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  • Jessica Biel’s hair

    Super hot couple, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, have finally tied the knot in a hush hush ceremony ... we were DYING to see the pics ... and we certainly weren't disappointed with the stunning dress and the styling of Jessica Biel’s hair.


    Some details were leaked about the £4million top-secret wedding, which took place in Italy recently, but pics of the happy couple on their big day were being kept under wraps because of a magazine deal but these have now been shared with the world. The couple had their ceremony on a hilltop in Italy ... how romantic?! and we have to admit that they both looked incredible. We’ve got butterflies!


    We’ve been loving Jessica Biel’s hair recently so we are SO excited to see how it was styled on the big day. As the wedding approached, Jessica’s was worn with a full, soft fringe and her locks are currently a sultry dark brown shade. Just stunning. Jessica Biel’s hair looks ah-mazing when it’s styled up ...  perfect for the romantic Italian setting.


    What are your thoughts on Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel finally tying the knot? Are you a fan of Jessica Biel’s hair at the moment? Tell us below or drop us a tweet.

  • Nicole Scherzinger’s hair

    Nicole Scherzinger’s hair has proved to be a real talking point at Dirty Looks HQ for this X Factor series; her hair is always styled perfectly and always looks bang-on-trend. We’re a little in love with this lady, her quirky comments, and, of course, her locks!!


    Last Saturday saw Nicole Scherzinger’s hair styled into an eye-catching high plait. Wowza! Her hair was pulled right up onto the crown of her head and fell over her shoulder in a SUPER long plait. Her hair was sleek and shiny ... we loved it!!
    Sunday night’s live show saw Nicole Scherzinger’s hair styled with added volume; her hair was styled into a voluminous quiff at the front of her head and her hair was then pulled back into a thick ponytail. It looked goooorgeous of course!

    We’ve also seen Nicole’s hair styled into an on-trend top knot , into a sleek ponytail, and into gorgeous waves and curls for this series of X Factor ... and we’re sure there are many more hot hairstyles to come our way. YAY!!


    We obvs love Tulisa's hair too as it’s always styled with gorgeous volume, but we have to admit ... Nicole Scherzinger’s hair seems to be outshining Tulisa’s so far this series. Nicole’s certainly not afraid to have fun and make a statement with her looks and we love her for that.


    What do you think of Nicole Scherzinger’s hair? What style would you like to see her rocking next? Tell us in the comments or toddle over to our Facebook page.

  • Halloween Hairstyles

    We love Halloween here at Dirty Looks so we’ve put together our fave Halloween hairstyles for this year for you. Take a look below to see which of these looks takes your fancy.

    Scene Hairstyle


    First up, we have a scene hairstyle for you; this is a fun look for Halloween as you can play around with your costume for the perfect scene look. When your costume is ready, it’s time to style your hair.
    First, you need to decide whether you want to keep with your natural hair shade or whether you want to play around with some bright and bold shades! We think both looks are awesome Halloween hairstyles. You can even add in some animal print for a really unique scene hairstyle.
    Whatever you decide to do, the key to this look is backcombing (and lots of it!), but we also recommend fitting your hair extensions to give that extra oomph! So, fit your hair extensions first and then use your hair straighteners to create a poker straight style. Next, you need to get backcombing your own hair (be sure not to backcomb your hair extensions though!) for a real scene look! Backcomb your hair so that it’s big and bold and then finish your style with a spritz of hairspray to ensure it holds.
    Pop in a hair bow to really set the look off. ♥
    You can easily adapt this scene hairstyle for a punk fairy look too. Just accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

    Vamp Hairstyle


    Next up, in our choice of Halloween hairstyles, we have the vamp hairstyle. We love this look when it’s worn with loads of curls or waves, and oodles of volume. We think the vamp hairstyle looks best with dark brown or black hair, or with bright auburn locks, but you can work the vamp hairstyle with any shade you fancy.
    If you want more of a waved vamp look, style your hair and your hair extensions using a large barrelled tong, but if you want tighter curls then we would recommend the conical wand or a small barrelled tong.
    For extra volume, backcomb the roots of your own hair and apply a little hairspray to these roots before fitting the hair extensions and styling. Mess up your curls a little using your fingers for a more boho finish.

