume, or length which makes creating new hairstyles a bit of a dream.

    Not only can hair extensions change your look in a matter of minutes but another reason why we love hair extensions is because they are so easy to fit. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it you’ll be fitting your hair extensions in less than five minutes. We love that. ♥

    Finally they’re so soft and silky!!!! We looooove running our hands through our hair extensions and styling them couldn't be easier either. You can style them just as though they were your own hair by using hair straighteners and curling tongs; just be sure to use a good quality heat protector first!

    So that’s why we love hair extensions my ladies....♥

    Now it’s your turn to tell us why YOU love hair extensions. Be sure to leave us a comment below or pop over to Facebook and let us know your thoughts there :)

  • Hair Bow Hair Tutorial - Inspired by Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week

    We can’t help but take some more inspiration from the catwalk shows, the different hairstyles, and the accessories to create a hair bow hair tutorial for you guys, so you can have your very own fashion week hairstyle.

    Hair bows made a cutesy comeback at the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week in the form of hair accessories, so we thought: what better way to embrace this trend than to make your hair into a bow itself?! We are loving this idea!

    This hairstyle is SUPER easy to recreate; don’t be put off by the intricate look of it, it can literally be done in minutes once you’ve had a few attempts at it!

    So here’s what you need to do for the hair bow hair tutorial.

    Step One:

    Fit your hair extensions beforehand so you have more hair to play with; this will also add to the finished look of the hair bow.

    Step Two:

    Pull all of your hair back into a high ponytail ... Not TOO high though ... around the crown of your head should work fine. When you are pulling the last piece of hair through, only pull this half way through so you are left with a loose bun.

    Step Three:

    Next, you need to tease and fan the loose bun, creating a centre part when doing so. Then you need to bring the section of remaining hair over and through the centre part and secure in place with some bobby pins.

    Voila! Your hair bow hair tutorial is finished and your cutesey look is complete :). What do you guys think of the hair bow hairstyle? Will you be trying it out? Pop a pick on our Facebook page if you try it. ♥

  • Ella Henderson’s hair

    Although she has been voted off X Factor that doesn’t stop us stalking Ella Henderson’s hair and we are looooving her new look since she’s left! Ella has taken a step away from the braids and vintage up do’s and let her hair down for a recent photoshoot since her departure.

    We think she looks stunning in her recent shots and we are LOVING Ella Hendersons hair full of volume and texture. Who would have known she had such lovely hair after wearing it up so much and hiding it from us all?

    Ella’s Henderson hair looks super thick and we love the vintage waves throughout her hair which keeps to Ella’s vintage trademark style. We’re used to seeing Ella’s hair styled into victory rolls and other retro styles so it was a nice change to see her rocking a down ‘do.

    Another thing we’re loving is the warm shade of Ella Henderson’s hair! We think Ella could possibly be going for the ombre style with darker roots and a lighter shade throughout the mid-lengths and ends of her hair which is still so on trend at the moment!

    So what do you guys think of Ella Henderson’s hair?? Loving it left down too? Let us know what you think in the comments below or head over to Facebook and get us there :) ♥

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