    Vintage pin-up hairstyles


    Vintage hairstyles are a huge hair trend at the moment and there’s no reason you can’t bring a vintage icon back to life this Halloween with one of our vintage pin-up hairstyles; we think finger waves and victory rolls are perfect for your vintage pin-up look.

    So, if you want to wear your hair down this Halloween, then finger waves could be the perfect look for you. Finger waves look gorgeous with all different hair lengths, so if you have bobbed hair, you can thicken up your locks with 12-14” hair extensions, or if you hair is longer, then 16-18” hair extensions would work well for this 1920’s style. We think this style looks best with a deep side parting, so if you choose a side parting, you may have to play around with the positioning of your extensions. Once your extensions are fitted, follow our step-by-step Great Gatsby Finger Wave hair tutorial to create your Halloween hairstyle.


    If you prefer an updo then victory rolls are gorgeous vintage pin-up hairstyles! The finished look of this style if pretty incredible, but they are actually a lot easier to create than they look! (Which is always good news!) So why not give this classic 40’s style a go this Halloween?
    Decide where you want to position your victory rolls before you start styling … you might want to wear one large victory roll on the front of your head, or you might like to choose to wear reverse victory rolls on the side of your head … the choice is yours. Once you’re decided, you can part your hair and follow our Victory Rolls tutorial. ♥

    So those are our top picks for Halloween hairstyles this year … which look is your favourite? Will you be rocking a different hairstyle this Halloween? Leave us a comment or tweet us.

  • Girls Aloud Hairstyles

    Yaaaay, we are SUPER excited that Girls Aloud are reforming for their 10th anniversary ... this will give us a whole new excuse to crush on the Girls Aloud hairstyles! Woop!

    The girls held a news conference last week to announce that they would be putting their solo careers on hold to reunite for a 10th anniversary tour for 2013 and for the release of their greatest hits album. The Girls Aloud hairstyles at the press conference were oh-so-gorgeous ... but then we wouldn't expect any less from these lovely ladies, would we?!


    Cheryl Cole's hair was styled with gorgeous volume and root lift at the crown of her head with the lengths of her hair being styled into luscious waves. Nadine's hair was similarly styled with soft waves and curls and an on-trend centre parting.

    We're loving Kimberley Walsh's ombre hair at the moment; the look works really well for her and complements her super cute waved bob. Sarah's hair was kept simple; it was worn straight with some natural movement. It may have been a simple look, but this was still as gorgeous as the other Girls Aloud hairstyles.

    And, finally, Nicole's Girls Aloud hairstyle had a real catwalk vibe; her hair was styled into a super high top knot, making her hairstyle bang-on-trend.

    We're really thrilled that the ladies will be reuniting for a greatest hits tour and album, and we can't wait to see the styling of their hair as they continue to promote both. Are you as excited as we are about this news? Who wore your favourite of the Girls Aloud hairstyles at the conference? Tell us below or on Facebook. We would love to hear from you.

  • Tulisa's Hair

    After jumping on the celebrity fragrance bandwagon, and being one of the most talked about celebrity judges, Tulisa is now trying her hand at being a fashion designer … whilst we’re not too sure on her designs,we have to admit that Tulisa's hair looks stunning in the promo shots we have seen.


    Tulisa’s clothing range, named 'TFB', which is being stocked in Bank stores, was given an official launch in London last week. The range is a mix of skirts, dresses and jumpers … with a few leather items thrown in for good measure, and lots of vibrant shades and patterns. It will be interesting to see if, like many of the other celebrity designers, Tulisa wears pieces from her own range! She certainly looks amazing modelling the clothes in the promotional prints for the line.


    Tulisa’s hair is styled into a very classy updo, a gorgeously thick side ponytail, and a beautiful side chignon, and a downdo … we love the wind enhanced downdo! Tulisa’s hair has recently been dyed back to a gorgeously deep dark brown shade, which we think suits her so much better than the bright blonde shade she had for the summer! We think she has had a little help with some hair extensions for the shoot as her hair looks so healthy and thick!

    Tulisa's Hair New Clothing Range

    What do you think of Tulisa’s clothing line? Do you think Tulisa’s hair looks stunning in these shots? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page.

  • Emma Watson's Hair

    We have to say we are loving Emma Watson’s hair at the moment. The actress has made a few appearances recently, surrounding the release of her new film, and her hair has looked absolutely gorgeous on each occasion.


    Emma has turned into a bit of a style icon over the past few years … her hair is always on-trend and she wears the most stunning outfits; her red carpet hairstyles are always simply perfect. Recently, Emma Watson’s hair has been a little longer and we are loving the new look! She’s certainly moved away from her Hermione Granger persona!

    We were fans of Emma Watson’s pixie cut, but we do love her hair with a little more length; we think her bobbed style looks just perfect!!


    We adored her hair when it was styled up for the ELLE Women in Hollywood Celebration; her hair was styled into an updo with added root lift, and sections of hair left to frame her face. She looked gorgeous.

    Emma Watson’s hair also looked gorgeous while she attended premieres for ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ … for the London premiere, her hair was curled and styled into a cute half-up half-down style. For the New York premiere, Emma’s hair was styled super straight with an off-centre parting … it looked amazing!
    If you want to rock Emma Watson's look, take a peek at our faux bob hair tutorial.

    We’re a little in awe of Emma Watson’s hair and we love seeing how she has it styled for the red carpet. We would kinda like to see her with even longer hair though. What do you guys think? Leave us a comment or tweet us.

  • Carly Rae Jepsen’s New Hair

    Have you guys seen Carly Rae Jepsen’s new hair yet? It looks AH-MAZING! We are, for sure, big fans of the new 'do!! ♥

    Carly has been given a little make-over for the release of her new album ‘Kiss’ and we think she looks even more beautiful than she already did! We loved her hair beforehand, but now, we must admit, we are totally in LOVE with Carly Rae Jepsen’s hair.


    It could be suggested that she may have had a little helping hand from some hair extensions as her hair seems much thicker and longer compared to her old hairstyle. We think Carly Rae Jepsen’s new hair looks so gorgeous with added length and texture; it helps her hair appear much healthier and the shine is amaze too!! We want. ♥

    Carly Rae Jepsen’s new hair also appears to be a shade lighter compared to her previous shade too, we think Carly would be closest to shade Melted Chocolate now. We adore the lighter shade and think Carly is working it so well!!


    We can’t wait to see what hairstyle she rocks in her upcoming videos, but for the time being Carly Rae Jepsen’s new hair has been styled just like her old ‘do: Blunt bangs and straight, but with much more texture and length. We can really see the difference between her old locks and her lovely new hair. J’adore!

    So what do you guys think?? Are you loving Carly Rae Jepsen’s new hair too? Let us know what you think in the comments below or pop over to Facebook or Twitter and let us know there. ♥

  • Bubble Ponytail Hair Tutorial

    We think this bubble ponytail hair tutorial is perfect if you're running late for school or work, or a date with the girls, or just generally if you don’t have a lot of time to spend doing your hair. It’s super quick and super easy to do, so be sure to give it a go. Olivia Wilde is a fan of the look too! Yay ♥


    Step One:

    Brush all of the hair through to detangle before we create the hairstyle. Then clip in your hair extensions if you need to add extra thickness and length.

    Step Two:

    Pull all of your hair back in to a high ponytail and secure in place with a hair band.

    Step Three:

    For this step you will need hair elastics to create the bubble effect on your ponytail. Start at the top of your ponytail and secure a hair elastic around an inch and a half from the base of the ponytail. Continue this step all of the way down to the end of your ponytail. Tease each bubble, being super gentle, with your thumb and forefinger.

    Step Four:

    Spritz all over with Tigi Masterpiece hairspray, if necessary, to keep down any fly-aways.

    Ta-Daaaah, how EASY was that bubble ponytail hair tutorial?

    What do you guys think of the bubble ponytail then?? Super easy to re-create isn’t it? Let us know what you think and if you re-create the look we’d love to see some pics on Facebook.♥

  • Demi Lovato's Hair

    With the new X Factor USA series reaching the end of the audition stages this week, we thought we would take a look back at our favourite of Demi Lovato’s hair styles so far ...

    Demi has changed her hair quite a lot during the show, in both shade and style. Keeping her long locks, Demi has tried out various bang styles and she’s even tried out the dip-dyed look by adding a candy pink to the tips of her hair. By wearing her hair in a high bun and a super tight high ponytail, she has accentuated the dip dye shade and whilst also kepping her styling bang-on-trend. We love how she wraps her hair around the base of the pony to reveal a little more of the pink!!

    Demi Lovato's Hair

    Demi really is a fan of the high top bun style which is perfect because the hair bun trend is still going strong; she’s chosen to wear this style at a few different audition locations. Demi Lovato’s hair looks amazing pulled away from her face, so this is the perfect style for her. We love how she uses the ends of her long locks to wrap around the bun and give this loads more volume.


    Demi has gorgeously long locks and this looks stunning when worn loose. Demi has chosen to wear more updos over the audition process, but she did wear her hair down for the Kansas auditions. She added lift to her crown and wore loose waves throughout the lengths.

    We have to admit though our favourite style of Demi Lovato’s was her victory roll half updo. To create a victory roll like Demi’s you need to section off the large portion of hair at your parting. After you have finished styling the rest of your hair you can concentrate on your roll! I find a great tip for this is to just curl the ends of the hair in the direction you will be rolling the hair as this just helps them stay tucked in place. You need to pull the hair out to the side and then start rolling this outwards. Once this is in place secure with a few bobby pins. We love the modern twist Demi has added to the victory roll by wearing the lengths of her hair poker straight and tying the top section of hair quite low down in the centre of her head.

    We can’t wait to see what the live shows bring to Demi Lovato’s hair ... we’re sure to see some more interesting and elegant up and down styles. What has been your favourite Demi look so far? Let us know below or on our Twitter page.

  • Celebrity Hairstyles at the Radio 1 Teen Awards

    There were some fab celebrity hairstyles at the Radio 1 Teen Awards, both on the red carpet and for the stage, we’ve had a nosey through all the pics and we’ve compiled our faves for you guys to take a look at.


    Tulisa’s hair was styled into a sleek updo with a vintage style flick to her fringe. This had to be one of our favourite celebrity hairstyles at the Radio 1 Teen Awards as it looked super glam and suited Tulisa’s dress perfectly. We’re SO happy to see that Tulisa's hairis dark again … it really set off her updo well.

    We LOVED the hairstyles that the Little Mix ladies wore for the red carpet; their looks were full of volume and bang-on-trend. Jessie and Leigh-Anne both opted for high ponytails with bouffants at the front of their heads. These styles looked absolutely gorgeous!! We are loving the volume and the thickness for this statement style.


    Jade’s luscious red locks were styled big and bold. OMG, this look was amazing! Jade’s hair was styled with a side parting and voluminous curls. We just adore how thick her hair looked.
    Perry’s hair was styled into a bouffant updo with a side parting. We are loving this look on Perry. If you want to create your own Perry hairstyle, follow our Bouffant Updo hair tutorial. ♥


    And last, but by no means least, Taylor Swift was sporting another of our fave celebrity hairstyles at the Radio 1 Teen Awards. Taylor Swift had two looks for the awards; for her red carpet appearance, her hair was styled into a glamorous, twisted updo. We adored this look on the singer. For her performance, Taylor Swift’s hair was styled into curls that were thick and full of movement. This is a staple style for Taylor so it was a good choice for the stage.

    So guys, those were our favourite celebrity hairstyles at the Radio 1 Teen Awards, but which looks were you loving? Which was your favourite performance? Tell us below or tweet us with your choices.

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